Thursday, June 30, 2011

Behind the sceens of Lego Cowboys and Aliens spoof with a little Star Wars twist.

Jro at Jro-Ven to Insanity requested that we post so of our Lego stuff.

Here is the Lego Cowboys and Aliens spoof with a little Star Wars twist movie.

Here are some pictures of the set we used in the movie if you have any questions please ask.

More Lego pictures are coming soon.

Captain America : The First Avenger - Official Trailer 2

This might be the most awesome trailer ever.

Here is the rewind trailer.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Expendables rewiew.

This is the review for The Expendables extended cut.

Directed by: Sylvester Stallone
Genre: Action, Shoot'em up,
Running Time: 105mins, 120(extended cut)
MMPA rating: R

The Good: Tons of action, Tons of explosions, A-list actors, Did we mention explosions.

The Bad: Dull plot, Bad acting by a few minor characters.

A team of elite, highly-trained mercenaries, the Expendables, are deployed to the Gulf of Aden off the coast of Somalia to halt local pirates from executing the hostages on a merchant vessel. The team consists of leader Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone), former SAS soldier and blades specialist Lee Christmas (Jason Statham), martial artist Yin Yang (Jet Li), sniper Gunnar Jensen (Dolph Lundgren), weapons specialist Hale Caesar (Terry Crews) and demolitions expert Toll Road (Randy Couture). Jensen instigates a firefight, causing casualties for the pirates. Yang and Jensen fight over a moral disagreement about hanging a pirate, with Ross finally intervening. As a result of his psychological problems and drug use, Ross reluctantly releases Jensen from the Expendables. The team then travels to New Orleans where they are based.
Ross and rival mercenary leader Trent Mauser (Arnold Schwarzenegger) visit a church to meet a man, who takes the name "Mr. Church" (Bruce Willis). Church offers them a mission in Vilena, an island in between the Gulf of Mexico and South America, to overthrow a brutal dictator, General Garza (David Zayas). Busy with other things, Trent gives the contract to Ross. Meanwhile, Christmas visits his girlfriend, Lacy (Charisma Carpenter), who he discovers has left him for another man. He leaves in a fit of rage, while Lacy insists her actions occurred because she does not see Christmas often and does not even know what he does for a living.
Ross and Christmas fly to Vilena to do initial reconnaissance after meeting their contact, Sandra (Gisele ItiƩ), only for the mission to go awry. Ross learns that Garza is backed by ruthless ex-CIA agent James Munroe (Eric Roberts) as well as his henchmen Paine (Steve Austin) and The Brit (Gary Daniels), who manipulate and keep Garza in power by making his people fear him. Sandra is revealed to be Garza's daughter. Ross decides to abort and causes multiple casualties among the army as they escape, but Sandra refuses to leave. Meanwhile, a vengeful Jensen approaches Garza and Munroe to help their side.

Plot: 6.5/10- The plot was OK but nothing special.

Action: 9.9/10- Gunfire, explosions, hand to hand fight scenes this an action packed movie(viewer discretion is advise).

Acting: 7.5/10- The Stars of the movie were great but a few minor characters were not so good.

Special effects:8.0/10- Tons of awesome explosions.

Soundtrack: 8.0/10- A very good soundtrack.

Comedy:7.5/10 The Expendables is not a comedy but it has a good many funny parts and a really funny Arnold Schwarzenegger joke.

Overall: 7.7- This is a pure action film.

Closing comments: The Expendables is a cool action movie that is sure to satisfy your action crave but lacks in plot.

Recommended for: Action movie fans, Sylvester Stallone fans, Rambo fans.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Karate Kid (2010)

Directed by: Harald Zwart
Genre: Drama
Running Time: 140 minutes
MMPA rating: PG
Release date: June 11, 2010

The Good: One OK fight scene.

