Saturday, November 3, 2012

Clone Wars The Gathering Review.

After the disappointing Onderonian story arc we get another disappointing unless episode. "The Gathering" is about young Jedi obtaining their Lightsaber crystals. Although I found the kids less annoying than I had originally expected, they were annoying and this episode was unnecessary. There is really not much to say about "The Gathering"; nothing important happened other than a look into the Jedi culture. My favorite part of the episode was the Wookiee Jedi youngling. I have always wanted to see a Wookiee Jedi on screen and he was fun to watch. Other than that, the episode added nothing to The Clone Wars series. Why was this episode made? I hope that season 5 will redeem its self after this disappointing start. While there was nothing just plain terrible about the episode, it is like a black hole. There was nothing in the episode stood out. The only redeeming factor is the animation. The animation was good as it has been throughout this season.

Overall 6.0/10- While the episode was very disappointing, it was fun never the less.
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  1. Hmmm, interesting... I've been considering sampling an episode or two of this series even though Star Wars isn't my favorite. Any suggestions for a great introductory episode?

  2. @Jake P: "Rookies" is a great starting episode from season 1. Also "Lair of Grievous" and the "Storm over Ryloth" are great ones to watch after. The season 1 finale "Hostage Crisis" is excellent after watching a few other episodes. The series is at its best in season 2 and the second half of season 3 though. Hope that helps.


  3. You seem to like it less than I do :P

  4. I gave this episode bonus points for cast diversity. I really enjoyed it, he-he.

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