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Doctor Who: Time of the Doctor Review

The Time of the Doctor has arrived and now Matt Smith's run has come to a close. Does the Time of the Doctor prove to be a fitting sendoff to one of the most popular Doctors, or is a disappointing end to his run?
Since some readers may have not seen the episode, I will provide warnings before I go into spoiler territory. However, you can watch the entire episode at this link if you have not seen it yet.

Despite being hated by a few, Matt Smith's run as the Doctor has been the most successful and popular runs of any Doctor, and it has given us some of the best episodes and moments of the series. The critical response to the episode has been mostly positive to average, the fan response has been mostly positive as well, and there are a few others that disliked the episode immensely. But, overall, most viewers were pleased. 

Here is a quick non-spoiler review of the episode: "The Time of the Doctor" gives us a fitting end to Matt Smith's run that is equal parts fun and sad. Matt Smith is fantastic as always, and Jenna Coleman as Clara is even more lovable than before. She is actually given something to throughout the episode. However, the story lacks logic and it contains some noticeable plot holes, which hamper it in the end. Now skip down to the Overall rating for my final thoughts if you have not seen the episode yet, but if you have, continue reading for my full spoiler review. 

*Spoilers Ahead*

Since there are so many questions brought up, and so many confusing plot points, I have a series of thoughts in no particular order.

Matt Smith was better than ever, particularly in the dramatic scenes. He played the elderly Doctor brilliantly, and his ending speech literally gave me chills: "We all change when you think about it…and that’s OK as long as you remember the people you used to be. I won’t forget this, not one day. I will always remember when the Doctor was me." Truly fantastic lines to end his run. The old age makeup was rather impressive. It was better than most movies I have seen. The Doctor aging was rather unexpected, however, my theory is that he is aging because he was so close to the rip in time or he was on his last regeneration.

The "Silence Will Fall when the Question is Asked" storyline has finally come to an end, although the inclusion of it was clunky and felt forced. Also the "Pandorica Opens" and the cracks in time story from season five is somewhat explained as being the Time Lords trying to come back. Basically, the episode tried to provide closure to all of the major plot threads of Smith's run, and those aspects felt unnecessarily rushed. There was way too much plot for one episode to cover along with the regeneration of the Doctor in just 60 minutes. The story would have been better served with an extra 20 to 30 minutes, but it still manages to pull it off in the end.

The humor in the episode was absolutely spot on! I laugh a lot during the earlier parts of the episode. However, The Doctor being naked joke was a little too silly and awkward, but it did produce some good laughs. It actually reminded me of the scene I posted below from when Tennant's Doctor was cloned.

The Time Lords using the Doctor saying his name as a locator is kind of dumb. If they heard Clara when she convinced them to help the Doctor, how did they not know the Doctor was there? But after re-watching the episode I figured out that they are asking the question so that the Doctor would tell them when it is safe to return. However, there is another unexplained thing, which is why did the Time Lords place a truth field if they are relying on the Doctor's help. He literally says, "If I give my they will know that this is the right place and that it is safe to come through." Also why did the Cybermen head transmit the message to everyone? 

When the Doctor explains to Clara that he is on his thirteenth regeneration he states, "Number Ten once regeneration and kept the same face; I had vanity issues at the time." When did this happen? If someone knows please comment and let me know. I feel as though I kind of remember that happening, but it has been years since watching those episodes, therefore I am not sure. Also, I assume he is referring to Tennant and not Eccleston if the War Doctor does not count.

With no more generations left how can the Doctor possibly save the day? Space-Magic, yes, it was basically Space-Magic, or a Deus ex machina if you prefer. The Time Lords send him a new regeneration cycle and the day is save. Why? Because Doctor Who is too good of a show to end, and hopefully it will never end for as long as I live. It made it 50 years, and it make it another 50 years. 

Also, what exactly was everyone trying to do and who was fighting who? Was the Cybermen, the Daleks, the Weeping Angels, and whatever else that decided to attack, sole objective to kill the Doctor so that he would not bring the Time Lords back? Maybe The Doctor would have just left if his TARDIS returned as planned. 

The cameo by Amy was a nice and sweet moment that worked very well. On the other hand, why did he see Amy other than she was the first person that saw his face. Technically, she is his mother-in-law, but he still kind of acts like he is in love with her, which is a little weird. Nonetheless, the scene was great. 

The "psycho space-nun," Tasha Lem, first appeared as weird, but later in the episode I really liked her character. She also took a big risk flying the TARDIS when she is partially controlled by the Dalek though, but her comment about flying the TARDIS was quite humorous saying, "Flying the TARDIS was always easy; flying the Doctor I never quite mastered." 

The way Smith left was perfect. Unlike when Tennant's Doctor regenerated, where he complained, "I don't want to go" and that he is not the same person, which is completely inaccurate, Smith gave us hope and reassurance that no matter which incarnation he will always be the Doctor. He went out like a man and he will always remembered. Do not get me wrong, Tennant was an awesome Doctor, maybe my favorite, but in retrospect, the Tenth Doctor acted as if he was actually dying, and not regenerating. He is still essentially the same person with the same memories, just with a different body and some personality differences. 

Now for Peter Capaldi's zany 45 seconds as the twelfth or thirteenth or fourteenth or whatever number you designate him as, Doctor. "Kidneys, I've got new kidneys; I don't like the color!" Despite the limited time we got to see him, I am confident that he will do well. Jacob theorizes that the Doctor has forgotten everything, which is why he is asking how to fly the TARDIS. Right before he regenerated he talked about how he will never forgot, which sets up him forgetting.

