Sunday, March 24, 2013

Trivia Questions and Answers.

Here are today's trivia questions and last week's answers.
What on Doctor Who's TARDIS broke making it always look like a blue police box?
Which color pill Neo take in The Matrix?

In The Lord of the Rings, which of the four hobbit actors (not characters) are the oldest? And can you put them in the correct order by age, starting with the oldest?

 Name the movie and characters that these quotes are from:

Character 1: “How’d you do that?”
Character 2: “Work out, plenty of rest. You know. Eat your green vegetables “
Character 1: “That’s what my mom’s always saying but I never actually believed her.”

Name the movie and characters that these quotes are from:
Character 1: “How does it look?”
Character 2: “Like Christmas but with more me.”
Answer: The Avengers: Pepper Potts, and Tony Stark

Where did Agent Phil Coulson say his girlfriend lives in The Avengers? And what was her occupation?
Answer: Portland, Oregon and she was a chelloist.
Jamie answered the questions correctly.
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  1. Billy Boyd who played Pippen is, if i remember correctly, the oldest hobbit. Elijah Wood was 19 when he played Frodo so he was youngest. At a guess I would say Boyd, Sean Astin, Dominic Monaghan, Elijah Wood.

  2. whoops. Boyd was the oldest actor, sorry. Everyone knows Pippen was the youngest hobbit. Funny isn't it Boyd the oldest played youngest hobbit, Wood the youngest played oldest hobbit. ;0

  3. Neo took the red pill, And the "How did you do that" thing is from Spider-man 2.

  4. I believe the chameleon circuit broke on the TARDIS.

  5. The chamaleon circuit is broken on the TARDIS. It broke when it was disguised as a police box, so that is how it must stay. They used to be a common sight when it broke.


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