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Iron Man 3 Spoiler Thoughts (by Jamie)

Today is a guest post by my blogging friend and fellow critic, Jamie about her spoiler thoughts on Iron Man 3.

Hey, it's Jamie from Through Two Blue Eyes! I'm here to share some of my thoughts on Iron Man 3: Spoiler Edition; and since James has already requested hearing my thoughts on the spoilers, this is the perfect place to do it!. If you have not seen the movie, please do not read if you do plan on watching. :) It will be worth saving the surprises for the film.
First off, overall thoughts. Excellent continuation for Tony Stark's story. It's also a great pick up for post-Avengers, which was referred to as 'the alien attack'. Tony was physically and mentally effected by the experience, which felt very accurate. It even made him more likable and easier to sympathize with. He's also greatly matured since the first and second Iron Man films. And that doesn't make him a less fun character at all. It simply makes him an even better role model. I loved how Tony apologized for his mistakes and was able to admit when he was wrong.
If you didn't know already, Tony and Pepper are pretty much one of my most favorite film couples ever. And while it was sad to see them struggling through the first half of the movie, it was realistic that their relationship had suffered from Avenger aftermath. The awesome thing was that Tony was actually able to save their relationship by being humble and by reassuring her of his love for her. Guys, please pay attention to this for your future relationships, okay? Tony got it right in this movie--as a girl, I would give any guy huge points if this was their heart's attitude! Alright? Did all the guys write this down? Everybody? Excellent!
Let's move on to the big kick of the movie: The Mandarin was an actor! I don't think anybody saw that coming. I did have a strong feeling that Aldrich Killian was going to turn out as rotten fruit but I didn't expect him to actually be behind the whole terrorist movement. Excellent twist! I also liked how the President was actually pulled into the story near the end, I thought was really neat. I almost wish Harrison Ford had been cast in that role as President as he's already owned it in Air Force One. Just wishful thinking on that part. Haha!
While the whole entire film was a excellent ride, one of my favorite parts was the airplane rescue! It actually blew my mind when they showed that Tony hadn't even been in the suit! I didn't see that coming and I really liked that little surprise they gave us! I also liked seeing the suits at the finale all being controlled by Jarvis. There were a ton of suits there which Tony must have a lot of time into creating each one a little different! It was really neat to see all the different types at once! The one big benefit the new suit system gives is that that Iron Man toys that the stores sell no longer look cheesy. Instead of thinking, "Aw this is silly for only having an arm piece, I want a whole suit." You can strap on that arm piece and be like, "Yeah, suckers, look out, cause the rest of the suit is on the way!"
I liked seeing a couple of familiar characters throughout the film as well. I actually really enjoyed seeing Tony's and Rhodey's friendship in this movie. Rhodey and his military role as the Iron Patriot was well done and he wasn't a useless friend who had to rely on his superhero buddy. They worked well together. So, that was really cool to see. I also liked seeing the return of Happy Hogan, now the head of security. He's a fun character and helped tie your memory back to Iron Man 2. Yinsen from Iron Man had a cameo during the flash back to 1999, which I actually didn't catch right way but that was extremely awesome for them to do. 
The end of the movie was a bit of a surprise as well in that Tony had his shrapnel removed! Woah! I think seeing him in the future will be a little different without that glowing shape in his chest but not that different. And I loved the fact that he had the shrapnel put on the necklace he gave to Pepper! Talk about some things coming full circle between the two of them. All we need next is for a wedding to take place!

To wrap this post of spoilers up, I wanted to share this video with you, if you haven't seen it yet. Because if you've seen the movie already then you really need to see this!

If you've seen Iron Man 3, what did you think of some of those familiar characters' return, the revealing of the true Mandadrin, ect. Did you guess we were going to see another Avenger at the end of the credits?!

Thanks again to James for asking me to guest post for him, I always have fun blogging here for him! :)


Thanks Jamie for an awesome post! Be sure to follow her blogs Through Two Blue Eyes! and Fandoms and Films. Please comment and check back tomorrow for my 300 Review.


  1. I really liked this movie, especially because it wasn't so much of him being Iron Man as Tony Stark. (Meaning he can still save the die and beat up bad guys even without his suits. Though, they do come in handy when facing glowy people.)
    I will miss his rector. But, they're keeping with the comic books, I believe, which is cool.

    Great review! I liked it! Thanks for sharing.

    To James: I believe you are right, about Han not being a sidekick. (I more termed him that because he wasn't completely the main character.) But yes, they are more like a team, one of the best fictional teams ever I think.

    I share your feelings about Matt Smith. i really, REALLY wanted him and Clara to have a whole series together, and now they won't get it. I like them together, just as much as I like Ten and Donna, who were my favourite Doctor/Companion until Clara showed up.

  2. Love your review Jamie! Iron Man is awesome.

  3. @ Jack; Thank you for your comment Jack!!!

    @ Thanks for reading, Sarah!! <3



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