Sunday, March 30, 2014

Walking Dead Finale Tonight!

Despite its ups and downs, The Walking Dead is still a great, yet inconsistent, series and I am sad to see the season end. I almost feel as though it has just started, but watching and reviewing The Walking Dead these past eight weeks has been a lot of fun, and I will definitely continue to review the series it returns in October. Plus, we will be getting a Walking Dead spin-off series in 2015. My guess is that it is going to have something to do with Washington DC, either that or a different group entirely disconnected from the events of this series. 
The second half of season four has had its moments of frustration, especially due to the slow pace the characters are moving the plot along. However, it has brought back some of the survival aspects to the series, as well as focusing more on my favorite characters Daryl, Glenn, and Maggie. Now that I am watching the series on a weekly basis, I can see why so many viewers were frustrated with season two and the farm.
As for the finale itself, I am excited, yet worried that either one of my favorite characters are going to die or the finale is going to be a disappointment. 
My review for season four as a whole will be coming at some point in the near future, as well as my review for the finale a week from today. 
Are you excited for the finale? Please comment below.
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    I hope tonight's episode is amazing and doesn't leave us hanging to hard--I'm probably jinxing myself right now. I will probably be happy as long as Rick, Daryl, Glenn and Maggie all survive tonight, although I would also like to see everyone reunited at the end as well. AHHH! Keeping my fingers crossed!

    Looking forward to your review of Season Four!


  2. Love the babysitter ad. Yep this season has a lot to answer for, since the prison went down nothing has happened.

  3. Well its done. A mixed bag I say but with a great hook for next year.


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