Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Walking Dead: Us Review

After one of the best episodes of the entire series last week and that this is the second to last episode of the season, there was a lot riding on it. 
*Massive Spoilers are Ahead*
Unfortunately, "Us" was not fantastic, but it was another standard episode that ended on a high note. 
Glenn's determination to find Maggie was great. Most everything about his character was done very well. Eugene, Rostia, and Abraham all had good scenes. Eugene, aka Doctor Mullet, was very cool in the episode and he is actually turning out to be a much better character than I had expected. I am still not entirely sure if he is telling the truth or not about knowing the secret about the beginning of the infection. Tara continues to be the worst part of the series for me, but it is best not to say anything more about that.
Daryl's part with Joe's gang was cool. The concept of "claiming" things and the laws of the their ways was interesting. Seeing that dirt bag try and frame Daryl and then get what's coming to him was great! Even though Daryl has grown as a character, I was glad he decided not to cover the body of that guy. My brother and I were actually saying "Don't do it Daryl. He does deserve it." The brutal system of honor-among-thieves was a great contrast to the other group. Also, the "There's nothing sadder than an outdoor cat that think's he's an indoor cat." allegory was clever. 
Seeing Rick, Michonne, and Carol was good and it setup for the reveal that Joe's group is following them. The Michonne and Carol duo is a lot of fun, especially with the candy bar. Obviously, Daryl is going to either convince them not to kill Rick and others, or Daryl is going to kill Joe's group. My question though is: what happened to Beth!? I sure hope they tell us something in the finale next week.

Now for the first big part of the episode: Maggie and Glenn's reunion! Thankfully they did not die before seeing each other again, and since they are two of my favorite characters, I really hope not neither of them dies in tomorrow's episode. Their reunion after shooting up all of the Walkers was a great cheer moment in the episode; however, the burning of Maggie's picture was a little on the sappy side.
As for the other big reveal: We finally got to see Terminus! After an entire half season we finally get to see Terminus! I do not know about you, but flowers and that women gave off some majorly creepy vibes. The entire place looked eerie and like it is too good to be true. People are theorizing that Terminus is a trap and that they might be cannibals, which is not a bad theory, although I am kind of hoping that is not the case. 

Overall: 8.2/10- While not even close to the mind blowing amazing episode last week, "Us" finally got most of the group to Terminus. Tomorrow's finale better be freaking amazing, because we have waited long enough.

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  1. MY OTP WERE REUNITED! :D If they die, I almost hope they die together because it would be too heartbreaking to have one left behind.

    I was glad that part of the group was reunited in this episode and that we FINALLY got to see Terminus. I actually didn't get creepy vibes until after the episode was done. I was also relieved Daryl finally got on the railroad tracks. I can't wait till he and Rick are reunited; those two belong together in a brotherly sense, since Rick was like the brother Daryl always needed but didn't get from Murle.

    And, I think I actually agree with you about the dead guy and the tarp. It was touching enough that Daryl even thought about covering him but then had enough self-respect not to. If that makes sense.

    I'm so not ready for the season finale but I hope it goes out with a bang! Hopefully season four will get put up on Netflix soon so I can quickly rewatch it!! :D


    1. The reunion was one the most satisfying moment of the season! I don't know if I could handle both of them dying!!!!! They are becoming the best part of the season.

      Now everyone is heading for Terminus. I can't wait to see how everything goes down! :)

      Yes, that makes sense.

      It feels like such a short time since it started!!!!



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