Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Funny Pictures.

Because I have not posted funny pictures in a while, it seemed about time I changed that. Also please check back tomorrow for more of my Top 100 Movies List.

Did you read the picture?

This is why The Avengers didn't win an Oscar.

Sorry, this is as large as I can make it.

For those who do not know, this is a parody on the Batman: Year One, the famous Frank Miller  reboot of the Batman franchise.

Will Leo ever receive an Oscar?
Credit goes to Alive and Letting His love shine through my life for most of the pictures.

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  1. Haha! Those are hilarious. I like the first one especially since my sister is going to Notre Dame this next year, and my parents went there too. :D They are all really funny and most of them I haven't seen before! Awesome post!

  2. Good stuff, the cat one was hilarious!

  3. The cat one and Treebeard: Year One were really funny. :)

    Just wondering if you knew that the Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings comparison has an f-word in it?

  4. loved them. absolutely awesome. lol.

  5. @Helen: Cool! :D Glad you liked them!

    @Daniel: Thanks you!

    @Jake P: Yeah, I completely fooled my brother the cat one. :)

    Oh man, I did not even notice that, thank you for telling me, I removed the picture. I always be sure not to have any profanity on my blog, so thanks again for notifying me! :)

    @Aalya Rain: Glad you liked them and thanks!


  6. My favorite is the super bowl lights joke. Who is that angry guy in the 'it is defended' one? The Doctor?

  7. Heeheehee! Very fun. :) I liked the football one and the Doctor's nametag. XD

  8. @JT: Haha, that's one of my favorites too. Yep, that is the Doctor, the Tenth one to be exact.

    @Arda: Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. :D


  9. Leo deserves an Oscar. He has been giving one amazing performance after another for a long time now.



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