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Top 25 Star Wars Lightsaber Battles Part 1: 25-21.

The Lightsaber and Lightsaber duel, one of the many iconic aspects of the Star Wars universe. There have been Lightsaber battles throughout the Star Wars franchise from the films to the Clone Wars TV series, many of which are among the best action scenes in cinema history. I am counting any action scene that uses a Lightsaber for this list and it can be from any film, TV series or video game. The scenes are being ranked by choreography, use of the environment, and importance to the franchise.

At Number 25: Obi-Wan and Vos Vs. Cad Bane

Note: I could only find the clip in German but this does not effect the action.
Although this is not a traditional "Lightsaber" fight, there is no way that I could leave off The Clone Wars coolest bounty hunter off the list. The choreography was great, the terrain was effectively to produce a very unique fight. Cad Bane even used a Lightsaber for a short time before Obi-Wan knocked it out of his hand.

At Number 24: Obi-Wan Vs. Pre-Vizsla

Note: Again I could only find the clip in German but this does not effect the action.
While the battle is short, Pre-Vizsla's black Lightsaber is just too awesome not to include on the list. The use of Pre-Vizsla's jetpack is inventive and the hand-to-hand combat was very impressive at point of The Clone Wars series.

At Number 23: Starkiller Vs. Darth Vader
While it might be a video game and lacks the impressive choreography present in more a cinematic type filmed Lightsaber duel. The stakes and the what happens later is what makes this battle truly amazing. Because not everyone has played the Force Unleashed video game or the books I shall not spoil the ending but if you have, you know why it is on this list.

At Number 22: Satele Shan Vs. Darth Malgus (The Old Republic Trailer)

The cinematic announcement trailer for The Old Republic video game. When I first watched it, I was in complete awe at the quality of animation. It nearly looks real, there should be an entire movie made from this style. The battle portrays a battle between a Sith and Jedi from the Old Republic when the Jedi were arguably at their most powerful. Plus Satele Shan is a decent of the great Jedi Revan and Bastila. 

At Number 21: Revan Vs. Darth Malak
Again another fight from a video game, which lacks stunning choreography but makes up for it in pure power of story. Easily one of the best moments from the best Star Wars video game of all-time and one of the best Star Wars stories outside of the original trilogy.
Note: This picture above is my desktop wallpaper.

Check back here tomorrow for part 2 of the list.
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  1. Awesome duels!! :D I agree, the duels from the video games are really good- I especially liked the one with Satele Shan for TOR game(I agree, it was really well done) and the one in the Force Unleashed. I really want to see Revan vs. Darth Malak- it sounds really cool(I love the picture! :) )

  2. I remember seeing the full short film of #22 and it had some epic fights.

  3. @Shena Tokala: Thanks! :D Glad you agree.

    @Jake P: Yeah, that was an epic short film.


  4. Awesome! The 23 needs to be moved up tho! That was epic!

  5. @Solace Utara: Thanks! Since it was not really a ciematic fight, I had it lower.



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