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Top 25 Star Wars Lightsaber Battles Part 2: 20-16

 Here is part 2 of the Top 25 Star Wars Lightsaber Battles. Click here to read part 1 of my list.
At Number 20: Obi-Wan Vs. Durge
While this is the first Lightsaber fight from Genndy Tartakovsky's vastly underrated Clone Wars series, it is certainly not the last. Again, this is not the traditional Lightsaber duel Obi-Wan epic battle with the bounty hunter Durge from the original Clone Wars series more than deserving to make this list. The real fight does not really begin until 3:57 in the video but it masterfully drawn battle for the ages.

At Number 19: Obi-Wan and Adi Galla Vs. Maul and Opress

From the recent episode Clone Wars episode "Revival", Obi-Wan yet again faces his nemesis Darth Maul as he tries to exact his vengeance. Although it is contrary to continuity, Savage Opress' brutal kill of Adi Galla using his horns is a very different way to dispatch an opponent.

At Number 18: Obi-Wan and Anakin Vs. Count Dooku (Revenge of the Sith)
"Chancellor Palpatine, Sith Lords are our speciality." Anakin has his revenge on Count Dooku for cutting off his arm. This is one of the first time were Anakin shows turn towards the Dark Side as he rutherlessly decapitates Dooku. I just love the express on Dooku's face when Palpatine says "Kill him now.", Dooku must be thinking "Oh crap." he is serious. 

At Number 17: Anakin Vs. Ventress (Original Clone Wars)

Another fight from the masterfully animated original Clone Wars series. The series' action scenes have always impressed me in its uses of the environment to create unique battles. Near the end were it begins to rain and water evaporating and it hits the Lightsaber is done so artfully.

At Number 16: Dark Ahsoka Vs. Anakin and Obi-Wan

The Alter of Mortis story arc is one of my favorites from The Clone Wars, and Anakin's fight with Ahsoka is was of the many highlights. Ahsoka finally gets the chance to let loose against Jedi since she starting using he duel Lightsaber style. While I am not sure why, I just really like how Ahsoka talks to Anakin in the beginning of the video, it is kind of cute and creepy at the time.

At Number 15: General Krell Vs. the 501st

Although this fight features no Saber on Saber action, Krell is awesome as he slaughters the Clones with his two duel bladed Lightsabers. The 501st have their first training on how to kill Jedi before their assault on the Jedi Temple in Revenge of the Sith. Again a very inventive scene using the environment to enhance the action.

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  1. Awesome list! I'd move anakin and kenobi vs dooku up on my list though :)

  2. Awesome post! :D I agree, the duels from the Clone Wars micro series are amazingly done, I especially love Obi-Wan v.s Durge- it was so cool! I agree, I also love how they had the rain hitting the lightsabers.
    The battles on this list are all great ones! :)

  3. @Solace Utara: Thanks. :) I thought it was a little too short, but it was still awesome though.

    @Shena Tokala: I know, that series had some of the most amazing action scenes I have ever seen. :) Thanks.



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