Friday, November 2, 2012

Gandalf Style and More Middle Earth Madness.

Here are some Lord of the Rings funny pictures and videos. Also here is the link to yesterday's post about the Two Towers: Book Vs Movie Part 1. If you have used the internet in last month you probably have heard of "Gangnam Style" but here is "Gandalf Style" the Middle Earth version of the song. Although I am not a fan of "Gangnam Style", I cannot get enough of "Gandalf Style." The video is by one of my favorite YouTube channels, the ScreenTeamShow.
The ScreenTeam are currently on a Dance Competition web series and the YouTuber with the most votes recieve wins $100,000. You can Click Here to check out all of the performances and vote for the ScreenTeam. Below is a parody of them trying to make a Hobbit parody from last year. I think this is absolutely hilarious. And below the video are some funny Lord of the Rings pictures.
arning: Some of their contain inappropriate content but the ones above only has mild language and bleeped language.

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  1. "Dom's an idiot." XD

    I've heard about Gandalf style but only just saw it - hilarious!

  2. That was hilarious! Gandalf Style is funny. :D

  3. People may look like fools playing Just Dance, but that makes it fun. i have the Summer Party Edition and Just Dance 2. Totally fun, although, on Just Dance 2, the hardest song I've done on there is Sympathy for the Devil by The Rolling Stones. It almost requires you to dance like Mick Jagger himself!!

  4. LOL "Wizard Gandalf Style"! XD I was at the State Fair last night with my best friend and his brother, and we were inside the Alien saucer spinning ride, and just when it was finished Gangham Style started playing and a whole bunch of the kids broke out doing the moves, it was so funny.

    It's a rather annoying song, but not as bad as Call Me Maybe. :P


  5. Oh my gosh, those videos were so funny!!! :D I agree, Gandalf style is definitely better than Gangnam style.
    Great pictures too! :)

  6. Gandalf Style is bloody hilarious!!! Thanks for posting!

  7. @Arda: It made me laugh so hard when I watched that part of the behind the screens. :D

    @Helen: Glad you liked it. :)

    @HippieGirl21: I know, that is what I meant. :) I think my brother played that song on the game.

    @Jamie: LOL, that sounds funny. :D Yeah, Call Me Maybe can be annoying, but some of the parodies are hilarious.

    @Shena Tokala: Thanks! :D

    @Jake P: Thanks for commenting. Sorry I turned off anonymous comments earlier. I did not know that it would stop you from commenting.

    @Solace Utara: Glad you did!


  8. Oh, haha, no problem! :) I noticed that a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for turning it back on! ;)


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