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Top 100 Movies: Part 4: 70-61.

The next part in my Top 100 List is here as the come ever near to the Top 10. Tomorrow I will post the "Star Wars Special Editions, Why We Hate It!" as voted by the readers. Also Iron Man 3 will be released soon and I will have some preview posts and reviews.
At Number 70: Rambo: First Blood
First Blood has been one of my favorite action movies for as long as I can remember. Sylvester Stallone plays the mentally scared Rambo perfectly and he even made the brilliant decision to cut much of his character's dialogue from the film, letting the other characters do the talking. First Blood really set the standard for clichéd 80s action flicks to come, except First Blood was not clichéd at the time and it still holds up today.

At Number 69: The Bridge on the River Kwai
The Bridge on the River Kwai is a unique World War II POW film, it deals more with the psychological side opposed to the physical, yet remains interesting enough to keep it entertaining. Alec Guinness' amazing performance was the core of the film's success, which he rightfully won as Oscar for.


At Number 68: E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial
I still cannot believe how much I enjoyed E.T. Rarely do I like films that are considered "heart warming" and an "emotional journey" because I rarely, if ever, connect with a film in that fashion. However, E.T. was just entertaining, funny and had excellent direction by the great Steven Spielberg.

At Number 67: Seven Samurai
Seven Samurai was the first subtitled, foreign language, and it really took me by surprise how much I enjoyed it. Akira Kurosawa is an amazing director and his influence on many western directors which can be seen in this epic. Despite its nearly four hour run-time, Seven Samurai runs along at a good pace after the first hour and has some of the best battle scenes from the era, highly recommended for newcomers to foreign language films.

At Number 66: The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre is an enduring tale of greed and gold and how it turns friend against each other. Humphrey Bogart is at his best as the insane Fred Dobbs, my personal favorite performance from the great actor in one of his most underrated roles. There is an indescribably timeless quality about The Treasure of the Sierra Madre that just makes it a great film.

At Number 65: Blade Runner (Final and Original Cut)
Blade Runner is a unique blend of noir, sci-fi, and classic hardboiled detective story. While Ridley Scott's take on 2015 does not appear to be very realistic compared to the current times, it really works and is different than most versions of earth set in the future. Despite the debate about the three different cuts of Blade Runner, I enjoyed both the Final and Original cut, although the Final Cut works slightly better.


At Number 64: Lawrence of Arabia
Over three hours in length and featuring some of, if not, the best cinematography from the era, Lawrence of Arabia is the definition of an film epic. There is not much else that needs to be said, basically watch the film if you are either a classic film buff or enjoy historical epics.

At Number 63: Charade
Considered by many to be the "Best Hitchcock film, Hitchcock did not make", which is a very accurate statement and one of Cary Grant's many fantastic films. Charade is loaded with plot twists and turns throughout, you never know what comes next and unlike Hitchcock's films, Charade had some hilarious witty humor.

At Number 62: Psycho
Even with a very slow first half, Psycho is one of the most shocking and suspenseful movies ever made. Possibly Hitchcock's most influential film, it basically invented the "Horror/Slasher" genre. Psycho is genuinely creepy at times, from the iconic shower scene to the shocking twist at the end, Psycho is an a true classic. 

At Number 61: Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was the turning point of the Harry Potter series for me, while the first four were good and the Prisoner of Azkaban being the best of those, they were a little disappointing compared to the hype. However, David Yates made the Harry Potter series more mature and made it appeal to its audience as they grew older and it worked brilliantly. Finally we got to see a serious wizard throw down at with the climatic end battle. 

Are any of these your favorite films as well? Please comment below.
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  1. Nice choice for movies. Love Seven Samurai. According to my dad, that movie is like the Japanese version of Magnificent Seven. Akira Kurosawa really knows his stuff about Samurai :D And First Blood, love it. Sylvester Stallone is so cute in there. Definitely one of my fave action flicks. Blade Runner, never seen it, but really want to. Great movies on here :)

  2. Harry! That's odd, not many people like that particular HP very much. Hmm...

    I still haven't seen Blade Runner or Psycho, though I love Hitchcock. I need to catch up on my films.



  3. I love that Harry Potter movie! :D - I agree, that was definitely when it started getting really serious(book and film.)

    I haven't seen any of the films listed yet, but I really need to, a lot of them look good! :)

  4. Yay! I like these posts, I was excited to see you had posted another one.

    First Blood; I really loved that movie, I even got to see the second one in the series. And I love Sylvester!!!

    AHHH, you saw the Seven Samurai, yay!!! That was really good for being in a completely different languauge! I really need to see it again!

    I saw ET for the first time just recently, and it was good but I ran on the slow side for me; I'm actually surprised you liked it! Lol.

    Lawarnce of Arabia was good but also on the long side but worth the watch.


    And I haven't seen the others, but I need to see Psycho because that's a classic. :D

    Good lists so far, I can't wait to see more!


  5. More classic films across the board. Great points about the Harry Potter film you listed, up to that point I'd just been watching out of a sense of obligation. They got much better after that point.

  6. @HippieGirl21: Thank you. Yes it is, the Magnificent Seven was actually a remake of Seven Samurai and it is very good as well. You would probably enjoy Blade Runner. Thanks again. :)

    @Alexandra Lanc: From what I have read about the different films, viewers who were either adults or did not grow up watching the Harry Potter movies like myself usually enjoyed Order of the Phoenix, but the readers of the books seem to like the third and last ones best.
    Since you like Hitchcock, you should definitely watch Psycho.

    @Shena Tokala: Thanks! :D Harry Potter was so awesome! You would probably enjoy most of these here. :)

    @Jamie: The First is the best but the second is so much bloody good fun!

    Thanks to your recommendation, I decided to watch Seven Samurai and loved it! I know, I also forgot that it was in a different language half way through.

    I was a little surprised I enjoyed it that much as well, and I just noticed that the film is too high on the list, it must have been a typo because it was below Seven Samurai on my original list. I fixed that now. :)

    It is certainly not for everyone due to the length, but I do enjoy a good long epic.

    Again, thanks to your recommendation I watched it and of course LOVED IT!

    Psycho is great, but you will be terrified to ever take a shower again in your life!

    As always thank you for the long comment.

    @Daniel: Thanks, it is kind of funny about the classics, because soon as I hit Top 50 it changes into more 80s and 00s films, opposed to the "classics". Glad we agree, the first two were almost a chore to watch.



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