Friday, December 2, 2011

The Avengers Guide Part 6: Secrets and After The Credits.

After the credits of all of The Avengers related movies there are secret endings which have something to do with the next Avengers related movie. There are also hidden Easter eggs with references to the comic books and other stuff that fans like us like. Do not watch the video if you have not seen the movie it is about.

Iron Man 1 and 2 Secrets Part 1.

Iron Man 1 and 2 Secrets Part 2.

Thor Secrets.

Captain America: The First Avenger Secrets.

If you watched any of The Avengers related movies and did not watch after the credits here are the scenes.

Iron Man After Credits Ending

I couldn't find a video of after the credit of The Incredible Hulk.

The Video for Iron Man 2's after the credits scene can not be posted on Blogger Click Here if you Want to see it.

Thor After Cedits.

Captain America after cedits.
The quality of the video is not great but it is the best I could find.

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for Part 7.

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  1. I watched the ones for Thor and the Cap! Very interesting! The two ends for the DVD are epic!



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