Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Funny Film Pictures and Posting Schedule.

Here are some funny pictures from Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Avengers and random funny pictures. 
But first here is the schedule for the Star Wars posts coming next few days and next week.
WednesdayTop 25 Star Wars Lightsaber Battles Part 1: 25-21
Thursday: Top 25 Star Wars Lightsaber Battles Part 2: 20-16
Friday: Trivia
Saturday: Clone Wars Review
Sunday: Epic Film Score and More Sunday
Monday: Reader's Choice
Tuesday: Top 25 Star Wars Lightsaber Battles Part 3: 15-11
Wednesday: Readers' Choice Pick

Now here are some hilarious pictures from around the internet but many of these pictures are from Jamie's Tumblr blog Alive, which I highly recommend. Warning: Her Tumblr may cause extreme procrastination from blogging, but in the best way possible.

I I find this hilarious and very clever on Pixar's part.

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  1. LOL, love your description of my tumblr. :P Glad you enjoy it!!

    Love that "Here's your mission, boys" pic! Hilarious!


  2. Great pictures! :D Tumblr definitely has a lot of good ones :)
    I'll be looking forward to the posts this week.

  3. @Jamie: I literally go through all of your new posts every day before I starting blogging. :D Glad you liked the picture!

    @Shena Tokala: I discovered Tumblr a few months ago and I've been adicted for ever since. :)


  4. :D My meme the funny pictures post! Big time!
    Lol at the George Lucas press conference one.
    But what's with "A wild Loki appears" confused.

  5. @JT: In the old JRPG (Japanese role-playing game) video games, (most commomly Pokémon) your character often must travel through the wild and the game it set in a way that random animals and monsters appear. Like "A wild Pikachu appears" and your character must cpature or kill the creature. It is a somewhat popular meme joke for gamers. :) Hope that helps.


  6. haha great post. You should watch Sherlock. Can't believe you didn't point it out in the first paragraph. Such a great show.

  7. @Stas Buttler: I agree, Sherlock is a great series. One of my favorites, I will probably write a review about it sometime.



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