The Bad: Bad acting, Weak plot, Starts slow and never speeds up, Fight scenes at the end are more like a video game like Street Fighter than real fighting, Should be called Kung Fu Kid not Karate Kid.

Plot: This is the whole plot extreme spoilers.

Dre Parker (Jaden Smith) is a pre-teenaged boy who moves with his mother Sherry (Taraji P. Henson) to Beijing from West Detroit. Soon after the move, Dre began to be beaten and harrassed by a Kung Fu prodigy named Cheng (Zhenwei Wang) for interacting with a young violinist, Mei Ying (Wenwen Han). Soon after, Cheng begins to bully Dre in and outside of school. After a field trip to the Forbidden City, Dre encounters Cheng and his friends hanging out close to his apartment. Dre tries to pass by without them seeing him. When he finds a bucket of polluted water, Dre gets revenge by splashing the water around Cheng and his friends. Cheng and the others pursue and catch Dre, beating him. During the brutal attack, the enigmatic maintenance man of Dre's building, Mr. Han (Jackie Chan), comes to Dre's aid, revealing himself as a Kung Fu master who single-handedly defeats Dre's tormentors with ease.
After Han mends Dre's injuries using fire cupping, Dre asks if Mr. Han could teach him Kung-Fu. Han refuses, but decides to meet Cheng's teacher, Master Li (Yu Rongguang), to make peace. Li, who teaches his students to show no mercy to their enemies, challenges Dre to a fight with Cheng. When Han declines, Li says they will not be allowed to leave his school unless Dre or Han fights. Han acquiesces, but insists the fight take place at an upcoming tournament, and that Li's students leave Dre alone until the tournament. Li agrees, but tells Han that if Dre does not show up during the tournament he will personally bring pain to Han and Dre.
Dre is shocked when Han tells him that he will fight in a kung fu tournament. Han promises to teach Dre real kung fu. Han begins training Dre, but Dre is frustrated that Han merely has Dre spend hours taking off his jacket, hanging it up, dropping it, and then putting it back on again. After days of this, Dre refuses to continue until Han demonstrates that the repetitive arm movements were Han's method of teaching Dre martial arts techniques, which Dre displays instinctively when prompted by Han's mock attacks. Han emphasizes that the movements Dre is learning apply to life in general, and that serenity and maturity, not punches and power, are the true keys to mastering the martial arts. During one lesson in the Wudang Mountains, Dre notices a female kung fu practitioner apparently copying the movements of a cobra before her, but Han informs him that it was the cobra that was imitating the woman, as in a mirror reflection. Dre wants Han to teach him this technique, which includes linking Han's hand and feet to Dre's via bamboo shafts while practicing their forms, but Dre's subsequent attempt to use this reflection technique on his Mom is unsuccessful.
As Dre's friendship with Mei Ying continues, Dre persuades Mei Ying to cut school for a day of fun, but when she is nearly late for her violin recital her parents deem him a bad influence and forbid her from spending more time with him. When Dre finds Han drunk,despondent and breaking the car he had in his living room, Dre learns that it is the anniversary of Han's wife and son's deaths, which occurred when he lost control of the car due to anger caused from an argument he was having with his wife. Dre reminds Han that one of his lessons was in perseverance, and that Han needs to heal from his loss. Han assists Dre in reading a note of apology to Mei Ying's father in Chinese; he accepts and promises that he and Mei will attend the tournament to support Dre.
At the tournament, the under-confident Dre is slow to achieve parity with his opponents, but soon begins beating them and advances to the semifinals, as does Cheng, who violently finishes off his opponents. Dre comes up against Liang, another of Li's students, who is instructed by Li to injure Dre's leg. When Liang insists that he can beat Dre, Li sternly tells him that he does not want him beaten, but broken. Although Liang is disqualified for his illegal strikes, Dre is incapacitated.
Despite Han's insistence that he has earned respect for his performance in the tournament, Dre convinces Han to mend his leg by using fire cupping in order to continue the tournament. Dre returns to the arena, facing Cheng. Dre delivers impressive blows, but Cheng counters with a strike to Dre's injured leg. Dre struggles to get up, and attempts the reflection technique to manipulate Cheng's movements. Cheng charges Dre, but Dre flips and catches Cheng with a kick to his head, winning the tournament along with the respect of Cheng and his classmates, who join Mr. Han's new kung fu class, infuriating Master Li. After this, Cheng awards Dre the trophy, instead of the presenter, with a smile which signifies to Dre that he need not be scared anymore.
In an exclusive Blu-ray alternate ending, Mr. Han and Master Li commence a fight, after Master Li tries to attack Cheng. Mr. Han eventually defeats Master Li, and earns the respect of his students.

