Monday, March 17, 2014

Anime Bucket-List and You Decide What I Watch

Today I posting my Bucket-List of anime series that I might want to watch at some point. And you will be voting for what you want me to watch and review next. Despite being relatively new to the medium of anime, I have managed to see many of the "classics" of the genre, but my quest to "catch them all" is far from completion. There are many series new and old that I want to get around to watching at point for a variety of reasons ranging from highly regarded among critics, popular among everyone, someone has recommended it, and a few series where the premise interests me. Also some of the series on my bucket-list are not necessarily ones that I really want to watch, but rather ones that are so popular or highly regarded that I will probably watch at some point. On a general side note about anime, unlike movies and other mediums where many of the supposed "classics" are not particularly great, I have yet to be disappointed with any of the "classic" or highly regarded anime series. With the exception of long running shounen series like the Big Three (or four), my goal is to watch most of the great series that do not fall into one the genres that I heavily dislike or refuse to watch (more on that later). On the other hand, there are also a few newer series I want to watch for a various different reasons. If you have any have recommendations please let me know so that I can it to my list. For obvious reasons I refuse to watch hentai, yaoi, and yuri, as well as most series running over 100 episodes since that takes a lot of time. Now I will explain the different categories of the lists.

The three series under "Vote" are ones that you will be voting for me to watch and then review in two or three weeks (depending on how long it takes me to watch). My choices were really based on giving a variety of choices from different genres and I limited it to only four so that there is not a high chance of a tie, which would be a problem.
On the rest of the Bucket-List, it is separated into different categories. "Must-Watch" is kind of self explanatory because these are series that I will most definitely watch. "Will-Watch-at-Some-Point" is also self explanatory because these are series that I will get around to watching at some point, and I will probably watch it before the end of the year. "Maybe-Watches" are series that are popular or series that various people, reviews, and lists have recommended to me at some point. Several of the series are ones that are in genres that I do not typically watch like Host Club or they are too long for me to watch anytime soon like Monster or Hunter x Hunter. Before anyone asks why I have not seen Attack on Titan yet, let me explain. I know that everyone loves Attack on Titan and I will undoubtedly be among the many fans after watching it. However, due to college taking up a ton of my time, I do not want to watch Attack on Titan until this summer when I can devote most of my attention to it without distractions so that I will have the maximum enjoyment. Plus, I want to marathon the series.

Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex
Gurren Lagann
Welcome to the NHK

Attack on Titan
Count of Monte Cristo Gankutsuou
Fullmetal Alchemist (original series)

Cannon 2006
Ef: A Tale of Memories/Melodies
Future Diary (Mirai Nikki)
Genshiken (and Kujibiki Unbalance)
Higurashi When They Cry
Log Horizon
Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom
The World God Only Knows

The Big O
Blood Plus
Darker Than Black
Ergo Proxy
Eureka Seven
Fate/Stay Night
Great Teacher Onizuka
Haibane Renmei
Hellsing Ultimate 
Kino’s Journey
Kill la Kill
Last Exile
Little Busters
Love Hina
Lupin III
Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
Ouran High School Host Club 
Outlaw Star
Paranoia Agent
Samurai Champloo
Soul Eater
Wolf’s Rain

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! I wanted to do a post about green characters but I unfortunately did not have the time. 

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  1. I had commented before, but it looks like it got lost, so I'll comment again.
    Happy St. Patrick's Day! :)
    I agree, I think it's a good idea that you are waiting to watch Attack on Titan- it's one of those shows that is best to watch in succession. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this series since it is one of my favorite TV shows as well as my newest favorite fandom :) On a blog post I did recently, I mentioned several characters from this show that I want to cosplay as :)
    Another anime series I think you would like is Romeo X Juliet- it's a very good twist on the original series and even though it starts out a bit slow, it gets very good and I love the world building as well as the characters. :)

    1. Hopefully the comments are working again. Oh yeah, I forgot that you recommended Romeo X Juliet. I will need to add that to my list. :)


  2. Testing 1 2 3, testing. This is a test comment.

  3. You are sure that might not want to list Dragon Ball Z in the must watch or either will watch it at some point. It's such a popular anime show and it's good to remember if you are a big fan.

