Saturday, May 23, 2015

New Joker Suicide Squad Photos

Set photos from Suicide Squad confirm that Jared Leto's Joker is the same one from the promotional photo. After the initial negative reaction the official picture of The Joker, everyone was saying the insane tattoos were just apart of the anniversary of the Joker, and obviously, that is not the case. However, these set photos do give me a better impression in some respects and worse one in others.  

For one, what exactly is director David Ayer and Leto trying to go for with this Joker? Based on the photos released, he does not look enough like the Joker for a casual moviegoer to recognize the character. Sure, Ledger's Joker was different than what had come before, but he still retained certain key aspects of the character that made him instantly recognizable. On the other hand, Leto's version barely retains any key features aside from the green hair, although I like the green hair. 

Despite my issues with it, I am trying to stay optimistic that his costume will look better on screen, or that this is from a one-off costume for the character. Hopefully, Leto's performance will propel to at least the quality of Nicholson's Joker (in terms of quality, not similar in any way).

I am starting to like this new look for Harley to a degree. I don't love it, but I like it.

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  1. While I think the tattoos are extremely ridiculous, once the movie goes into post production and they apply color grading, I think it'll look way better.

  2. I agree with what Matt said. I find his neon green hair to be the issue right now, but once they apply that good ol' DC color scheme it should even it out.

  3. That picture of Margot Robbie certainly woke me up!

  4. I am confused as to what sort of movie this is supposed to be. I will not judge whether It is any good until a trailer comes out. So far it just seems a little to weird for me.

  5. I got this vibe from The Joker, but now seeing the picture of Harley alongside: their outfits communicate a horror carnival feel...especially with Harley's cotton candy colored hair. My current opinion is...that I don't really dig it. Again, I associate Harley with black and red not...that... Hopefully it will work better in the movie.


  6. Cool pictures! I also like the look of Harley. It looks nice and the make up isn't overused (it's nice and subtle). The costumes are also nice with just the right amount of color.

  7. Joker looks pretty cool. Harley seems really different but Im still pretty optimistic. I like these. they look rad :)


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