Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thor: The Dark World Trailer Review.

Here is the full review for the new Thor: The Dark World trailer. As I stated before, I am in awe, this is going to be so much better than I originally expected. Alan Taylor appears to be taking this film in a darker direction, which is not surprising considering he has directed a few episodes of the popular fantasy series "Game of Thrones", which I have not seen (HBO costs way too much). In a way, this Thor reminds me of Star Wars in the sense that the first Star Wars had a lighter tone and then Empire Strikes Back came back with a hard hitting darker tone, although one cannot expect Thor to be nearly as amazing as the best two films ever made. The final shot of the trailer with Thor asking Loki for aid is the best part to me, because Loki is one of my all-time favorite characters in any form of fiction. The first Thor was great because of the relatable brother dynamic between Thor and Loki. My brother and I are best of friends and Thor and Loki relationship works so well. Loki is on the cusp of being redeemable and believes that he can be redeemed, which would be how I would feel if I were in Thor's situation. If Loki and Thor do team-up in the epic final battle, it would really make the film for me. Overall this trailer is awesome, the only thing missing is the humor, which is not a huge problem.
Thor: The Dark World is my new most anticipated film of the year, or slightly behind the new Hobbit and maybe Iron Man 3.
Below are JT's thoughts and both of our comments on the screen caps from the trailer.

