Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Who's the New Doctor? My Picks: Part 1.

It was revealed last week that there will be a new Doctor after the Christmas Special later this year. With this deeply saddening news, I have a list of actors who could replace Smith as the Doctor, including some unlikely choices. It will be difficult to Matt Smith since he is my favorite Doctor (Tennant a close 2nd), although that is what I thought when Tennant left the show. Since becoming the Doctor, the series has grown immensely in popularity, which is at least partially due to wacky and fun portrayal of the character. This is part 1 of 2 where I will talk about possible actors for the new Doctor. These actors are ones that I think should and others that could, but should not. There are a few qualities that I believe the Doctor should have:
1: He must be British (or at least Irish or Australian).
2: Around 40 years of age. He needs to be able to run, a lot.
3: He's an alien and therefore must be bonkers to some degree. Even Tennant was crazy and fun during his most serious episodes.

To rate the likelihood of said actor actually becoming the Doctor I have developed a system.
No way in Trenzalore! = Highly unlikely.
Once every Who moon = Neither likely nor impossible.
I cannot think of a Doctor Who pun that I can use for "A good chance". Anyone have any ideas?

This post is part of Jack's blog giveaway party thing and all I am suppose to do is write about any character. For the post I chosen The Doctor and who should play the next Doctor.

Tom Hiddleston
Before Hiddleston hit it big in the role of Thor, he acted predominately on television and therefore not entirely too big for the role. Tom is my first choice for the role because he is a brilliant actor and I believe he would make an excellent Doctor. He has the wit and charisma to play the part and with the popularity of Doctor Who; the role is so much more appealing to big-time stars than it was when Smith was cast. Hiddleston can definitely give the Doctor a dark side, yet remain likeable and relatable. Plus it would give the series an even higher viewership with the massive Hiddleston "Fan-girl" army that will inevitably flock to watch the series.
Chances: Once every Who moon.

Benedict Cumberbatch
The same actor playing both the Doctor and Sherlock! Could the universe contain such awesomeness!? As fantastic as Cumberbatch is as Sherlock, he is a little too solemn in every role that I have seen him in to play the Doctor. However, a Doctor Who/Sherlock crossover would be freaking amazing! Cumberbatch would be better cast as the Master.
Chances: No way in Trenzalore!

David Tennant
No, I am not crazy, there is an insanely small chance that Tennant could come back to play the Doctor. Since he is in the 50th Anniversary, there is a ever so slim chance he could make a comeback. If Steven Moffat wanted him back, I am sure he could come up with a "wibbly wobbly... time-y wimey" solution. Even though there might be some fan outrage, if they brought him back in a legitimate way I would not mind having him back. He is the majority of fans' favorite, so why not?
Chances: No way in Trenzalore!
Idris Elba
Among the rumored actors to possibly be playing the Doctor, Elba is said to be near the top. He is a fantastic actor, don't get me wrong, but he does not have the right personally for the Doctor. From what I have seen (Thor, Ghost Rider, Prometheus), Elba is far too stoic for the role.  Nothing about him really makes me think of the Doctor. Although, everyone likes him on the series "Luther", which I have not seen.
Chances: Not bad.

Unknown Actor
Both Smith and Tennant were relatively unknown when cast in the timeless role. It would seem smart to cast an unknown so that his previous work does not overshadow his new role as the Doctor. Unless Hiddleston or Tennant are cast, it would be much preferred that an unknown actor. In general they tend to work the best.
Chances: Very, very likely.


Some have speculated that John Hurt could become the next Doctor since he was revealed to be a incarnation of the Doctor. Although, it would seem more likely that he is a one off  character for the 50th Anniversary.
*End Spoilers*

This is a list of possible actors that could play the Doctor and in my next part of this post I will give my thoughts on them. What actors can you see playing the Doctor? Please comment with your ideas and I will add my thoughts about your choices in the next post. Also are you adverse to Tennant coming back?

Martin Freeman
David Morrissey
Cillian Murphy
Daniel Radcliffe
Ben Kingsley
Ewan McGregor
Rhys Ifans
Tom Hardy
Rupert Grint
James McAvoy 
Michael Fassbender
Simon Pegg
Billie Piper
Ben Whishaw

What are your thoughts? Are there any actors that you would want to see in the role?

Also thanks to Jack at However Improbable for creating this "blog party, tag thing" to enter her drawing.

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  1. Tom Hiddleston would make and awesome Doctor!


  2. Out of your guesses.... I would love either Tom or Tennant (though I know he's VERY unlikely.). Benedict would be a great choice too, just not as amazing as the other two :).

  3. I know Huddleston is the choice for a lot of people, mostly his fan girl army I think. But he does have a lot of the right qualities. He can be charming and witty and when he gets mad he can scare you out of your boots. A bit like Ten was.

    I wanted Cumberbach to be the next Doctor, but after seeing him in more roles, I'm not sure he'd exactly work. As you said, he might work better as the Master (he pulls off such a convincing villain, after all.)

    Okay, Tennent, yes! I've always liked Tennent, though I wonder how he would be be with Clara. (That's the worse part for me. I just really got to love 11 and Clara together, and now he's leaving!)

    Oh! Idris Elba was the fellow, the gate keeper in Thor. He was a good actor, but he seems to be too serious to pull off the Doctor.