Plot: 2/10- This is a really bad plot.

Action: 2.8/10- One OK fight scene but the tournament at the end was terrible it was like a video game not in a good way.

Acting: 1/10-  This is the worst Jackie Chan performance ever.

Soundtrack: 4/10: Not bad but nothing special.

Special effects: N/A (Not Applicable)- Some really bad wire work but there was not munch else.

Comedy: 4.5/10: Karate Kid had a few humorous moments.

Overall 2/10: A really bad movie the old Karate Kid movies are munch better.

Recommended for: I really can't recommend this movie.

Lego Land Star Wars.

We watch a show called Sand Masters they make sand sculptures and this week they made a Lego Star Wars sand sculpture for the opening of the Lego Land Star Wars.

There's no Han Solo?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Tron: Legacy Review.

Tron: Legacy Review.
Directed by: Joseph Kosinski
Genre: Sic-Fi, Action adventure
Running Time: 125 minutes
MMPA rating: PG

The Good: Great fight scenes, Light cycle battle was incredible, Managed to make the costumes not look cheesy, Special effects were great.

The Bad: A few plot inconsistencies, CLU's face did not look real,

Plot: In 1989, seven years after defeating the Master Control Program, Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), the innovative software engineer and the CEO of ENCOM International, disappears. Twenty years later, his son, Sam (Garrett Hedlund), who became ENCOM's controlling shareholder after his father's disappearance, takes little interest in the company besides an annual practical joke on the board of directors. Sam is visited by his father's friend and ENCOM executive Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner), who urges Sam to investigate a mysterious page originating from Flynn's old arcade, which was disconnected for twenty years. While exploring the shuttered arcade, Sam discovers a concealed computer laboratory and unintentionally transports himself to the Grid, a virtual world inside the computer.
Sam is captured and taken to the game arena, where he is pitted against Rinzler, the champion of the games. During their duel, Rinzler notices that Sam is not a Program but rather a User. Rinzler takes Sam before CLU, a digital copy of Kevin Flynn, who rules over the Grid. CLU nearly kills Sam in a Light Cycle match before Quorra (Olivia Wilde) rescues him. Taken to a distant, off-grid hideout in the "Outlands," Sam is reunited with his father. Watch the movie to see what happens next.

Plot: 8.2/10- A few inconsistencies but overall a good story.

Action: 9.2/10- Lightsaber like Light Disk battles and the Light cycle battle were awesome.

Acting: 8.4/10- A very solid cast.

Special effects:9.5/10- Special effects made a very convincing computer world except CLU's face which didn't look real.

Soundtrack:8.4/10- The electronic techno music fit the movie perfectly.

Comedy: 6.0- Tron is not a comedy but it does have some humorous moments.

Overall: 8.7/10- Overall a great movie.

Closing comments: Tron: Legacy is a must see movie that anyone can enjoy.

Recommended for: Sci-Fi movie fans, Computer geeks, anyone.

Marvel Meme day 1: Day #1: Your favorite character

Day #1: Your favorite character Captain America

Captain America embodies everything it means to be a hero.

Here is the trailer for the new Captain America movie.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Marvel Meme.

