Sunday, December 6, 2015

Movie Music and More #38: "Kara no Kyoukai"

Haunting and epic the best way to describe today's music! Hello everyone, it's Jamie from Through Two Blue Eyes and today I get to share one of my all-time favorite soundtracks with you guys! While I've sadly not seen the Kara No Kyokai movies, I’d love to one day just because its music is epic. Simply epic. I’m incredibly excited to get to share these with you guys today because I'm still not tired of listening to them!
薄れる – Fade: I was floored by this track. Just floored. It’s tone is airy with a touch of peril and techno, followed up by the angelic female vocals. Then a driving beat come in to round it all out. It’s beautiful, deadly, alluring, and determined all at the same time. Mid-way through it softens back out without loosing any of its drive and we get a soft airiness to carry us to the song’s end.
Mirai Fukuin: Wow. The reverb. The darkness. The power; this pieces emanates such power! Again, the airy dark techno, the female vocals; they work so well to create a chilling approach of shadows. I wish this track wasn’t so short because I could write pages of fiction to it. Just wow. I really must give a round of applause to the composer Yuki Kajiura for her talent in creating such chilling musical soundscapes.
Ryogi Shiki – A bone no a lily: Now this piece is very different to listen to. It opens with a powerful chorus that reminds me of a 16th century church chorus, mixed with bits of chaos–and then it cuts to very powerful, gentle notes on the piano. Airy wafts of sound flutter in and the two build to the finale of orchestral strings and bass. A very beautiful piece in its own way!

Jamie enjoys Sherlock Holmes, Marvel movies, and anime among many different things. She loves blogging about anime soundtracks and more at her blog Jamie Talks Anime and everything else under the sun at her blog Through Two Blue Eyes. Thank you for having me again, James!

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