Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Ukrainian Statue of Lenin Transformed Into Darth Vader

When a law passed in Ukraine that ordered all symbols and insignia of communist party rule in the country be removed, Ukrainians remodeled the statue of communist leader, Lenin, into Darth Vader. A government sanctioned remodeling of a statue into Darth Vader is actually kind of awesome. Why completely destroy a statue if you can change it into Darth Vader? Above is the video of its unveiling and below are pictures of Before and After. I apologize for the series of short posts lately. Until I see The Force Awakens, which is proving to be a nearly impossible task due to life and bad weather, trying to avoid spoilers means not going on my usual websites. However, as soon as I see it, expect plenty of exciting new posts! 


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  1. I saw SW:TFA last weekend and have been enjoying not having to avoid all blogs everywhere at long last :-) So I know what you're saying! I'm not going to blog about it until I see it again, possibly this weekend.

    Anyway, three cheers for the Ukrainians!

  2. This is funny. Very creative Ukrainians. Every nation needs a Darth Vader statue.


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