Monday, March 25, 2013

Doctor Who is Now Cool.

Doctor Who is my favorite TV series and when I first started my blog nearly two years ago, not many other Bloggers watched Doctor Who, so I never posted about it. However, it has recently become extremely popular, even being voted "Fan Favorite Show" for TV Guide and being featured on the cover. As the 11th Doctor would say "I'm the Doctor. Doctor Who is now cool." Since Doctor Who is premiering this Saturday, here are some thoughts about the different Doctors. Because many viewers have just started watching the series, this post will be spoiler free.
Note: I have been watching the series since the reboot of the series aired in American.

9th Doctor: Christopher Eccleston
Christopher Eccleston, is the first actor to play the Doctor in the 2005 reboot of the series and is all too often forgotten. Although the first season could be considered cheesy and weird by today's standard, it was mostly due to the low-budget but the season (or series if your British) offered some original concepts and unique sci-fi story telling. Eccleston was one of the more serious Doctors, yet had a great sense of humor. He is not my favorite Doctor, but started the series off with an excellent interpretation of the Doctor.

10th Doctor (David Tennant)
David Tennant might be the most popular actor to play the Doctor and definitely had some of the best episodes of the series. He gave the perfect mix of humor and darkness to the character and had some of the best writing in the series. Tennant also had the best villains, including the Master, Cybermen, and of course the Delek (which the 9th Doctor also fought). 

11th Doctor Who (Matt Smith)
Now, on to my favorite Doctor, Matt Smith! When I saw Matt Smith after the Regeneration my first thought was "I don't think I'm going to like this guy." but wow I was wrong! Easily the funniest Doctor and an extremely likable performance as the Doctor. His last few seasons have taken some of the biggest risks of the series and offered some incredible story-lines.

Who is your favorite Doctor (was not even intended to be a pun)? And if you have not seen the series you should
And find a way to watch the series, because it is fantastic.

This is for anyone who hates Doctor Who.

Fezzes Are Cool!

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  1. I'm in the middle of season 3 I believe and I can't imagine anyone but David Tennant (or eccleson, I did love him a lot) as the Doctor. My best friend keeps telling me I'll love Matt Smith.. But I'm skeptical. I'll let you know what I decide when I get there:).
    I love Doctor Who!

    1. Sup I love Dr who I just got a fez 2 day from hot topic

  2. I am dying to see Doctor Who, but I am too busy to be introduced to a new fandom right now. :D I hopefully will be able to watch it this summer when school is finished.

  3. My best friends and I have been talking about Dr Who so much recently; I'm waiting for Kayla to return from Seattle to get our free month of Netflix so we can watch Season Two together (the library didn't have season two). I'm DYING to continue the show (so are my friends).

    I'm looking forward to seeing Tennant and Smith. I do adore Eccleston, he's aboslutely brilliant in my book, he's so sassy and funny but while being serious. "Do you mind not farting while I'm saving the world?!" I LAUGHED TOO HARD. :D


  4. I am back in the Tom Baker years, but plan on catching up someday. I watched some of the David Tennat, I was entertianed but not captivated.

  5. Doctor Who is one of those series I've never gotten around to watching and I'm a big scifi junkie. Hope to finally correct that someday.

  6. I just started watching, I'm in the middle of season one right now, maybe watching more this week. David Tennant is hilarious, from all the posts I've seen so far, and so is Matt Smith...I can't wait to see more.

  7. I have the entire Pandorica speech memorized...did it in one night (no I didn't skip to that episode...) And I really hate it when people do skip just to see the actor they are obsessed with... :P

  8. Best gif, btw..."Keep your mouth shut!" I love that one...okay, i will stop commenting now...

  9. Thought I would let you know I just published my first post to actually have Doctor Who as a subject matter in it. :)


  10. Awesome post! :D I agree, Doctor Who is awesome!! :D :D (I really wish I could start season 7) I love the "basically run" gif, it's so cool! :)
    I wish they hadn't shot the Fez, I liked it XD.

    My favorite Doctor is either Ten or Nine. I just loved the darkness in both of them as well as the funny elements :) :) Matt Smith is also great and as some awesome episodes, especially in season 6.

    I actually did like season 1 a lot (series 2 is my favorite, I think) but then, I'm weirdly able to over-look bad effects if the show is good(like I did with season 1 of Buffy).

  11. @Alana: Hope you like him, you really should though, he is brilliant! And I would really like to hear your thoughts on him as well. :)

    @Helen: Hope you will get to see it soon. You should enjoy it! :D

    @Jamie: Awesome! Hope you like season 2, Tennant is fantastic.

    :D Don't remember that scene, was he talking to Mickey or the Slithen? Hopefully, later today I can read your post, I have to leave in a few minutes.

    @Daniel: If you enjoy Sci-fi, Doctor Who is a definite must see. Hope you enjoy it.

    @Padme Arya: Both Smith and Tennant are even funnier than Eccleston. You should really like them.

    Impressive, most impressive. I do too, when I watch a new TV series, I always start from the beginning.

    I love that one too!

    Don't stop commenting, more is always better! Thank you for all the awesome comments!

    @Shena Tokala: Hope it is released on Amazon soon, it was a fun season! :D I agree, WHY SHOOT THE FEZ! Fezzes are cool!

    Couldn't really decide which is my favorite season, there were so many great ones. I too, didn't mind the cheap effects, because the story was great. :)


  12. Fezzes! :)

    I love the Doctor. I would actually like to watch the original series, too, but haven't yet.

    My favorite is 10 (Tennant), because of his mix of darkness and humor, and downright rudeness a lot of the tie. To me, he was the best Doctor, though I like 11 (Smith), too...just not as much. I think he's too wacky for me at times, and he doesn't have that dark trait as much as he should.

    Looking forward to Saturday!


  13. @Alexandra Lanc: Fezzes are cool! :)

    Maybe I need to look for some on YouTube, but most of the Original series is not considered very good though.

    As much as I like Tennant, he was a little too human for being an alien from a completely different culture and I think Smith really nails the being alien but I can't disagree because Tennant was great.

    It can't some soon enough!



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