Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Walking Dead: Claimed Review

The Walking Dead continues its high quality with another very solid episode.
*Spoilers for the episode are ahead*
First off, we learn that Eugene, or as I like to call him "Doctor Mullet," knows the secret behind the infection! Not surprisingly, he cannot tell anyone the truth because that is "classified." The idea of a possible cure for the infection is somewhat of an intriguing concept, but that would kind of cheapen the amazing premise of the series. If anything, the upcoming Walking Dead spin-off series should handle the cure and leave our main group out of it. That being said, I am not sure if Doctor Mullet actually knows anything useful or not, but he is definitely inept because of how he stupidly shot the truck up. I know that character is in the comics, but I do not want to know what happened so I have not looked into that. 
The opening with Abraham's introduction was great, and thus far, I am really liking the character how charismatic he is. While I believe he probably has ulterior motives, if he is trying to make up for something he did in his past, then Abraham could turn out to be a cool character and not just another Governor. Overall, the new characters are likable and Glenn's determination early in the episode was great. I did however have a problem with Rosita's attire. 
Sure, cosplaying as Lara Croft (left) from Tomb Raider or Revy (right) from Black Lagoon is perfectly suitable attire for a zombie apocalypse (sarcasm).

As for the Rick, Carl, and Michonne's part of the episode, it was much improved compared to "After." Thankfully Michonne continues to develop into something more than just a brooding ronin and into a well developed character that happens to have the most Walker killing weapon ever. The whole interaction between Carl and Michonne was great, and I am really enjoying the best friend type of relationship developing between them. The scenes with Rick were intense! The scavengers were unexpected and how Rick killed that guy to create a distraction was great, even if I did not catch on to what he was trying to do until later. 

There is not a lot that I disliked about the episode. It was not perfect or one of the best by any means, but it was a good continuation of the storyline. Now that the groups are split up, the series is back to the struggle to survive feel of the first season, which I am enjoying a lot.

Overall: 8.3/10- While mostly setup, "Claimed" was another very solid episode that introduced us to a new group of great characters.

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  1. I really liked this episode, too! I liked where they've finally taking Michonne and making her dimensional. Her and Carl make a great best friend team! I was so uptight during Rick's part, that was so intense!! I like Abraham, I think he'll be a good new character. I also don't get the girl's outfit... like, what is point of it? I hope we don't get into 'curing the disease' in this show, though. I do like seeing some urban houses again, it's a nice change of scenery. I hope everyone is reunited soon, at least by the end of the season...


    1. Agreed, Michonne is finally more than just a bada** with a samurai sword, which is good because I have always wanted to like the character. Rick's part was so suspenseful! I also hope that Abraham turns out to be a great character, because he has a lot of potential. I agree, we do not need a "curing the disease" aspect to in The Walking Dead. Yeah, Rosita's outfit makes no sense!
      Yes! We need the team back together again, sooner than later.


  2. Didn't have an issue with Rosita's attire at all...nope, not at all...


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