Friday, December 4, 2015

New Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer

What was that!? Seriously, what the heck was that ridiculous excuse for a trailer!? The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer dropped the other day, and after watching it, the trailer destroys the slight hint of intrigue shown in the previous trailer! Sure, I might have somewhat of a negative outlook on DC and Zack Sndyer, but the first trailer was not half bad. On the other hand, this trailer shows WAY TOO MUCH! It shows us a condensed version of the movie, instead of a trailer, which is supposed to tease the movie, or at least that is what it appears to be. Basically, we know that Batman and Superman will fight, and then a creature, presumably Doomsday, will pop up with Wonder Woman for the Final Act. Maybe, the trailer is intended to mislead us, but the plot looks rather obvious.

With the crazy amount of spoilers aside, let’s talk about the rest of this disaster. As expected, Jessie Esssienberg is absolutely horrendous! He plays the goofy character he always acts, and he does not fit in with the rest of the cast, at least in that one scene. He did have one good line, “And that is a three syllable word for any thought too big for little minds,” but the rest was awful. The beginning of the trailer with Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent meeting is strange considering how long it is for a trailer. Visually, that first scene actually reminds me of a car commercial. Lastly, the attempts at humor are abysmal. I want to remain positive, until seeing the movie, but at least everyone can agree that this trailer is about on par with The Amazing Spider-Man’s trailer for being a disaster, mostly due to spoilers. Suicide Squad looks good; unfortunately, the same cannot be said about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. However, that is not to say that there are not positive elements, like Allfeck’s Batman. Other than that, we will have to wait and see. What do you think? Please comment below and let me know, and check back next week for more Star Wars posts!

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  1. I'm right tthere with you, the trailer should way too much. Yeah you knew they would stop fighting each other for some reason or another but you didn't need to show why the stopped fighting (Doomsday). Overkill. And I don't think there is anything worse than Jesse Essienberg's Lex Luther (or his son?!). Terrible, he's a jokerster, eccentric, and too young. He looks so out of place.

    That 50 second exclusive trailer with Superman taking off Batman's mask was AMAZING, totally built up some hype, but this trailer completely destroyed that same hype. Disappointing.

  2. We're in some pretty stark disagreement on this trailer.

    I do AGREE though that it shows wayyyy too much. That aside, keep in mind it premiered on Jimmy Kimmel and was designed for the mainstream public, who pretty much have to be force fed plot details.

    Outside of revealing all that it did, I absolutely loved it. I thought the humor was pretty spot on, if not cliched, and it looks like some solid comic book fun -- very distinguished from the Dark Knight trilogy. I also enjoyed Eisenberg's Lex Luthor and I feel like he'll be the "ace in the hole" somewhat. I predict he'll be much more violent/dark than this trailer is letting on.

    We'll see soon enough I suppose. I'd just encourage that you keep an open mind despite this not being Marvel ;-)

  3. I feel like most trailers made recently show too much of the plot (except Civil War's, though maybe I'm biased ;) - also I already knew the story's basic plot), but this one does seem to give even more than usual. I was never really interested in Dawn of Justice and this trailer hasn't changed that.

  4. Weirdly enough, seeing this trailer in the theater the other day made me go, "OH! I actually want to see this movie now. Look, it has a plot!" In fact, I haven't seen the previous Superman movie, but I'm going to get it from the library soon because... okay, yes, I admit it. Because Henry Cavill.


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