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Agents of SHIELD: Eye Spy Review

Thoughts: Agents of SHIELD continues to improve with yet another top notch quality episode.

"Eye Spy" opens with a surprisingly dark and eerie tone that shows that the series can be dark when it needs to be. Plus, the severed hand was a surprising but nice touch (no I am that sick and twisted).
The episode further explores Coulson's background with the main antagonist being his former protégé Akela. Coulson appears to have mellowed out in his later years since Akela appeared to be surprised by how different he is than before, which I will discuss later. Skye remains one of my favorite aspects of the series with her humorous moments and I like that she did not become a trained killer overnight, which is a common cliché. She is clearly learning, albeit slowly, which is more realistic considering that she is a hacker, not a field agent. Agent Grant is another great part of the show and seeing him fill in for Akela was fun and particularly hilarious in one scene. However, I noticed several times where Grant looked at his hands, which would have blown his cover.
My only problem with the series as a whole is that we really need an entire episode to explore the characters of Fitz and Simmons because they are the characters that have lacked in the character development area. Hopefully that problem will be fixed in the near future.
When the team discussed the possibility of someone having telepathy and saying that it is impossible was basically saying that this universe is 100% separate from the X-Men universe and that mutants do not exist to any extent. However, I find stating that telepathy is “unreasonable” is odd considering all of the other crazy things that have happened, although I suppose science or being an alien from another realm is the way to obtain superpowers in this Marvel Universe. As for Akela's cybernetic eye, it was a cool idea. The team being able to develop glasses that mimic the power will come in handy later on, hopefully the writers will not forget that this episode has ever happened.
The biggest revelation of the episode was Akela's comment asking what has happened to Coulson. Obviously, she used her eye to see through Coulson, which would suggest that Coulson is either a Life-Model-Decoy (basically a robot) or that he has also been cybernetically altered, which brings up another question: what will happen when one the team uses the glasses and happens to look in Coulson's direction? Will they see that something is not normal? Also the introduction of cybernetic enhancements will probably play a large role in the upcoming Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
The ending scene was quite humorous with Fitz attempting to cheat at cards against Grant. A Grant/Skye relationship has been apparent from episode one and I think the two do have chemistry.

Action: The battle between May and Akela was great, even if it was brief. Also Grant infiltration of the complex had some great action moments.

*End Spoilers*

Production Value/Special Effects: While the episode did not have as many special effects as previous episodes, which is probably a good thing, the production value is continually getting better with each episode.

Comedy: As stated above, there are several memorable and humorous scenes in the episode.

Overall: 9.3/10- "Eye Spy" again improved upon the pervious episodes with better chemistry between the actors as well as a hint about what really happened to Coulson.

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  1. I agree, this was another really good episode- the plot was very intriguing and exciting, and the humor was great!! :D I loved the whole scene about going to the bathroom and that part where Agent Ward was given that awkward message(so glad I wasn't him then, I don't think I could have done it either) XD. Both had me
    laughing, which is rare. I agree, Skye is one of my favorite parts of the show so far, she's been really great!
    And I agree, those two(Fitz and Simmons) both need an episode, since they do need some more character development(and maybe one for May too, so we can know why she was so against going into combat
    again). Looking forward to what happened with Coulson too.
    I also hope the writers don't forget this episode, but Joss Whedon is usually good about his show's continuity, so I think it might come up again later.
    And yes, the ending was great XD

    1. I know, those scenes were hilarious! XD I was laughing so much during those parts.
      Skye has really surprised me in the show as a whole being such a great character. I agree about May, however she is kind of the mysterious character, which is why I think her lack of backstory is not as noticeable as the other two. :)


  2. I'm loving this show. The episodes just keep getting better and better! The casts chemsitry is awesome, and I find myself liking Skye more and more with every episode! Agents of SHIELD has had some hilarious lines, too, and this past episode had very cool aspects.

    1. Me too! Agreed, the show is getting progressively better, which is rare for a show. I agree about the chemistry and Skye, everything is working so well.



    I've been thinking these past two episodes that I think there's a way way more behind Coulson's return from 'death' than just a vacation and It would be cool if he had some cyber powers or something now. :)


    I also agree the severed hand was a good touch. It caught me by surprise when it happened but after my split second of "Okay, that's a bit graphic" I thought it was fine.

    And the endings are proving to be part of my favorite part of the whole show. "I fold, you win!" I laughed so hard!!!


    1. AWESOME!

      Most definitely, ever since I heard Hill's comment about Coulson, I was thinking something is not as it seems. Cyber powers, that sounds really cool. :)


      I know what you mean, those endings are like the after credit scenes of the movie they are so memorable!



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