We decided to a Marvel meme that is simlar to the Star Wars.

Day #1: Your favorite character:
Day #2: Your favorite villain:
Day #3: Your favorite diva:
Day #4: Your favorite royal:
Day #5: Your favorite team:
Day #6: Your favorite organization:
Day #7: Your favorite creature:
Day #8: Your favorite movie:
Day #9: Your favorite classic  character:
Day #10: Your favorite costume:
Day #11: Your favorite power:
Day #12: Your favorite weapon:
Day #13: Your least favorite character:
Day #14: Your favorite monster:
Day #15: The best rivalry:
Day #16: The most powerful character:
Day #17: Your favorite X-Men member:
Day #18: Your favorite comic to screen character adaptation:
Day #19: Your least favorite comic to screen character adaptation:
Day #20: Your best casting of a character (if you were casting):
Day #21: The most memorable death:
Day #22: Your favorite universe/dimension
Day #23: The best form of transportation
Day #24: Your favorite cartoon adaptation
Day #25: Your favorite video game
Day #26: Your favorite Avengers member
Day #27: Your favorite non-human race
Day #28: Your favorite comic time period
Day #29: Your favorite series you would suggest to read
Day #30: Your favorite Marvel Event

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Our favorite games.

Xbox 360: Halo: Reach, Halo 3:ODST, Halo 3

Wii: Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Mario Kart, Goldeneye

Xbox(Xbox 360 backwards compatibility): Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2

Gamecube(Wii backwards compatibility):Star Wars Rogue Squadron Rebel Strike, Jedi Knight 2 Jedi Outcast

PS2: Star Wars Battlefront 2, Star Wars Battlefront 1

PC: Freedom Force: Vs The Third Reich

What video game consoles do you own.

We would like to know what video game console you own and which is your favorite game on that console.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Blog award.

Thanks Rebecca for gaving us this blog award.

Now we have to answer some questions. Because there are two of us we will answer like this. James: the answer to the question, Jacob: the answer to the question

.Who is you Jedi Master? James: Lightside: Obi-Wan, Darkside: Darth Vader. Jacob:Lightside: Yoda, Darkside: The Emperor

2. What is your JEDI name? James: Johnny Starslayer, Jacob: Rec Freeman

3.What is your lightsaber color? James: Green or Red, Jacob:Red

4.What is your home planet? James: Nar Shaddaa, Jacob:Tatooine

5.What is the name of your ship? James: Millennium Falcon, Jacob: Millennium Falcon

6.Which War do you fight in? James: Mandalorian Wars and Sith Wars, Jacob: Mandalorian Wars and Sith Wars

7.Who is your worst enemy? Darth Malak

8. Will you stay loyal to the Jedi? Or will you betray them?, James:stay loyal, Jacob:betray them

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

E3 Video Game Conference 2011 part 1

For those who do not know what E3 is it is the biggest video game conference in the world were new video games and consoles are revealed the latest video games and consoles.

Here is the Announcement Trailer  for the new Nintendo console the "Wii U"

Probably the biggest announcement at E3 was the "Wii U" the new console by Nintendo. It has a 6" touch screen and two analog sticks and it looks alot like a Nintendo DS. It has the ability to stream games from the TV to the screen on the controller and Nintendo finally made a console with 1080p HD graphics which means it will have great graphics.

Halo 4

Halo 4 trailer.

The announcement of Halo 4 was shocker we did not expect it but can't wait to play it to bad it is not coming out until 2012 for those of you how do not know what Halo is it is the best video game franchise ever it has an great Sic-Fi story, the best music other than Star Wars and  the best game play.

Halo: Combat Evolved Remake

Halo: Combat Evolved Remake Trailer.

Halo: Combat Evolved was the first Halo game which came out November 15, 2001 so they are making a remake for the 10th anniversary of it we are buying this game.

