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Man of Steel Trailer Review.

The new Man of Steel trailer is here and it finally shows some action! Although I am not as excited about the film as the many "Nolanites", it does look really cool. Hopefully Sndyer is holding back and saving the best stuff for the actual movie and not the trailer. The opening scene of Jor-El watching the destruction of Krypton and sending his son (Superman) to Earth appears similar to the old Richard Donner Superman film and the comics, which is a good sign. Superman's mother says "They'll kill him." and Jor-El is like "How? He will be a god to them.", which is a cool comeback. The butterfly stuck in the swing is odd and I have yet to figure out why the trailers keep showing it. Since the film appears to start from Superman's childhood, how do they plan to fit his "Smallville" origin and the big epic General Zod battle, and him meeting Lois Lane and Clark being a homeless guy? It appears that there is going to be a lot things stuffed into the movie. The part were said Clark "Can I just keep pretending I'm your son?" with Kevin Cosner is a great moment and Cosner looks like he is perfectly cast as Jonathan Kent. Later it looks like a spaceship of some kind that could be the "Fortress of Solitude" and if it is, that is a good way to change it up. Michael Shannon as General Zod looks kind of odd as General Zod, I am not sure how that casting choice will work out. Superman and Lois Lane talking in the interrogation room about the "S" on Superman's chest is another great scene as Lois almost says" Superman" and from what the trailer suggests, he will probably be named Superman only after he saves the world from Zod. That is a good sign that the film will not be overly serious and will still have fun with it. Now the action is what disappoints me thus far about the trailer. Superman is ridiculously overpowered in the DC Universe and can basically do anything he wants. Therefore, the action in the film could be freaking awesome and Sndyer has shown if there is one thing he can do it is direct action scenes, even if the characters and story are lacking. However, the trailer shows some close up of shots of the action, which would work in moderation but not throughout the film, hopefully the actual action scenes are much better than what has been shown.
Also there is said to be a Lexcorp sign in the trailer somewhere, which would refer to Lex Luther and would be a fun Easter Egg hinting at a larger Universe.
As for me not getting caught up in all the hype, is that I try not to speculate about how good or bad a film will be until I actually see it. Just because Christopher Nolan's name is on the trailer does not mean that he is that he is heavily involved in the film. He is not directing or write the screenplay just producing it and is credited with the story. Also some amazing films have awful trailers and vice-versa, so you never really know until you actually see it. If Man of Steel receives over a 70% on the Rotten Tomatoes meter I will probably go see it in theaters, otherwise I will just save my money to see Thor: The Dark World.

JT has come on to give his view since he can't do it on his own pc. Thanks James for the access.
By many accounts this looks like the best Superman film to date. Of course, all the advances in VFX  don't hurt that, but it's also because this one seems to have a real backstory to it. The line "he'll be like a god to them." points out what the filmmakers have been saying, that yeah Superman is, well, a superman. The climax will be one of the biggest fights ever, because, as overpowered as Kal is, Zod has the same powers. I expect the final cut to push 3 hours, with about 15 minutes of Krypton, an hour of him growing up, about half an hour of the drifter life, half an hour of captivity, and then the last hour or so will be one continuous battle with Zod and the aftermath. Oh, and the score sounds like a must own.

JT: Russel Crowe takes in the view of rockets red glare and bombs bursting in air. My guess is that the civil war between -El supporters and minions of Zod got of hand and released a doomsday weapon of some kind.
JT: The best explanation for this butterfly shot is that it is simultaneously supposed to represent deep themes like loss of innocence and coming to terms with loss of something. It's meant to emphasize the darkness and loneliness kid Superman is dealing with. It's also just an effective transition shot.
JT: Hard to tell what this is supposed to show. It appears to be the inside of the glacier where Superman lives after he puts on his suit.
JT: Superman blowing his cover, big time.
JT: General Zod attacking. Awesome looking weapon on the side there.
General Zod and all his minons look like they just went for a swim. The official uniform of Zod's army is a wetsuit? But it appears that they're all handcuffed. They might have been captured, or Zod could be controlling them all with mind-power.
JT: We are not happy, Kal, not happy...
"It's not an S. On my planet it means 'hope". What, does Superman have ESP too? How could he know?!
JT: Nice shot of the biggest battle. That appears to be Zod coming in on the right after knocking our Mr. Hope out of the sky for the first of several times.
A big thanks to JT for doing this collaboration and look for more trailer reviews with JT in the future. Also be sure to check out his blogs JT's Tales and The Window on the South.
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  1. Despite the fact that I pretty much hate superman.. this movie does look really good to me. We shall see I suppose.

  2. I am not sure about Henry Cavill. He has not been impressive (to me) in the movies I have seen so far.

    And the CGI work looks a little underwhelming.

    I guess I will find out in a couple of months.


  3. Yay! I am excited for this movie. Can't wait. :)

  4. I'm almost on the fence with this one; I don't know much about Superman and he isn't Marvel and while I love Batman, I'm certainly a Marvel girl at heart. I probably will not see this at the theater but will rent it instead. I'll interested to see everybody's reactions to it when it does come out.


  5. I'm almost on the fence with this one; I don't know much about Superman and he isn't Marvel and while I love Batman, I'm certainly a Marvel girl at heart. I probably will not see this at the theater but will rent it instead. I'll interested to see everybody's reactions to it when it does come out.


  6. I was always intrigued by Superman as a kid since he came from space and I'm quite excited for this movie, it looks like it will be really good! :) I like the idea for the story and I'm looking forward to see a modern Superman film since the only one I've seen was one of the old ones.

  7. I saw this trailer at the movies and I think that it won't be your average boring superman movie. :)
    It looks like it could be very promising.

  8. @Alana: Indeed, we shall see.

    @Buddy2Blogger: Agreed, I have seen him in Immortals and was not impressed.

    Agreed again, The Avengers' effects made me excited when the trailer was released but I still do not completely believe what is in this one.

    @Helen: Looking to it! :)

    @Jamie: Renting sounds like the best idea, I might go see it in theaters if the reviews are good, but I am a very minor Superman fan.

    @Shena Tokala: Cool. :) I was most into Batman, Spider-Man and X-Men as a good but Superman was always cool as well. Definitely do not watch Superman Returns, it was made not long ago and was awful.

    @Vellvin: It could very well be a good film, fingers crossed. :)


  9. Nice rundown from both of you guys, personally think that trailer really displayed what could go right with this movie. Superman as a character hasn't been my favorite character so its tough for me to get jazzed about his movie but that trailer did the job.


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