Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Hobbit Trailer!

Here is The Hobbit Trailer! I can't believe it is here! This is going to be best of the year next year. I don't think there is any movie not even The Avengers that can be better than The Hobbit next year!

Here is the song that Dwarfs were singing,


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  2. I am so excited! I watched it with my big bro this morning, and it is most definitely going to be the best movie of 2012! keep us posted.

  3. This is going to rock! I'm glad they kept the entrance and the songs! The opening dialogue in the book is some of the funniest ever. I will hulk out if they cut that part! :D

  4. I haven't seen Lord of the Rings, so I probably won't see the Hobbit either. I'll be watching for reviews, though, and for the original soundtrack!

    Oh, and thanks for posting the song they sang; I was thinking, "Ahg, I'll have to find that!" and than I scrolled and there it was! LOL


  5. @billyBobjoe: Thanks, I will.

    @Sophia: I am also! :)

    @JT/King Valun: I hope so also. I have not read the book but good humor always makes a movie better.

    @Jamie: I highly reconmend watching the Lord of the Rings movies they are the only movies that come close to Star Wars. I am glad you liked the song also.


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