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Here is a page of all my followers who have Blog buttons. Except for the guest authors, which are at the top, this list is in the order that the blogs appear on my Dashboard, which are n alphabetical order. If you have a blog button and it is not on this list, please comment and I will fix it.
Note: Some blog buttons that I tried to add to this list were not functioning, thus are not on the list.

Rath's Reviews is a place where reviews are fair and truthful. There is no critic snobbishness here and movies that deserve to be praised are justly awarded. How much a movie entertains me is a huge factor that is taken into account when distributing scores and often times this is where Rath's Reviews separates itself from the critics. Whereas they award for technicalities, and whether or not a movie is intelligent, I rate based on how much fun I had. Sometimes our opinions go hand in hand, and other times we couldn't be further apart. Rath's Reviews is a movie review site that you can trust to help you decide which movies to see and which ones to skip. Click here to check out Rath's Reviews

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A Dreamer's Galaxy Blog

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Pandas Lightsabers and Cameras oh my
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  1. There is a mistake; one of the buttons links to I'd really like to visit that blog. :c It's the one that has the anime character on it. I hope you still remember the URL.

    1. I suppose she changed the url or something, but yes I do remember the url, I posted it below. And that would be the blog of my friend Misty. She has just started posting some anime cosplay ideas. :)



One rule: No strong profanity. If you want to link to one of your posts, please do; I am always interested in other reviews and such.

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