Tuesday, January 31, 2012

30 Day Movie Challenge Part 2: 6-10.

Day 06 - Your favorite comedy movie

The Pink Panther is so funny it is really hard to beat in pure laughter.

Day 07 - A movie that makes you happy
We are basically emotions less when it comes to movies we have one of the three reactions to movies after watching them: WOW! That was awesome! Examples: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones, The Matrix, Captain America ect. Reaction number 2: Neutral reaction examples: I am Number Four,. Reaction number 3: Angrier because movie screws up a great franchise or is a major disappointment. Example: Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,
Since Star Wars always makes us feel like "Awesome the movie is even better then I remembered" that would be the choice.

Day 08 - A movie that makes you sad
As we said above we are emotionless when comes to movies.

Day 09 - A movie that you know practically the whole script of
We have seen it like 40 times or more so yeah we basically know the script.

Day 10 - Your favorite director

Our favorite Directors are George Lucus, Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson. A lot of people hate George Lucus for making the Star Wars prequels but liked them. Even people seem to forget that directed the first Star Wars movie. Steven Spielberg is arguably the most famous director ever and directed many great movie like the original Indiana Jones trilogy. Peter Jackson directed The Lord of the Rings trilogy, which are the best movies after Star Wars.

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award.

Thanks Aalya Rain at Fangirl & Farmgirl for giving us this award! And thanks Alyianna at Scribbles of a Catholic Teen for also giving us the award.

1. Post Seven random things about yourself.
2. Award this to 10 other bloggers!

7 Random things about myself:
1: We love Atlanta Brave baseball!
2: We have seen the Star Wars saga around 40 times!
3: We watched The Lord of the Rings Trilogy in theaters.
4: We like James Bond movies.
5: I like movie soundtrack a lot more than any songs.
6: I watch every Atlanta Braves baseball game and every Atlanta Falcons football game.
7: We have a collection of Star Wars video games.

Since we are not  sure how many of hte our followers have already received the award we are not sure we are not sure sure to give this two. So if you haven't received the award you are also awarded it.
Rebecca at Just me...
Jaggerfan1 at Music Lovers
Solace Utara at Prophets of the Force
JediKnightGirl at A Dreamer's Galaxy
Vellvin at An Irish Maiden

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Star Wars The Clone Wars: Friends and Enemies Review.

First off we there is some unfortunate news. Ian Abercrombie, who voice acts for Palpatine in The Clone Wars, has passed on. What are they going to do next season for his character?

Did anyone else notice the Indiana Jones hat when Bane was looking for a new hat?

Thoughts: After last week's episode we had high hopes for this one and it didn't disappoint. It had action, great plot, Cad Bane, a Cantina, and munch more. I don't know how the episode fit so munch woth out feeling over stuffed.  Picking up from were the last episode left off we see Cad Bane, Obi-Wan in disguise as Rako and Moralo Eval crash landed on the planet Nal Hutta to escape from being captured. When they went to a bouty hunter pawn shop to buy new cloths and when Cad Bane was looking for a hat you can see a hat that looks just like Indiana Jones's hat. The scene when Anakin eneters the Cantina to look for who he think is Rako is great. The detailed in the Cantina was excellent with the scum of the galaxy and complete with Twi'lek dancers. And the episode also highlighted Anakin's path to the Dark Side. The battle at the end of the episode was really good ending with Cad Bane's quote “You’re lucky we’re in a hurry, little lady…we’ll have to dance another time”. I don't wht but the way Bane said "Little lady" like the other episodes is awesome.

The Good: Cad Bane was awesome, The Cantina scene was very detailed, Great fight at the end, Best episode since the Umbara epsidoes,

The Bad:

Plot: 9.6/10- Somehow it managed to fit a lot of goodness into one with out feeling over stuffed.

Action: 8.8/10- The battle at the end between Bane, Anakin, and Obi-Rako was excellently animated.

Acting: 9.5/10- The normal cast is soild as usual.

Art Style: 9.8/10- Nal Hutta looked just you would expect a planet that the Hutts live on should look like, slimy. It is funny if you translate to from Huttese to English the name is Glorious Jewel.