Lord of the Rings War in the North

Lord of the Rings War in the North E3 2011 Heroes Will Rise Trailer
The good news: It is a new Lord of the Rings game. The bad news: It going to be rated "M". Why are they going to rate it "M" the movies were rated "PG-13" not "R".

Lord of the Rings: War in the North - Untold Story Video.
Star Wars: The Old Republic
Star Wars: The Old Republic - Eternity Vault Trailer

Star Wars: The Old Republic is going to be a MMO(Massively multiplayer online) game which is not good  because we don't MMOs I wish they would make an RPG(role-playing game) like Kotor(Knights of the Old Republic)

Please post a comment tell us what you think of these games.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Inception Review.

We watched the movie Inception a while back so we decided to do a review. If you have watched this movie please tell us what you think.

Directed by: Christopher Nolan
Genre: Sic-Fi, Thriller, Action
Running Time: 148 minutes
MMPA rating: PG-13

The Good: Always keeps you edge of your seat, Great action(more on that later), Incredible psychological thriller, Best movie of the 2010 hands down. One of the best movies of all time.

Plot:Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his partner Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) perform an illegal corporate espionage by entering the subconscious minds of their targets, using two-level "dream within a dream" strategies to "extract" valuable information. Each of the "extractors" carries a "totem", a personalized small object whose behavior is unpredictable to anyone except its owner, to determine whether they are in another person's dream. Cobb's totem is a top which perpetually spins in the dream state. Cobb struggles with memories of his dead wife, Mal (Marion Cotillard), who manifests within his dreams and tries to sabotage his efforts.
Cobb is approached by the wealthy Mr. Saito (Ken Watanabe), Cobb's last extraction target, asking him and his team to perform the act of "inception", planting an idea within the person's subconscious mind. Saito wishes to break up the vast energy conglomerate of his competitor, the ailing Maurice Fischer (Pete Postlethwaite), by planting this idea in his son Robert Fischer (Cillian Murphy) who will inherit the empire when his father dies. Should Cobb succeed, Saito promises to use his influence to clear Cobb of the murder charges for his wife's death, allowing Cobb to re-enter the United States and reunite with his children. Cobb assembles his team: Eames (Tom Hardy), an identity forger; Yusuf (Dileep Rao), a chemist who concocts the powerful sedative needed to stabilize the layers of the shared dream; and Ariadne (Ellen Page), a young student architect tasked with designing the labyrinth of the dream landscapes. Saito insists on joining the team as an observer and to assure the job is completed. While planning the inception, Ariadne learns of the guilt Cobb struggles with from Mal's suicide and his separation from his children when he fled the country as a fugitive. Watch the movie to find out what happens next.

Plot: 10/10- One of the most original most original and unique plots of all time.

Action: 9.8/10- It has a great Matrix like 0G fight scene and many other incredible action scenes.

Acting: 9.9/10- Leonardo DiCaprio and company were excellent.

Special Effects:9.8/10- Everything was spectacular.

Soundtrack: 9.8/10- Another great soundtrack by Hans Zimmer.

 Overall: 9.9/10- Inception is the must see movie.

Recommended for: Anyone how likes watching movies.

Closing comments- Inception is a must see movie it isn't just the best of the of 2010 it is one of the best movies of all time.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Which of our Movie is the Best?

We want to know which of the movies we made is the best please vote on which one is your favorite.

Death Star Lounge

Cowboys and Aliens spoof with a little Star Wars twist.


Yeti Quest


Lego Wars

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Blogger has turned to the Dark side.

Blogger has ticked us off for the last time. First blogger shut down a few weeks ago and now it is posting our comments before they are done(sorry if we posted any comments that did not make scents) we taking our Wookie clan to the Blogger HQ and demand they fix it ARE YOU WE ME!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Doctor Who season finale.

Doctor Who seanson finale is tonight we can't wait to see it. This season is one of the best seasons in Doctor Who history.

 here is picture of our favorite Doctor Who companions Amy and Rory.

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