Saturday, November 10, 2012

Clone Wars: Test of Strength Review.

After last week's disappointing episode, I was hoping that this arc could redeem itself and it definitely did. When I heard that David Tennant, who played the Doctor in the Doctor Who TV series, was going to voice a character in this episode, I was very excited to see this episode and he was the highlight of the episode. As a long time Doctor Who fan it was great to see (or hear) Tennant again.
Note: Full spoilers for the episode are ahead.
Not only did the episode have Tennant, every one's favorite pirate Hando had another starring role in the episode and the ending suggests that we will be seeing more of him in the future. One of the best aspects of the episode was the Wookiee Youngling Gungi. Although it has not been fully constructed in the episode, the idea of a wooden Lightsaber is very interesting and I hope that it will be shown fully constructed in the episodes to come. From what Professor Huyang (the droid) said, he has been that ship for a thousand years. Which I believe would mean that he was around during the Darth Bane era. The Younglings were not annoying like last episode and Gungi is without a doubt my favorite of the group. I saw the arrogant Youngling's (cannot remember his name) using his wrongly constructed Lightsaber to create a distraction as soon as the pirates would introduced but that is only a small complaint. Albeit brief, Ahsoka's fight with Hondo and pirates was well done and her animation was top notch. But as I said before, the highlight of the episode was definitely David Tennant, his Doctor personality fitted perfectly for his role in the episode. While it has had its moments, season 4 has been a little disappointing. The previous arc was nothing special and only Revival had anything significant. Hopefully after this arc, we will have some truly profound story arcs.

Overall: 8.5/10- With David Tennant giving a stand out performance in the episode and Hando being as awesome as always, "Test of Strength" was a very fun episode.

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  1. Ah, my senses were correct. I knew this episode would be good.
    I like unique droids, so I really, really liked Professor Huyang. He somehow reminds me of HK-47 and I-5YQ.
    And yes, Hondo is still awesome. This episode showed him being neither good nor bad. It all depends on credits! Ha!

  2. @Covery Knight: He kind of reminded me of HK-47 (my favorite EU broid) also. Yep, its all about the credits. Thanks for the comment.


  3. I just finished watching this episode, and I enjoyed it a lot more than last weeks. I totally agree with all your points on this episode. It definitely was a lot better than last weeks episode which I found super annoying. :D

  4. Just finished watching this episode! I so agree, a Gungi is my favorite! The idea of a Jedi Wookie is fascinating and I'm looking forward to seeing where they take him in the future!


  5. @Helen: I know, I could not stand last week's episode! :D

    @Jamie: Glad you agree! The only other Jedi Wookiee I can think of is Lowbac (not sure if spelled right), Chewie nephew.



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