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Top 100 Movies: Part 5: 60-51.

Almost half way through the list! Tomorrow I will post the in-depth trailer review for Thor: The Dark World and Friday will be the countdown to Iron Man 3.  
At Number 60: Forrest Gump
Although it is a much loved film, I had low expectations for Forrest Gump when I first watched, but it greatly surprised me. While it is not quite a comedy, there are plenty of hilarious parts of the films and Tom Hanks' Oscar winning performance is perfect as the clumsy Forrest Gump.

At Number 59: The Terminator
*Cue suspenseful Terminator music* While it may be overshadowed by its sequel, the original Terminator still holds excellently as a suspenseful action thriller. Despite some ludicrous time traveling logic, the plot is original and works very well to deliver the thrills. Schwarzenegger was perfect for emotionless robotic antagonist, The Terminator, which was and still is, his most famous role.

At Number 58: The Bounre Identity
Just as Die Hard spawned many copy cats, The Bounre Identity has made a similar impact on this century's action flicks. Matt Damon's first outing as the amnesiac hero Jason Bourne is still among the best actions films have to offer. The Bourne Identity had as much intrigue and mystery as it did action and thrills, which made it completely unique compared to other films of the genre.
The Bourne Identity Review.

At Number 57: Goldfinger
While Goldfinger might not necessarily be a great film, it is a lot of fun and has been one of my favorites since I was a kid. Goldfinger amped up the action to a whole other level compared to the previous James Bond films or any other action flick from the era and it introduced almost sci-fi gadgets to the Bond franchise and created the blue print for future Bond movies to come. 

At Number 56: Lethal Weapon
Despite a few 80s action movie clich√©s, Lethal Weapon was a different type of action film compared to most action movies from the period. It basically invented the "Buddy Cop" genre in many respects. Gibson and Glover are hilarious together with great use of humor to lighten the tone, unfortunately the sequels were not that great.

At Number 55: True Grit
Often overshadowed by the recent remake, you cannot beat the "Duke" in his only Oscar Winning role. The remake is probably a better "Film", but the original will always be a favorite of mine and my favorite John Wayne film.

At Number 54: The Great Escape
The Great Escape is based on a true story of WWII POWs escaping from German prison, although do not expect a dark and realistic take on the events but more of a entertaining Hollywood flick. Many of the characters are likable from the all-star cast particularly Steve McQueen gave as Captain Virgil Hilts "The Cooler King". Who can forget his iconic motorcycle chase through the German country side.

At Number 53: The Fugitive
Smart and full of thrills, The Fugitive really surprised me when I first watched it. Not only was Harrison Ford excellent as always, Tommy Lee Jones gave an Oscar Winning performance in one of his first major roles. The Fugitive is one of the few movies were the main character makes smart decisions that you would want him to make in that situation oppose to the often stupid mistakes that make you start screaming at the movie screen.

At Number 52: Some Like it Hot
One of the funniest movies ever made and the best from blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe, Some Like it Hot is the essence of hilarity. It takes a crazy concept and makes it absurdly hilarious to watch! Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis are the best comedic duo I have ever seen and the film is just pure comedic gold. It even ranks number 1 on AFI Top 100 laughs and number 14 on the AFI's 100 Years...100 Movies series in June, 2007. Sure it isn't a perfect, but "Well, nobody's perfect."

At Number 51: Iron Man 2
Yes, I know a lot of people really disliked Iron Man 2 and I was one of those when I first watched it. However, after repeated viewings it is actually a fantastic and fun movie, especially considering that it had the tough job of setting up for The Avengers. Many viewers at the time were confused as to why some of these characters like Nick Fury and the Black Widow were showing up, which is understandable for those who had not read the comics. More Robert Downy Jr. as Tony Stark is always a good thing.
Are any of these your favorite films as well? Please comment below.
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  1. Sounds like another list of good films; the only ones I've seen is Iron Man 2 and I haven't finished it yet(though I will see if I can finish it this weekend) and I watched Bourne Identity a couple of years ago. :D
    I recognize several films on the list, and I'll have to check them out someday :)

  2. Alrighty, I love these posts!!

    Of course I've seen Terminator, that was a really good movie; I'm still split between wheather I like Arnold as a 'bad' terminator or a 'good' terminator like in the second one. He was good as both, I suppose.

    Oh my gosh, True Grit, I love that movie! I saw the new movie, and while it was good, I can not see Rooster Cogburn played by anyone except Wayne; he made the role his!

    The Fugitive was also a great action movie although I only saw it once (I've seen the sequel US Marshalls twice). Harrison was really good in his role!

    And of course I've seen Iron Man 2! I'm glad you've learned to like it, I've always felt a little out numbered because I actually enjoyed in when I first saw it and most of my friends all complain and wish that they could have their two and half hours of life back after watching it. But seriously, it has some amazing parts, like the racecar scenes and Tony and Pepper at the end and meeting Nick Fury for the first time. Seriously, now! How do can you not at least like this movie?!

    I haven't seen the others but I'll need to some time!


  3. Agree with you. Arnold will always be "Terminator", just as Christian Bale will always be known for playing "Bruce Wayne/Batman".

    I also enjoyed The Fugitive very much. I need to check out Some like it hot.


  4. Hi James,

    David, at "David Baruffi's Entertainment Views and Reviews". Thanks for participating in my poll. Before I can accept you ballot, I just need to know which "Doctor Who" you were voting for, the original series, or the new one? Respond on my blogpost here. Thank you.

  5. Iron Man 2, ouch that's a tad high even though I respect the Avengers set up but as a stand alone film is just doesn't word well for me.

    Great call on The Fugitive, a film that's been kind of forgotten nowadays.

  6. @Shena Tokala: Hope that you enjoy the second half of it. :) If you haven't already, you should probably the other films in the series. :)

    @Jamie: I know, he was so great as both!

    Agreed, Bridges was good but no one can beat Wayne.

    Never knew the Fugitive had a sequel! I will have to check it out.

    I know right, it does not really make to me why so many people disliked it! There is nothing that stands out as being bad.

    Thanks for the long comment!

    @Buddy2Blogger: Never thought about Bale as being only Batman, he was great, but when I watched the Prestige a few weeks ago I never thought instantly Batman.

    Some Like it Hot is not for everyone, but if you like classic comedy you would probably enjoy it.

    @David Baruffi's Entertainment Views and Reviews: Sorry about that, I will come to your blog and correct that.

    @Daniel: Yeah, most people have that opinion, as did I until re-watched it a few times. However, there are some that even enjoy 2 more than the first.

    Thanks, I agree it is often overshadowed by Ford's other better films like Star Wars and Indiana Jones.


  7. David again,

    I changed your ballot to reflect, '05 "Doctor Who", and switched "Young Justice" with "Hatfields & McCoys". If there's anything else, comment with it on my blog. Thanks for participating! I read your blog occasionally, it's pretty cool. (Although some of your movie rankings... Really, "Iron Man 2" over "Some Like It Hot"?) But still, not bad.

  8. @David Baruffi: Thank you, can't wait for the results. Yeah, I have gotten some flack for that pick, although I have seen many worse choices on favorite films lists.


  9. I dont think Forest Gump stands the test of time.

  10. @Steve: Since it is a very character driven film, enjoying it really depends on how onboard with the character. But I can see why you didn't like it so much.


  11. Iron Man 2 is one of my favorite Marvel movies, and I agree- it gets better with more viewings!
    Excellent post!

    1. Glad to see someone else who enjoys Iron Man 2 as much I do. It is so underrated, and thanks!



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