Overall: 9.6/10- Overall "Friends and Enemies" is one of the best Clone Wars epsido since the Umbara story arc.

Closing Comments: After this episode we have high hopes for the next one.

If you want a second option Click Here to read Savanna at Pandas, Lightsabers and Cameras, oh my!!  review for the episode.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

30 Day Movie Challenge Part 1: 1-5.

Also we have writen a guest movie review for Forrest Gump on our friend's blog Click Here to read the review and please leave a comment. And expect a review for the recent Clone Wars episode coming tomorrow.

Day 01 - Your favorite movie
Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Day 02 - The last movie you watched
Since has been a few months since watching The Empire Strikes Back I watched it again.
Day 03 - Your favorite action/adventure movie
We are sure if Lord of the Rings is an "Action Adventure" movie it is more of an Action Epic so our other favorite is Indinana Jones and The Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Day 04 - Your favorite horror movie
We never understood the point of horror movies but we do like JAWS.

Day 05 - Your favorite drama movie
In general we don't like dramas but Forrest Gump is a very good movie.

Friday, January 27, 2012

30 Day Movie Challenge.

As you probably know we love movies so why not do a 30 Day Movie Challenge. Just like the Star Wars 30 Day Challenge we are going to split it up into 6 six posts. If you plan on starting this please let us know. We also plan to take a break from the challenge and post The Clone Wars review and may be a movie review.

Also we have writen a guest post on our friend's blog Click Here to read the review and please leave a comment.

Day 01 - Your favorite movie
Day 02 - The last movie you watched
Day 03 - Your favorite action/adventure movie
Day 04 - Your favorite horror movie
Day 05 - Your favorite drama movie
Day 06 - Your favorite comedy movie
Day 07 - A movie that makes you happy
Day 08 - A movie that makes you sad
Day 09 - A movie that you know practically the whole script of
Day 10 - Your favorite director
Day 11 - Your favorite movie from your childhood
Day 12 - Your favorite animated movie
Day 13 - A movie that you used to love but now hate
Day 14 - Your favorite quote from any movie
Day 15 - The first movie you saw in theaters
Day 16 - The last movie you saw in theaters
Day 17 - The best movie you saw during the last year
Day 18 - A movie that disappointed you the most
Day 19 - Your favorite actor
Day 20 - Your favorite actress
Day 21 - The most overrated movie
Day 22 - The most underrated movie
Day 23 - Your favorite character from any movie
Day 24 - Favorite documentary
Day 25 - A movie that no one would expect you to love
Day 26 - A movie that is a guilty pleasure
Day 27 - Favorite classic movie
Day 28 - Movie with the best soundtrack
Day 29 - A movie that changed your opinion about something
Day 30 - Your least favorite movie

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Braveheart Review.

If you have seen the movie please give it any score from 1 to 10.

JT/King Valun at The Window on the South requested that we review a "Braveheart" movies so we watched and here it is.

Thoughts: We had very high expectations for it and it was close to our expectations. It is definitely making our Top 50 Movies. After watching it, being the fans of history we are, we wondered how munch of it was historically accurate. It was very inaccurate,which isn't necessarily a bad thing, two of the main characters ages were way off like. French princess Isabelle who at the time of The Battle Falkirk was three years old. If you have seen the movie you would know that would mean that a major point in the plot would not be there. And Edward son of Longshanks was not born until seven years after William Wallance's uprising. And The Battle of Stirling Bridge was missing the bridge. Not to mention that the Kilt was not worn by the Scots until a few hundred years later. The movie actually loosely based on the Historical Ballad by Blind Harry's Wallace. Click Here. to read the history about it. Although there was some of the movie that was historically accurate. We really don't mind that the movie is Historically inaccurate because it is a movie and it is fiction with some of the movie being based on fact.

Directed by: Mel Gibson
Genre: Action, War,
Release Date: May 24, 1995 (1995-05-24)
Running Time: 177 minutes
MMPA rating: R

The Good: One amazing and epic battle scene, Some other good action scenes, Inspirational story, Epic speech,  Good acting, Surprisingly humorous,

The Bad:

Warning: This movie is rated "R" for extreme graphic violence, and other mature content.