Now here is JT's part of this review.
JT: Well, is this one awesome movie or what? To borrow another notable's super's line, the original may have been the film Thor needed to introduce himself, but this is the one he deserves. The music appears to be at least as good as the first one, the story is better, and there are surprises... Director of Thor 1: "Let's make a cartoonish and fun movie people will laugh at. Director of this one: Ok, guys, listen up. We are going to make a movie today! So get right down to it. Enough with the cartoonish rainbows!" Did I mention medievalness is awesome? And Loki's back! He was only the highlight of the original at first viewing, so that's great news. This looks really fun in every way right now and I will definitely be going to see it, even though I am not actually with most of you in the ranks of hard-core geeks for Marvel.
JT: See the truck. See the truck levitate. Behold, a dark power is at work on the Earth. Maybe it's Thor announcing himself, but I doubt it.
James: Maybe when the dark energy is coming it creates an other worldly phenomenon or some kind of electromagnetic charge lifting it before Thor arrives.
JT: What exactly does this shot show?
James: This appears to be showing some kind of dark new enemy awakening, probably Malekith.
James: Here is the first full shot of Thor's kick butt new armor.
JT: You can practically hear her thinking "Oh yay! My kevlar-suited alien prince Charming has returned!
James: Natalie Portman is back and as beautiful as always, although she does look a little shocked that Thor. Wonder if this is the first time Jane has seen Thor in person because Thor should have had time to met her again before leaving for Asgard again at the end of The Avengers. Jane would have at least seen Thor in the news about the battle of New York.
JT: Ok, but I personally don't think it plausible that they met after Avengers, because what would he do with Loki during the downtime? Just have him awkwardly sitting nearby handcuffed and gagged while they hung out? So yeah, "I promised you I would return" and this when he does it.
James: Thor looks awesome in his new armor! Slightly different than the one we saw in The Avengers, but just as, if not more, awesome than what he had before.
JT: I see more shininess and a bit more puffiness on the arms and legs, but otherwise no difference.
JT: Thor: "Why are you working in this dump? My Princess charming deserves better. Pack your bags, cause you're moving to Asgard." Jane: "Well...Remember when the agents took all my stuff? I'm homeless now."
James: After a long wait Jane finally gets to see Thor again, it will be interesting to see how much time has passed since the first Thor and The Avengers.
James: Kat Dennings is back as Darcy but it will most likely be a brief cameo in the beginning. Many viewers did not like her, I actually enjoyed her humor, although I hope that she will not be playing a large role in the film.
James: Epic Thor entrance! Hopefully he did not fry too many people with his beam of epicness.
JT: Unfortunately, this is the end of Thor's epic entrance. Notice how they're both awfully stretched out as they rocket upward? Shades of the comical flavor of the first one and it's treatment of the rainbow bridge.
James: Oh, that should be Epic Thor Exit!
JT: Nice view...
James: This shot is particular reminds of The Lord of the Rings, which is always a good thing.
JT: Asgard looks better with age.
James: Wow, Asgard is looking amazing, less shiny and more and aged. Cannot wait to see more of it!
JT: Is that Sif? I'm thinking she does not appreciate the intrusion of miss astroscientist.
James: Sif is not very pleased with Thor bring Jane to Asgard, I sense some serious jealousy, or that is what the trailer wants you to think. In the comics I do believe Thor married Sif, in one of the versions at least.
James: Now this frame intrigues me the most, because that looks like that is Loki in front. Maybe I am wrong, but does look a lot like Loki with the hair and costume. Anyone else with ideas as to the identity of that character?
JT: Oh, good catch! I did not notice that the first time... Although I am equally intrigued by the identity of the character Thor is supporting up the hill. Who could that be?
James: The character Thor is supporting up the hill is probably Jane (or maybe Sif) because the characters appears famine but it is hard to tell.
JT: Save Jane! She's falling! (off-screen) "Don't worry it's just an optical illusion house..."
James: Not entirely sure what this is implying. Jane might be given some important role in the plot like having some kind of power or is cursed by Malekith, but it is unclear at this time.
JT: Ok, kidding aside, there's an idea there... Maybe they will solder her grasp of astrophysics onto the Asgard world and make her some kind of doomsday seer...
JT: Bow to the power of the Sith! The Empire has come to Asgard! But seriously, that is one dangerous looking ship and I'm on the edge of my seat to find out what emerges...
James: That ship does look like a Sith vassal, particularly the Old Republic, I assume that is Malekith's ship.
James: This reminds me of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 with all explosions in the trees.
JT: But who's causing the explosion?
James: Anthony Hopkins is back as Odin, king of Asgard and he was one of the many great aspects of the previous Thor film, looking forward to seeing more of him.
JT: Maybe, but I don't think we'll see a lot of him since his one appearance in the trailer is to say "I refuse to help"
James: Epic Lord of the Rings scale battle! Are those Loki's soldiers with the Loki horn helmets? Wonder if Loki calls his army to aid in the battle against Malekith as part of the bargain with Thor or he might just be fighting against Thor.
JT: Wait a minute James, another look at the shot of Odin shows that they are Odin's guard. The horn-helmed guys are definitely with Thor. The helmets match. btw, where is Thor in this shot? He's gone AWOL.
James: JT is correct, those are definitely Odin's soldiers not Loki's and as for Thor, this is probably before he arrives.

James: Dark Elves vs. Asgardian soldiers and Thor standing in the middle, this is going to be beyond epic!
James: Definitely appears to be Dark Elves there, because in the Asgardian realm the Dark Elves kind of look similar to Orcs crossed with Elves, opposed to other interpretations.
James: Glad to see Thor is still having some fun in battle with that smile on his face, because Viking love combat!
James: Sif in her combat armor, these are some of the shots from the scene that I posted set pictures about a few months ago.
JT: What's going on here? Someone just took a hammer to the gut. My guess would be Loki, cause this setting looks the same as the shots below of Loki sitting in a containment cell...Oh wait it's worse than that. There's blood flying around right there...
James: Agreed, definitely Loki cell, is Thor breaking him out or fighting him? That does look like blood, which would be awesome! 
JT: Haven't you heard? The teletubbies turned to the dark side a while ago...
James: Christopher Eccleston (aka the 9th Doctor) is playing Malekith the Accursed the dark elf leader from Svartálfar. Considering that he is the main villain it is odd that he is not shown more, although they could still be working on the effect since the film is not set to release until the fall.
James: Malekith is trying to Jane it appears, but that is about all that can be surmised from the shot.
JT: Somebody died. Is your money on Jane or Sif? These shots immediately above show Jane falling off a cliff. I'm afraid I knew she going to die in this movie as soon as the synopsis was released....
James: Not sure who just died, but I wonder if Portman has a contract for more films, although I have not read the synopsis and would not recommend anyone else doing so.
James: Epic title banner!
James: Loki's cell, kind of similar to The Avengers but I assume it uses magic to keep him in there.
James: Cloaks seem to be the new fashion trend in Asgard and the costumes look awesome thus far, very Viking like.
JT: Is it just me or does Loki look like Snape? And he's living in a glass box in the middle of nowhere. Oh I remember now. Thor put him there after taking him back to Asgard last time. It's a trap!
James: If the other epic shots from the trailer were not enough, this is what makes me extremely excited because Loki is one of, if not, my favorite character in movies right now. He reminds me of some 80s or 90s punk rock band member and I guess he does look a little bit like Snape from Harry Potter and as evident from the Avengers bloopers, he can do a very good impression.
For more an even more in-depth look at the trailer, watch IGN's Rewind Theater of the trailer as they break-it-down similar to the way JT and I have above. 