    Another show you have not mentioned is Avatar the Last Airbender and although it may not be in Japan. It's still an anime program.

  4. Fooly Cooly is pretty good (and it's short!), Mushi-shi is a relaxing change of pace from your hectic schedule, and Darker Than Black has a catchy opening theme song (well, for the first half of the series). Those are my votes. It's tough to crank out more than one 26-episode series a month so good luck!

    1. Thanks for voting Michael! Hopefully I can get around to watching them in the near future.


  5. This is a tough one... I love both Welcome to the NHK and Gurren Lagann very much. In the end, I think I have to say NHK, but Gurren Lagann is definitely a must-see! I personally haven't seen Stand Alone Complex so I can't comment on that one, but I hear it is good.

    1. Thank you for voting Jessica. Now that the votes are in, Welcome to the NHK is the current winner so I watched the first episode and it was great! I think I am hooked. After NHK, I will probably try Gurren Lagann. :)


  6. I'd go for Welcome to the NHK too. Gurren Lagann (haven't finished it actually) could be kind of slow at times, and SAC's being complicated and all-talk could be boring for some viewers. Welcome to the NHK is the most balanced out of the three, in my opinion.

    Interesting list you got here, btw!

    1. Thanks for voting! After watching the NHK, I have to say that it interests me for sure. I will be posting my thoughts of the series as I go along.


  7. I forgot about Dragon Ball, I will have to add it to my list as well.

    I do know about Avatar, but I did not include it since it was not made in Japan, so it is not actually anime. It anime inspired though.


  8. I'm not familiar with many of these, but I highly suggest that you watch Kino's Journey! Also, I enjoyed Angel Beats! very much. :)

    1. I forgot to add Kino's Journey to list. I do want to watch it though. I agree, Angel Beats was great and a lot of fun, but also sad.


  9. Interesting lists. I will say this, Fullmetal Alchemist is fantastic.... until the end. The ending sucked, FMA Brotherhood sticks to the manga and it's ending is incredibly fantastic. I tried to watch the Count of Monte Cristo one, but I just couldn't. The animation style was too distracting. I couldn't even tell what was going on because the textures of everything kept swirling and shifting :/ Also, a word of warning on Chobits.... just don't do it 0.o, you will regret it. It's borderline hentai in the first few episodes that I watched and that was more than enough for me. Other than that I've really enjoyed Magi, Ouran (which is one of my favories, although you have to really know all the shoujo cliches to get it),Samurai Champloo and Soul Eater. They seem like good lists over all! :)

    1. I have heard that FM's ending was not good. But I agree, Brotherhood's ending is amazing! I loved it. I have seen some clips from Gankutsuou, and they do look strange.

      Unfortunately, I actually watched the first two episodes of Chobits today.... yeah.... Not sure what to think right now.

      Ouran is a series that I kind of want to watch because the voice actors in it are some of my favorites, but I almost afraid to since I have heard that there is some yaoi in it. Is that true? I cannot find an answer.

      Ah, you enjoyed Samurai Champloo? Maybe I will like it then. I watched the first episode of Soul Eater and enjoyed it. When I want to watch something longer I will probably start watching it. :)

      Thanks for the comment!


    2. eeeeep, yeah, Chobits was not a good experience...

      Also, the thing you have to keep in mind for Ouran is that it's a satire. There is no yaoi in it, but jokes are made about it (they use the sort of 'in the know' language, so if you're not in the know you won't really pick up on it thankfully). Also two of the characters will sort of pretend that they have that kind of a relationship, but it's all for show (and only for a few seconds in a couple episodes), and they don't actually do anything (except make you and the main character kind of uncomfortable). I have an incredibly conservative (and easily scandalized) friend who watched the show and she was able to enjoy it, so I don't think it's anything too bad. At most I'd give it a PG-13 rating.

    3. Since Chobits was already on my MP3 player and I had nothing better to do, I watched a few more episodes and it was not as bad as the first episode. It has turned into a decent seinen comedy, but I would not recommend it.

      Thanks for the info about the series. Even though Princess Tutu is the only shoujo anime that I have seen, I do know enough about the cliches, so I will probably give it a shot sometime then!



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