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Charade Review.

Thoughts: Charade is an mystery, suspense thriller with a good dose of comedy staring Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant. Charade is one of the most plot twist filled movies I have seen outside of Alfred Hitchcock's classics, yet there was an excellent amount of witty humor and comedy.
As some might remember Jamie from Through Two Blue Eyes wrote a review of this, which you can click here to read,, Thanks Jamie for recommending the movie, it was fantastic. Also this film is currently free to watch on YouTube, and it is the officially released version, not an illegal copy.
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Directed by: Stanley Donen
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Comedy, Intrigue, Spy
Release Date: 5 December 1963
Running Time: 113 minutes
MMPA rating: PG

The Good: Many unexpected plot twists and turns, Complex plot, Fantastic performance from Audrey Hepburn, Perfect use of humor, Some suspense, Always keeps you guessing,

The Bad:

Plot: The following plot summary is copied from
Regina "Reggie" Lampert (Audrey Hepburn), on a skiing holiday in Megève, tells her friend Sylvie Gaudel (Dominique Minot) that she has decided to divorce her husband Charles. She then meets a charming stranger, Peter Joshua (Cary Grant). When she returns to Paris, her apartment is completely empty, and police inspector Edouard Grandpierre (Jacques Marin) notifies her that Charles has been murdered while leaving Paris. They give Reggie his travel bag, containing a letter addressed to her, a ticket to Venezuela, passports in multiple names, and other items. At the funeral, Regina notices three odd characters who show up to view the body. One sticks the corpse with a pin and another places a mirror in front of the body's mouth and nose, both to verify that Charles is really dead.
Watch the movie to see what happens next.

Plot: 9.2/10- While the film's first 20 minutes are some of slow burning mystery, it soon builds into a suspenseful and humorous mystery. The mystery is very complex but it not too difficult to solve featuring many plot twists that always kept me guessing. Also the dialogue was witty and humorous.

Action: 5.0/10- Charade is not an action film, however there is one decent fight between two characters.

Acting: 8.4/10- Hepburn and Grant have great on-screen chemistry together with tons of witty dialogue. Hepburn's performance was top notch, particularly in her delivery of witty dialogue. The other cast members were good but no stand out performances.

Special effects: N/A-

Soundtrack: 7.7/10- The score complimented the film but memorable on its  own.

Comedy: 8.6/10- Charade is full of witty banter and fun dialogue with Hepburn adding excellent humor through the film.

Would I Watch This Again: Because it relies on unexpected plot twists to keep it interesting, it might not hold up as well on multiple viewings, however the comedy does help the re-watch-ability.

Overall: 8.8/10- Overall Charade is fun, thrilling, suspense and smart supported by top notch performances and a strong script.

Closing comments: Any fan of classic mystery thrillers should watch Charade, you will not regret it. and the full film is right below, there is no reason not to watch it!

Recommended for: Mystery fans, Thriller fans, Suspense fans, Comedy fans, Intrigue fans,

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  1. I need to see this movie again!

    I liked your review, I'm so glad you liked the movie! Kayla and I rewatched this a lot but then we wore it out, so it's been awhile since our last viewing.

    Sorry I haven't been commenting the past couple days; I have read your last few posts. Right now I am away from home at a friends' house for a few days so I'm just having enough time to read everyone's posts but no time to comment or write my own post. I'll be comming home Friday, so hopefully I'll be able to write a post soon.


  2. This is one I actually haven't watched! I love Hepburn and Grant, though, so I will have to check it out. I'm not surprised the action was so-so by modern standards, considering the film's age.



  3. I loved this movie when I watched it a couple months ago. It really kept you in suspense until the very end, and I loved the plot twist at the end! Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant were the perfect pair, and the acting was amazing. Awesome review!

  4. PS.

    Thanks for posting the full movie, I will watch it sometime in my room when I am home. The copy we have is VHS, so I can't possible put that in my laptop! LOL


  5. @Jamie: Thank you! And thank you for recommending the movie. I figured you have been gone some were, but thank you for still reading my blog. Hope you enjoy watching it again!

    @Alexandra Lanc: Since you like those actors, you should definitely enjoy Charade! With the exception of a Robin Hood and James Bond films, there were not that many good action movies until Enter the Dragon and Indiana Jones.

    @Helen: Glad you enjoyed it as much as I did! I didn't see the coming at all! I thought I it completely figured out a few different.


  6. I will check this movie out. Sounds to be an interesting one.



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