Below is the epic music used in the trailer.

What did you think of the trailer? Please comment below and check back tomorrow for the Iron Man 3 countdown.
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  1. Great review! :D I really enjoyed the picture commentary and and some of the ideas of what was happening in some of the pictures(and yes, that ship does look Sith-like). I also can't wait to see Loki and Thor again! :D Their brother dynamic was probably my favorite part of Thor, O I can't wait to see them revisit it.

  2. Great rundown, really enjoyed reading it. You guys really caught on some stuff I missed out when I watch the trailer.

  3. As to the 'who's dying' part, if you look at who's knees fall to the ground right before Thor screams no, you can see it looks very similiar to Loki's clothes and the hands look very much like Tom Hiddelstons. I'm hoping they do not kill Loki off, I will cry my eyes out if they do. But if he dies being redeemed then it would be a good move by the directors.

    I also am VERY EXCITED for this movie, why does November have to be so far away!? Anyway, I'm going to try to get really excited about Iron Man 3 right now since it's about to come out. :)


  4. @Shena Tokala: Thanks! :D My thoughts exactly about Thor and Loki, I am glad that they will definitely be in it together. :)

    @Daniel: Thank you, glad you enjoyed it.

    @Jamie: Loki dying!? NOOOOOOOOOO! He is too awesome to die! But I agree it would add emotional depth. Although I am sure there would be a "Loki fangirl" riot if he does die.

    Oh yeah, I am so excited for Iron Man 3! Especially after reading some of the early reviews, which I am posting about tomorrow. :)


  5. Great recap! I am so excited to see this. :)

    I too really love Thor's new armor. It looks very good on him, better than the other I think. He looks more lean, and less like he has on some suit that makes him appear to be strong when he's not...and stalky. I always thought he was slouching. LOL

    This does have a very LOTR vibe, and I love that about it, too. I'm really hoping that it displays more of a dark tone, which I'm sure it will given the trailer. I also am hoping for some really emotional Thor/Loki scenes, because they have a lot to hash out.

    I'm not sure if Jane dies. That would be sad. I'm hoping that she gets to show her stuff in this film, and isn't just a tagalong.

    And Loki...sigh. I was thinking that he wouldn't be there when I saw the title -- and then he appears, and I was happy. His outfit in this shot reminds me a lot of the Loki from mythology's; I wonder if they did that on purpose. I adore Loki, so he's always my favorite in any of these films. I'm looking forward to seeing him much darker than last time.

    Can't wait!


  6. @Alexandra Lanc: Thanks, me too. :)

    LOL, Never noticed that.

    Yeah, that is going to be very interesting, after what Loki did.

    Providing she her death is justified and as you said, gets a solid role, it will add some emotional weight.

    Great catch, I agree it does look a lot like the old depictions of him. And Loki is my favorite part as well, he is such an awesome character.



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