*End Spoilers*

Overall: 9.5/10- Admittedly, "The Time of the Doctor" has its problems as it tries to do too many things in one episode and there is little logic behind what is happening some of the time, but despite those problems, the episode nailed it where it needed to most: Matt Smith's saddening sendoff. Everything about the characters worked, and even though the plot did not make sense the entire time, the ambition shown in the episode is admirable and a worthy sendoff from to the Doctor. Additionally, from a personal enjoyment rating the episode would receive a 11/10 (see what I did there?).

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  1. The 10th Doctor (David Tennant) regenerated as a cliffhanger at the end of The Stolen Earth. In Journey's End, he placed the remaining regeneration energy into his severed hand.
    I loved the episode. It's not my favorite episode, admittedly, but it had me in tears throughout the episode (favorite Doctor regenerations are not easy). I loved Handles, the first Cybermen I've ever liked. I don't pay much attention to plot holes (I usually just watch for the enjoyment and tend to ignore the mistakes), I realized something (one thing that other Whovians also noticed). If the Doctor never died on Trenzalore, then his Time Stream never existed. So, how did Clara jump into his time stream and save him a thousand times over?
    Anyway, I loved the ending. It was a brilliant send off, and the cameo from Amy was perfect. Especially the bit, 'Raggedy Man, Goodnight' (as if 'Raggedy Man wasn't bad enough).

    1. Thanks for the answer! Now I remember that episode. :)
      Handles was great wasn't he?
      I also watch for the enjoyment, but I also feel as though I need to mention the plot holes. That is an excellent question. That means "The Name of the Doctor" could not have happened.
      That ending was just brilliant!


  2. Sorry, I disliked it. I have liked Matt Smith but not the direction Moffat has taken the show into. Time travel tales are fine but now we have the old 'paradox' brought out every time something doesn't make sense. Under Moffat, Doctor Who is over complicated, dense yet the resolutions make no sense. What anyone sat there who only watches at Xmas made of minor plot points last seen three years being explained is anyone's guess. I thought the whole Moffat project collapsed in on itself. new showrunner, please!

    1. Amen & Hallelujah to that! Dump 'The Moff', PLEASE!

    2. @Gypsy King: I do agree that we need less paradoxes and more regular time-travel stories. Hopefully the next season will have less galaxy altering paradoxes.


  3. Great review! :) It wasn't my favorite Christmas special, but I did enjoy it for the most part, and it was a good send off for Matt Smtih's Doctor(and I agree, I liked his ending quote). I do wish Clara had been given more to do, but I did like what we did get with her. T.M is right about the Tenth regenerating in The Stolen Earth(he'd been shot by a Dalek) and basically, instead of changing, he put the energy into his old, severed hand. As for why he said "I don't want to go", I've read theories that, since Nine regenerated into Ten to save Rose, it made him closer to being a human than an alien, so, to him, regeneration did feel like dying(like reincarnation would be for an actual human).
    I agree about the plot holes- some of those were pretty weird, especially the Silence one; I did like how the crack plot-line was explained, and the question 'Docotr who" was better than I was thinking it would be(since, at first, it didn't make too much sense). I feel pretty much the same about Tasha Lem- I kind of wished they would have developed her a bit more.
    As for Peter Capaldi, I'm very excited to see him as the Doctor!! :) I've seen some of his work, and he's definitely a seasoned actor who can do both dramatic and comedic acting well; also, since he's older, it will be nice to not have every woman he meets falling in love with him(since, with Ten and Eleven, it eventually got to be a little much to me, personally). Him forgetting is a definite possibility and it will be interesting to see if that is the case and, if so, how he is going to function(as well as his relationship with Clara, which I'm looking forward to seeing). I also think it would be cool if we got another companion(maybe another girl, since having two girl companions at once hasn't happened in New Who yet, and I hope she could have a different personality from Clara and the Doctor). :)
    I would like a new show runner eventually, since Russel T. Davies had four seasons, and the show always needs to change and evolve. :)

    1. Thanks! :D I actually thought Clara had quite a bit to throughout the story. Interesting theory about Ten. I am not sure though. :)
      I wonder if Tasha will come back. That could me interesting.
      Cool, I need to watch some of Capaldi's work before the new season. starts. Glad to hear that he can balance humor and drama though. I agree, the Doctor should have romance. At least his relationship with Clara is platonic. Another female companion? That could create an interesting dynamic. :)


  4. I can't comment on the subject matter sense I've not seen it yet. But anyway, I wanted to just drop in and wish you a Happy New Year. You will be glad to hear that I plan to make 2014 my year for Matt Smith's Doctor, Lord of the Rings and hopefully the Arkham games. :D


    1. Fantastic! I hope you enjoy LOTR, Matt Smith and the Arkham games as much as I have! :D


  5. I'm not Hater, but Time of The Doctor (insert Charlton Heston voice) was LOUSY from beginning to end. I do object to stories that make no sense (like this one), I do object to comedy and drama mashing badly, and I do object to Tasha Lem (River Song in Drag). For myself, I don't cry at every Doctor Who episode (which a lot of people apparently do) but a REAL regeneration (about the only time I remember coming close to crying) was The Third Doctor's in the last episode of Planet of the Spiders. If you haven't seen that, then you'll never understand why THAT was the best regeneration of all time.

    I only hope Capaldi doesn't turn into Smith 2.0, otherwise I wish they'd cancel the thing altogether.

    1. It is your opinion that the episode was "lousy" and I respect your opinion, even if I do not share it. I do agree however that the episode was certainly flawed, and parts of it did not make sense. For the record, I have never cried watching any form of media either. But several of my lady friends did during the episode.
      I will have to watch the Planet of the Spiders.



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