Saturday, November 17, 2012

Clone Wars Review: Bound for Rescue.

“Bound for Rescue” wraps up the plot of Ahsoka’s capture from last week’s satisfying episode and concludes the mediocre Younglings story arc. Warning: Full spoilers for the episode.
Despite having Hando, Obi-Wan and Grievous in the episode, it again majorly disappointed. However, there was one very brief scene of awesomeness with Grievous at his best since the old Clone Wars miniseries. He crushed a Clone Wars throat with his foot claw thing and dispatching the Clones with ease, Grievous even had a brief victory. At least until Obi-Wan told him that the ship is set to self destruct. Why would Obi-Wan leave a message basically telling Grievous to escape the ship? This only serves to keep him alive for Revenge of the Sith. Come on Clone Wars team, you are better than this! Hondo again, stole the show; he was hilarious after being obviously drunk. Although I was almost starting to like the Younglings after last week’s episode, they were extremely annoying again, except for Gungi. However, we finally got to see a fully constructed wooden Lightsaber, which was great. Possibly the worst part of the episode was the traveling circus. Seriously, this is the best idea the writers could come up with? Again the animation was solid, but nothing that we have not seen before. While the episode might not reach the lows of the previous “The Gathering” episode, I just want to know when are we going to see all of the awesome clips that were featured in the season 4 trailer.

Overall 6.4/10- Despite having a few great moments, “Bound for Rescue” failed to deliver anything but disappointment and corny writing.

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  1. Some of the points I agree, but I liked this episode more than you did (:

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