Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Phatom Menace Vs Attack of the Clones Part 1.

Today on Versus I will be comparing what are generally considered the worst the two Star Wars films, the Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones. While I have previous said that I liked the Phantom Menace more than Attack of the Clones, after my recent viewing of the movies I am not so sure right now. Therefore, this is a comparison of the two movies in various categories. Please comment below with your favorite of these two movies.

Lightsaber Battle
Duel of Fates vs. Yoda/Dooku Battle
Duel of Fates: Easily the best and most memorable moment from the Phantom Menace, the epic Duel of Fates. The choreography is great, featuring some of the best at the time. Maul duel bladed Lightsaber is just awesome and the shocking death of Qui-Gon Jinn ends the fight perfectly. 

End Lightsaber Battle: This Lightsaber battle includes both Anakin/Obi-Wan vs. Dooku as well as Yoda finally uses his Lightsaber. Count Dooku's skill is shown brilliantly during this battle and then Yoda uses his Lightsaber. It is awesome finally getting to see using it, and his fighting style is unique.
Verdict: Duel of Fates: While Yoda fight is awesome, the Duel of Fates is just more intense and impressive. 
Best Character(s) Introduction
Darth Maul vs. Clones
 Darth Maul: One of the most memorable Star Wars villains, mostly because of his awesome appearance and duel bladed Lightsaber. He will be have a large influence on the Star Wars universe in the up-coming season of The Clone Wars and his Lightsaber has inspirited many others with similar design.
The Clones: Although they were given little personality in the movie, their impact on the Clone Wars TV series is astonishing. They are often the best and most interesting characters in the series, featured in many of the best story arcs.
Verdict: Tie: While Maul definitely made a larger impact in his movie than the Clones had made in theirs, the Clones are the central aspect of the TV series, therefore it had to be a tie.
Best Chase/Race
Pod Race vs. Coruscant Chase
Pod Race: Another one of the Phantom Menace's most memorable scenes from the movie, the Pod Race is a high speed intense thrill ride. However, Anakin's annoying "Yippee! during the race did detract from its excitement but the visual effects at the time were very impressive.
Coruscant Chase: The chase to catch assassin Zam Wessel is thrilling, and again visually impressive.
Verdict: Coruscant Chase: The Coruscant felt more involving and even better filmed than the Pod Race.
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  1. Great post :) I agree, I'm not sure which I like better of those two films either- I like aspects of both films.

  2. That was really cool. I agree...they are both very cool though I'm leaning towards Attack of the Clones.

  3. I'd have to say I enjoyed Phantom Menace much more than Attack of the Clones. The amount wooden acting the pathetic romance between Anakin and Padme really ruined AOTC for me.

  4. Interesting article. For me, I prefer Episode I by far. Attack of the Clones is the only Star Wars film out of the 6 that doesn't really do it for me.

    I loved the pod racing in Phantom and Darth Maul was one of my favorite villains ever basically just based on his appearance. In my opinion, Lucas should have kept him around for all three prequel movies. He could have been just as, if not more, iconic than Vader. I mean look what he did in one movie with 2 speaking he had to die.

  5. @Shena Tokala: Thanks. :)

    @Helen: Check back tomorrow for my final answer. :) And thanks for commenting.

    @Jake P: I agree the romance was horrilbe but Jar Jar was bad as well, tomorrow I will be comparing those two aspects.

    @Jordan: I thought about the same thing until I watched them again back to back, then I wasn't so sure.
    I love the Pod Race race too and I agree about Maul. At least he is getting more screen time in The Clone Wars, he's awesome in the show. Maul was definitely "Boba Fetted".


  6. Oh, yes... Jar Jar... *facepalm*.

  7. Darth Maul is my favourite Star Wars villian, and Fuel of the Fates is, in my opinion, better than teh fight at the end of AOTC. I'm not sure which one is my favourite...maybe TPM because I don't really like romance...and it seems to be the only one in SW with out it (until you examine it closely, but that is a whole different story...)
    And I actually like Jar-Jar.
    And I love Padme's costumes in AOTC.....I could go on and on about these movies, but if you want to hear me talk more about Star Wars, you'll have to visit my blog...

  8. This is very interesting. I used to like AOTC more, but now I'm not sure.


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