    John Hurt...I kind of hope not. I've not seen him in anything, just heard his voice in Merlin, but when he turned around in the last episode of Doctor Who all I could think was, "He's supposed to be the Doctor?" He just didn't strike me as Doctor - ish.

    Simon Pegg, I'd go for Simon Pegg. He's such a cool actor. Martin Freeman is also a great actor, but he's one of those ones I have trouble imagining as the Doctor, even though he'd do great I'm sure.

    I've also heard rumors of them turning the Doctor into a girl. I hope not, if only because he's been a he for 50 years, I think it would just be too weird.

    I bet the fellow that plays Lestrade in Sherlock would be able to pull off the role well. ((But I bet they are going to cast a little known actor, like they've done before.)

    Great list! I will add your name to the giveaway! Thanks for entering and spreading the word!

  4. P.S.
    I remember another choice I think would do well! Colin Morgan who played Merlin.

  5. I agree, I think Tom Hiddleston would be awesome in the role(and Benedict would make a great Master). :D.

    I'd also like to see Ewan McGregor, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, or any other actor who could pull it off.

    I'd also really like to see a female Doctor! :D My choices for that would be - Emma Watson or any other unknown actress would be great :D.

  6. I don't know. I loved Smith and it'll be hard to match his take on the Doctor. But we'll just have to wait and see. :)

  7. I know SOOOO many people have been wanting Tom Hiddleston to be the next Doctor. I can't disagree. I love Tom Hiddleston! That guy is such a phenomenal actor! Though it would so so weird for him to be a Doctor. Weird, but cool!

  8. Matt Smith had auditioned for the role of Dr Watson in BBC Sherlock. Moffat and Gatiss thought he was more like Sherlock instead of Watson and cast him as Dr Who.


  9. I have to admit I'd like to see Tom pull off The Doctor, though I think it would be rather different! I think what I would most like, though, is another unknown. That way former roles aren't in the way and so it doesn't turn out to be a famous actor that I don't really like.


  10. I much liked your guess of Tom Hiddleston playing the Doctor, he could be a perfect candidate and I ask he could surpass David Tennant as the best actor to settle of playing that character.

  11. Wow, so many comments! Thanks everyone!

    @S.W.: Glad we agree!

    @Alana: As unlikely as it is, I would be so happy to see either one of those two, they would be brilliant.

    @Jack: He reminds me of Ten as well in those respects especially.

    Agreed, Cumberbatch seems to have a better villain presence, except as Sherlock where he does excellently.

    That is a very good question, Tennant would probably do well with Clara but Smith was absolutely perfect with her. I know, why does Smith have to leave now when Clara and he are so brilliant together.

    Yes, Idris was Heimdall, and those are exactly my thoughts too.

    Although I have not seen the original Doctor Who, Hurt does have that quality a bit, however I agree he is not the type of Doctor I want.

    I think Pegg could do a good job and he would be hilarious. Freeman just seems way too short to play the Doctor, but playing a Hobbit does make me think of him as shorter than he actually is.

    I heard that too and just the thought of it is horrifying!

    Excellent idea! He is relatively unknown enough and he would probably do a good job.

    While I have not seen Colin Morgan, I will definitely have to talk about him in my next post.

    I've noticed that we agree about a lot of things.

    Thank you and thank you for the extra long comment!

    @Shena Tokala: Just think of it, Hiddleston Vs. Cumberbatch: MOST EPIC THING EVER! :D

    McGregor would definitely be my next, even though he is too big of a move star for TV. I like all of those Harry Potter, but I am not sure if they would be a good Doctor.

    I am not so sure about a female, I will have to give it more though.

    @Jake P: Agreed, Smith may never be matched. He also had the best introduction episode of any Doctor.

    @Faith: I think just about everyone agrees Hiddleston would be would awesome! Even if it would be weird.

    @Buddy2Blogger: That is quite fascinating, I did not know that. Thanks for the info, I am glad he was cast as the Doctor in the end.

    @Jamie: Agreed, I really want either Tom, Tennant, or an unknown with leaning towards an unknown as well.

    @Filmgurulad: Thank you. If Hiddleston is cast, I agree he would probably surpass Tennant.


  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. I'm also really upset about Matt Smith leaving as The Doctor. The recast will be difficult.

    As a die-hard Hiddleston fangirl, I agree Tom on all accounts would be perfect for the part.(though personally I wounldn't want the Hiddleston fangirl army watching the show just because of him) However, with now 3 Marvel films under his belt, recently being casted in the next Muppet movie, and the future potential of being in a Star Wars movie now that Disney owns all of these franchises, I think being The Doctor would be a couple steps backwards in his career.

    Cumberbatch could do it but I agree he is a little dark for the happy go lucky, adventurer Doctor we're used to. Tennant of course can do it again, and so could the others on the list in their own way, but like everyone else agrees, an unknown actor for the 12th regeneration is the most likely and best option. :)(unless its the one in the spoilers...I don't know what to think of that option right now.)

    Great post! Can't wait for part 2!

  14. Hiddleston's fangirls would be a great bonus to his being The Doctor. Unless it didn't actually make them fans of the show, that would just be annoying. He would probably become my favorite Doctor though! I love Ten, but he shouldn't come back past the special appearance. My vote goes to the Unknown!


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