Saturday, December 26, 2015

Star Wars Vs. Small Theaters

Since many people are still busy with the Christmas season, why not talk about movie theaters or specifically, the local one where I see most of my movies. Disney is requiring theaters to show Star Wars for four weeks. This mandate is forcing one screen theaters, like the one in my hometown, not be able to show Star Wars feasibly. While the idea is a sound business strategy for multi-screen theaters, for smaller ones, it makes them have to show garbage like “Alvin and Chipmunks,” since after the usual two weeks, most people will have already seen the film. 

One of the advantages of an old theater is that the screen is rather large compared to a standard screen. It is no IMAX but compared to the small screens of most multi-screen theaters, it is certainly better. Granted, a big theater chain would be fantastic closer to home, but it is nice talking to the owners after a movie about what’s next and they knowing who you are. Also, $6 tickets are nice too, compared to the $10 or more price of many other 2D screenings. But after all the craziness of Christmas blows over in a day or so, I’ll go see The Force Awakens out of town in IMAX 3D and until then, I will avoid everything and anything Star Wars. Do you have a single screen theater where you live? Do you have any stories about the theater? Please comment below and let me know!

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  1. So, we have several multi-screen theater's in my town, a big cinemark 14 and a small "dollar theater" where you can see a movie about a month after it comes out for only about a dollar. Anyway, the popcorn and drinks are rather expensive in the theater, so we sometimes buy food at the gas station and smuggle it into the theater in backpacks and big pockets. Very thrilling.

    1. Nice, you got some good theaters. I have heard of those "dollar theaters," but never been to one. Oh yeah, those drinks and stuff are expensive. I usually just buy a water at most and focus on the film, but that's a good strategy too, haha.


  2. I miss the hometown theater that was only seven blocks from our apartment when we lived in Wisconsin. It had like 8 screens, so it wasn't actually tiny, but it still was friendly and had good popcorn. I worked 3rd shift back then, so on my nights off I'd go see the last showing of a movie, and the best thing ever was if, when I got my ticket, the person behind the counter picked up their handy-talkie and said something along the lines of, "We've got one for (Insert Movie Title Here)." Then I knew I was the only one there for that movie so far, and often I would have a private viewing, which was just... cool. That basically never happens anymore here in the big city, though admittedly sometimes there's only a handful of others there if it's not something that's popular or new. (Except the final time I saw The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies in the theater back in January -- an ice storm started up just as I got there, and I was the only person watching it, which was amazing and delicious.)

    Back when I was a teen, we had a dollar theater not too far away, and my friends and I used to go there when we could. We also had a different second-run theater where all movies were $3, and we went there a LOT. This past spring, I was back visiting my parents, and my mom and I took my daughters to the dollar theater to see Cinderella and it was Exactly The Same As I Remembered It. So cool.


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