Plot: The following plot summery is copied from
In the 13th century, after several years of political unrest, Scotland is invaded and conquered by King Edward I of England (known as "Longshanks") (Patrick McGoohan). Longshanks summons the defeated Scottish nobles to a meeting, but instead of discussing terms as they were led to expect, he simply hangs them en masse.
Young William Wallace witnesses the treachery of Longshanks, survives the death of his father and brother, and is taken abroad by his uncle where he is educated. Many years later, Longshanks grants his noblemen land and privileges in Scotland, including Primae Noctis, the right of the lord to take a newly married Scottish woman into his bed on the wedding night. When he returns home, Wallace (Mel Gibson), intending to live peacefully, falls in love with his childhood sweetheart Murron MacClannough (Catherine McCormack), and they marry in secret so that she does not have to spend a night in the bed of the English lord.
Their marriage is eventually discovered and when an English soldier tries to rape Murron, Wallace fights off several soldiers and the two attempt to flee. But Murron is captured and publicly executed by the village sheriff, who proclaims "an assault on the King's soldiers is the same as an assault on the King himself." In retribution, Wallace and several villagers slaughter the English garrison and execute the sheriff. Watch the movie to see what happens next.

Plot: 9.2/10- The story is loosely based on true events. The story is very Inspirational and very well made.

Action: 9.0/10- Braveheart is had some great action scenes but it is not action packed movie.

Acting: 9.2/10- Overall  acting was top notch with Mel Gibson's preformance being the stand out best.

Special effects: 8.5/10- We normally don't rate movies like for special effects but the effects for the blood

Soundtrack: 8.9/10- The soundtrack fitts the feel of the movie perfectly and it is very inspirational just like the movie.

Comedy: 7.9/10- We were not exspecting munch humor in the movie and we were surprised, in a good way.

Overall: 9.1/10- Overall Braveheart is a great epic and delivers on the story.

Closing comments: Braveheart is one of the few movies that actually deserved to win the Oscar for best picture.

Warning: This movie is rated "R" for extreme graphic violence, and other mature content.

Recommended for: Action movie fans, War movie fans, Epic movie fans,

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Fellowship of the Ring Trailer vs. The Hobbit Trailer.

In your option which of these trailer is better? If you haven't seen The Lord of the Rings movies please give us your option. Because your option will be unbais. If you have seen The Lord of the Rings movies we want to know which ones do you think is a better trailer. In our option The Hobbit trailer is better but we are not saying that it is going to be a better movie than The Fellowship of the Ring. It might be an unfair comparison but if I knew nothing about either movie I would most likely pick The Hobbit.

If you want more news about The Hobit and Middle Earth in general check out Alyianna at Password to Middle Earth

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Star Wars 30 Question Meme: Day Five

21: ESB moment

Other than the "I am your father" scene the attack on Hoth and the "Who's scruffy looking" scenes are great. We are also planing on making a Top Empire Strikes Back scenes.

22: Favorite RotJ moment
The duel at the end of ROTJ and the ending scene with Darth Vader and Luke were the two best scenes.

23: Something you wish was different
We can't think of any thing to change.

24: A character you dislike
We hate Ziro the Hutt! We like Jabba the Hutt but we hate Ziro! After he died we want the show to play the Ewok Celebration song below.

25: Favorite EU book
I just started this last week and I am over half way though it. And I can't stop! I love it! Look for the review something next month. This is by far the best book I have read. And don't like many books in general.

26: Favorite Obi-Wan Kenobi Quote

The whole "These aren't the droids you're looking for" scene are some of his best quotes and "May the force will be with you, always".

27: Favorite Yoda quote

I don't think this quote needs any intro.

28: Favorite Darth Vader quote
Vader has so many awesome so are some of them.

"I sense something; a presence I've not felt since..."
"I have you now!"

"All too easy."

"No. I am your father."

"Search your feelings. You know it to be true."

"Yes, my master."

"If you only knew the power of the dark side. Obi-Wan never told you what happened to your father."

