Monday, April 29, 2013

Star Wars Special Editions, Why We Hate It!

Most Star Wars fans would agree that the special edition changes to the original Star Wars films are completely unnecessary and are often hated by many, especially the infamous change to the Han vs. Greedo scene. However, few would really care about the changes if the original version was easily available on DVD or Blu-Ray. For example, Ridley Scott's various cuts of Blade Runner are not criticized because every cut is readily available in various formats. Conversely, Lucas had refused to remaster the theatrical cuts because he claims that it would be "Too costly" to re-master them. He basically had half the money in the whole world; he could have done just about anything he wanted! Even if it would cost a lot to make, they would have sold like crazy because everyone wants to see the original version, particularly in HD (high definition). Lucas would easily make back all the money it took to re-master them and then some few. The only possible reason Lucas could had for not releasing the original version is that he actually thinks that the new version is better and should be the only version that people need see, which is insane. I know he use to own Star Wars but he should have given the people what they want. But us Star Wars fans might just have a chance to see the original versions of Star Wars again since Disney has bought Lucas Film. Unfortunately Fox currently has the rights to the original films for the next few years. Lets all hope that one day soon the original Theatrical Edition will be released on Blu-Ray and DVD in good quality. What do you think of this subject? Please comment below with your thoughts.

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  2. It really is a shame Lucas did this to fans.

    I've never been a hardcore Star Wars fan and I'm always in awe at how badly Lucas treated his fanbase.

  3. @Daniel: Agreed, maybe it was his way of getting revenge for people hating the prequels. The world will never know.


  4. He gave you the OTRs in 2006. You're still griping. It would probably take Disney copylefting the OTRs into public domain, giving them a yearly spitshine, lucasfilm releasing a public letter of apology for making the SEs with Georges signature on it, confiscation of all copies of the SEs, etc etc etc.. And THEN,.. just maybe then, you would stop whining.

    But that's a BIG 'maybe'..


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