Saturday, June 1, 2013

Superman Theme: New and Old.

For the Man of Steel Countdown I have posted one of the greatest film themes of all-time, the original 1978 Superman theme composed by John Williams. It would easily rank among my Top 15 if not Top 10, film scores of all-time. I consider Williams' third or fourth best score after Star Wars, Indiana Jones and maybe Jurassic Park, but I believe Superman just beats it out. Few pieces of music are this iconic and recognizable, and make you feel so heroic. As for Hans Zimmer's new score in Man of Steel, from what has been released, it sounds good. While it will never replace Williams' theme, I look forward to seeing (and hearing) how it will be used in the new film. While highly unlikely and virtually impossible, it would be completely awesome if Man of Steel ended with John Williams' classic theme as Superman flies off. What are your thoughts on this iconic theme and on Zimmer's theme?
Note: Although I originally planned to post a "Name That Soundtrack" trivia today, I had an idea for this, so here it is.

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  1. Well Hans Zimmer was the greatest movie composer I liked and did for The Lion King, Inception, The Dark Knight and others but his theme for the new Superman movie was good but doesn't hold the candle and the charisma of John Williams old theme.

    As I was going to say I liked Williams far better and it is a classic theme song this one, might as well listen it again.

  2. Both themes are very different but good! I have to admit that I like the second one a little more for just listening to but the first one is very heroic!


  3. @Filmgurulad: Yeah, John William theme is the best.

    @Jamie: But John Williams is the Man! lol It is better within the context of the film.



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