29: Best personal Star Wars memory
We can't really think of anything other than watching the movies. We don't remember the first few times we watched the movies since we always remember watching them.

30: Why you love Star Wars

It is hard explain. It is like asking why you like breathing. The movies are the most original and most interesting fictional  universe ever created. The original trilogy is beyond perfect!

That is it for the challenge.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Star Wars 30 Question Meme: Day Four

16: Photo of you Star Wars-related things
We have a lot of Star Wars Legos we use in our movies and just about every Star Wars video games made in the last 15 years so we can't post them all but here are a few. We plan on making some Star Wars video game posts soon.

17: Favorite TPM moment
This has to be the best part of the movie hands down. This is the first real lightsaber fight of the prequels and the first time you see Darth Maul's duel lightsaber.

18: Favorite AotC moment

This is not the part of the movie you would expect us choose but we quoted this line long after watching the movie. This is one of the most hilarious scenes in all of the prequels. "You don;t want to sell me death sticks". "You want to home and re-think your life.".

19: Favorite RotS moment
We have to go with the duel at the end and the attack on the Jedi temple.

20: Favorite ANH moment
The Trench Run and the Cantina are great and "These aren't the droids your looking for". We could go on forever. We might make a Top 10 A New Hope scenes post soon.

Check back tomorrow for day five.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Star Wars The Clone Wars: Deception Review.

Warning spoilers for the episode.

Did anyone else notice Obi-Wan's code name was "Ben".

Thoughts: We had high hopes for the episode and overall it didn't disappoint. The episodes started when Obi-Wan was shot by an assassin. Anakin and others believed him to be dead. Since anyone how watch the Star Wars knows that Obi-Wan can't there was not really any suspense. It will be interesting to see Anakin's reaction when he finds out about that Obi is not dead. The only ones that knew that Obi was not dead was Yoda and Mace Windo. After that Obi-Wan had his beard and hair shaved and he looked just like young Obi-Wan from The Phantom Menace, which was very cool. He was injected with something that changed his appearance to look like Rako Hardeen, who was the bounty hunter that "assassinated" him. The transformation was excellently animated. Watch the episode to see what happens next.

The Good: Perfectly sets up for the next episode, Cad Bane is back,

The Bad:

Plot: 9.4/10- The plot was perfectly paced and set up well for the next episode.

Action: 7.5/10- The episode did not try to the be the most action packed but that is alright because of the story in the episode.

Acting: 9.4/10- The usual cast was solid and Cad Bane was great.

Art Style: 9.7/10- It has looked fantastic this season and "Deception" was no different.

Overall: 8.5/10- Overall "Deception" was a great start to the story arc and we can't wait for more.

If you want a second option Click Here to read

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Star Wwars 30 Question Meme: Day Three

11: Favorite battle
It would have to be Luke vs Vader and Anikin vs Obi-Wan.

12: All-time favorite scene
We know it  is the obvious choice but it is hard to deny that this is the best scene in movie history.

13: Favorite quote
There are so many amazing quotes but this is the most iconic.
"May the Force be with you, always."

14: A scene that makes you happy
We really can't think of any particular scene since The Empire Strikes Back and the original A New Hope is basically two huge awesome scenes. But the end of A New Hope is a great ending.

15: A scene that makes you sad/angry

There is not a single scene in all of the Star Wars movies that makes us sad or angry but after watching the end of Return of the Jedi and knowing that you will never see a better film trilogy is good and bad at the same time.

Check back tomorrow for the review for The Clone episode.


Friday, January 20, 2012

Star Wars 30 Question Meme: Day Two.

6: Favorite ship
Millenium Falcon duh! Best spaceship ever! And it has the best two pilots Han and Chewie.

7: Favorite Sith

There is a lot to say about Reven but it is hard to munch without spoiling Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic video games. So we won't say munch other than play Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic!!!!!!!

8: Favorite OT Movie
The Empire Strikes Back! Not only is the best original trilogy movie but is the best best movie ever!

9: Favorite PT movie

10: Favorite Star Wars Photo
We really can't think of any other than some of the posters so here are some awesome pictures every ones favorite sith Darth Vader!

Check back here tomorrow for day three.

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