Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Walking Dead: Alone Review

The Walking Dead picks up the pace again with another strong episode that gave some good Walker killing action along with some new characters. 
*Spoilers for the entire episode are ahead.*
"Alone" opening was horrifying, but not it had nothing to do with the Walkers. The opening with Bob had me afraid that the series took an incredibly strange time-leap since Bob looked different. Thankfully however, it was just a flashback that made me feel incredibly stupid for not figuring it out sooner. My biggest positive with the episode, other than Daryl being generally awesome, is that Bob has changed from being one of my most disliked characters into a really good character in just one episode. Despite the limited screen time, Bob's character took some significant and believable steps forward in terms of character development. Bob's moment with Sasha was great. "I'm going to try something here" *Kisses Sasha* "Well okay." That scene made me laugh! You gotta love Bob approach: He is like, "well okay, it was worth a shot." In general Bob's character was a lot better in the episode. 

Daryl and Beth's interaction was a lot better this episode, even if a few scenes had some odd romantic tension. The Walker attack was a great scene of suspense and action, especially with the eerie night setting. The Walkers in the mist attack earlier in the episode with Maggie's group was even creepier and it was very well filmed. Maggie, or as I like to call her now "Psycho Maggie," was particularly awesome this episode. Her desperate search for Glenn has turned her into a somewhat crazy character, albeit for good reason, but considering that I, for some weird reason, like that type of female character, I like the change. It would be even more tragic if Glenn or Maggie died at this point, although either one of their deaths would not be good for the series at this point. 
What exactly happened to Beth? In one review someone suggested that Beth drove off in a frantic rush for safety. However, I thought it was heavily implied that someone basically kidnapped her. Did I miss something? Which do you think happened to her? I am mostly sure she was kidnapped.
Daryl meeting Joe's group presents some interesting places for the story to go. His group seems like a crazy group of killers. Isn't Joe the same character that invaded the house that Rick and the others were in?
My biggest issue of the entire episode is the problem that has plagued the second half of the season in general, lack of progression. At this point I am reserved to the fact that we will not be getting to see everyone together until the last two episodes, so it is not bothering me as much as it has others.

Overall: 8.6/10- Overall, "Alone" was another strong entry that some viewers will not like due to the lack progression, but other than that, it was a very good episode.

Note: Normally I will not go this picture crazy with my short Walking Dead reviews, but I thought they were needed for this review.

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  1. I basically agree with everything you've said. I really enjoyed this episode, I certainly now like Bob a lot and the optimist/pessimist feel between him and Sasha was fun. Maggie's determination is great to see from her and I just about died from the ending scene with Glenn! :D I also got confused from the beginning, so don't feel stupid. The fog in the beginning was really cool because something like that hadn't been done before and it worked great! I was definitely left with the feeling that Beth had been kidnapped; it would be way out of character for her to have just driven off and left Daryl. I agree that I was also left with a feeling of lacked progression. The episode was great, but at the same time it felt like not a lot had happened... Either way, I still really liked this episode!


  2. I thought the same thing about the opening. At this rate they are going to need twenty epsiodes to make it a satisfying season.

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