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Agents of SHIELD: Yes Men Review

Yes! Agents of SHIELD actually has its first effective crossover into the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe with Jaimie Alexander as Lady Sif! And it was awesome!
*Spoilers Ahead*
Elena Satine as the seductress Lorelei, is a character from the comics who was featured in several Thor comics, with the first being with Malekith, the Dark Elf from The Dark World. Her character is easily the best villain to be featured on the series thus far. Lorelei ordering "Rooster" to brutally murder his wife with his bare hands was very dark. In general, I have always liked "femme fatale" type characters and Lorelei is one of the better examples in television of late. *Thor The Dark World Spoilers* When Sif mentioned that Odin ordered her to bring Lorelei in alive, it reminded me that since Loki is Odin, maybe Loki has plans for her on Asgard for the third Thor movie, or an arc in Agents of SHIELD that will feature Loki. Since Lorelei worked with Loki in the comics, that is not a far stretch. Also, Lorelei is Enchantress' sister in the comics, and Enchantress is Thor's number two villain in the comics behind Loki, so that could be important later. One other thing is I loved how Lorelei's power worked. It was not mind-control like Loki in The Avengers, but rather a desire that kept the characters basically the same except with the desire to do Lorelei's bidding.

Coulson asking Sif about blue alien and her replying with Kree as one of the aliens that she has encountered means that Disney/Marvel either negotiated the rights from Fox, or Disney owns the TV rights to the Kree. She also mentioned the Centurion, which is a species that will be featured in the Guardians of the Galaxy. But most intriguingly she included Frost Giants at the end, which would give life to the theory I mentioned last week that the blue alien is a Frost Giant and that Skye could be half Frost Giant. Sif being able to easily use the touch screen and Coulson's reaction was funny. It definitely solidifies how Asgardians are aliens from another realm that are more set in science fiction than fantasy, which is what Marvel has been going for recently. Also, Coulson explicitly telling Sif not to mention that he is alive to Thor was a good move so that the continuity stays intact for a possible future revelation.  

Jaimie Alexander really shows how good of a Wonder Woman she would have made if the executives at Marvel handled DC's characters because she has an imposing present among mortals. According to Google, she is only 5' 9" but she must have been wearing something to make her taller because she looked about as tall as Brett Dalton (Agent Ward), who is 6' 3". Lady Sif actually is given some backstory and more screen time than she ever would have in the Thor movies. Just seeing her kick butt and being generally cool plastered a giant smile on my face. 
Agent Sitwell telling Coulson that Fury is off the radar makes me wonder when this episode takes place chronologically considering what the trailers of The Winter Soldier imply. Maybe his disappearance is in part due to what happens in the movie.  

The action in "Yes Men" is easily the best series has to offer with some cool, albeit not movie quality, fights with Lady Sif taking down basically everyone. In terms of comedy, Fitz under Lorelei's control was positively hilarious!
Lorelei from the comics

Among the general awesomeness of the episode, we had two revelations, one of which is a positively shocking! Starting with the lesser of the two, May discovering that Ward has feelings for Skye and not her was unexpected. I was starting to like the May/Ward relationship, but hopefully we will not have a love-triangle with the characters. Now for the big reveal: May is listening in on Coulson conversation and reporting to someone! This was unexpected, but considering some of the hints from earlier in the series dating back to May not investigating what the cyborg-eye Agent, who's name eludes me, said about Coulson being different. Maybe May is keeping tabs on Coulson for Fury, or some other higher SHIELD authority like Maria Hill. Either way, this is very intriguing!

Overall: 9.7/10- "Yes Men" had basically everything that I wanted to see with its first big tie-in with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The action was great and it even unitized the comics well.

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  1. Great review! :D I agree, I really enjoyed the episode as well and seeing Sif was just plain awesome! :D You're right, she would make a great Wonder Woman! She definitely has the acting talent as well as the look. Now I want a movie of this... I don't think height is the thing that makes someone imposing, I think it has to do with how dangerous a fighter they are- I've seen characters and people who were shorter than 5'9 be imposing because they were very good at combat and were quite dangerous. But that's just my opinion(I'm 5'5, and I want to be considered imposing). I also thought about Loki when Sif mentioned Odin- I'll be looking forward to where that whole plot line goes. Hopefully we can see Sif again, or at least have some sort of other crossover.
    One of the only problems I had with the show was that none of the guys were able to resist Lorelei's magic, since I have wanted to see someone be able to resist that sort of power in fiction at some point(so I decided to do it in my own story). I agree, those twists at the end were very interesting and I'm looking forward to see how they all play out(though I agree, I hope they don't do love triangles since those things are virtually never done right).

    1. Thanks!
      I believe what I said about Sif being imposing did not come off as intended. The part about the height and being imposing are two unrelated parts. In the Marvel comics cannon, Sif is really tall (6'2"), so I liked how she was portrayed accurately. Her being imposing mostly due to her great presence, much like Thor. :) I do agree that height does not have to do with being imposing.
      It would be great if we get more crossovers and Lady Sif!
      About the guys not being able to resist her power was not really a problem for me since that is comic book accurate, but I could definitely see another story (like yours) taking that concept in a different direction. :)


  2. It was a very good episode, and I'd rank it as one of the best episodes they've done so far. I agree about (SPOILERS) the Dark World thing, and I was basically like 'wait a second....Loki's Odin now, he rallying a team or something together on Asgard or something??' so it'll be interesting to see if that'll be brought up in the films later on. (END OF SPOILERS), the episode did, as you say, had some revealtions, one of which was rather startling....(SPOILERS), the whole May thing made me scream 'WHAT?!?!' at the screen, I will admit that. (END OF SPOILERS) I can't wait till tomorrow night though, it sounds like it could be one of the best again! Wonder if we'll get any answers about anything....


    1. Most definitely, one of the best episodes!
      I really hope Enchantress and Lorelei make an appearance in the next Thor movie! That could be really cool. :)
      I almost screamed at the TV too! I was just in complete and utter shock!!!! Tomorrow night can't come soon enough. :)



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