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Top 100 Movies: Part 2: 90-81.

Here is the next part in my Top 100 Favorite Movies series. Not sure how I should start each part of these except with the next film on the list. If anyone has an idea for how I should introduce these posts please comment.
At Number 90: Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
One of the most underrated movies of 2011, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows very much impressed me. While I found the previous Sherlock Holmes movie lacking, this far exceeded the original with better action, mystery, humor, and plot twists. Robert Downy Jr. as usual the role of Sherlock Holmes and Hans Zimmer soundtrack captured the feel of the movie perfectly.

At Number 89: X-Men
Not only did X-Men start the new wave of comic book films like The Avengers, The Dark Knight, and Spider-Man, it started them off with a bang. X-Men has aged surprising well and proved that Marvel's properties could make money. Although it does not reach the quality that many comic book movies now have due to its lower budget, it showed that comic book movies could work on the big screen in the 21st Century.

At Number 88: How to Train Your Dragon
In general animated feature films rarely appeal to me because of their childish nature, however there are some elevate themselves above the rest and How to Train Your Dragon certainly does so. It had a surprisingly mature narrative that rarely had made it seem like a "Kid's Movie". Not only is it better than anything Pixar has ever made, it is one of the better fantasy I have seen.

At Number 87: The Adventures of Robin Hood

The oldest film on this list, The Adventures of Robin Hood is pure fun and entertainment. Errol Flynn owns the role of Robin Hood unlike anyone before or since, and the film holds up well considering it is over 70 years old. The production value of the sets are top notch and the action is some of the best from the era.

At Number 86: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
The first but certainly not the last Harry Potter movie to make the list. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is one of the most underrated Harry Potter movies in the series, featuring some of the best art design from the franchise. The Half-Blood Prince is slower and less action-packed than the Order of the Phoenix, and does an excellent job in character development before final chapter the Deathly Hallows.

At Number 85: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
Featuring two of my favorite actors James Stewart and John Wayne, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance is one of famous western director John Ford's many great westerns. Although it lacks much western action, it is more a great classic western story about the characters standing up for what they believe.

At Number 84: Tombstone
Tombstone is just one of those really fun westerns based on two of history's most famous gunfighters, Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp. There are so many memorable lines and awesome gunfights, it is just an all around fun and entertaining flick. Plus Val Kilmer's amazing performance as Doc Holliday really was the core of the movie's success.

At Number 83: Field of Dreams
Even though some may consider it overrated, Field of Dreams is my favorite baseball movie. It incorporates baseball into the movie without any of the flaws that most baseball movies have. As a baseball fan, I love seeing all of the old time baseball players out in the field at the end. Also it is a fantastic fantasy film as well.

At Number 82: Rio Bravo
Another great John Wayne western, Rio Bravo took a classic western concept about a Sheriff in a western town and made it original and fresh. Dean Martin gives one of, if not, his best performance of is career as the conflicted alcoholic Dude (yes that was his name and it is an awesome name).

At Number 81: Batman: Under the Red Hood
File:Batman under the red hood poster.jpg
 Based on the comic book of the same name, Batman: Under the Red Hood is one of DC animation's very best. Although the voice for Batman could have been much better, the film makes up for it in stunning action set pieces and a surprisingly deep ending, I was on the-edge-of-my-seat during the last 15 minutes.

Have you seen any of these films? Please comment below. 

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  1. I have seen Game of Shadows, How to Train your Dragon, Liberty Valance, Tombstone, and Field of Dreams. Game of Shadows is definitely one of my top favorite movies; I love Robert Downey Jr's Holmes and Jude Law's Watson, and I think the second movie is better than the first. It had more allegories and references to classic arts, which I loved about it.

  2. Great film choices!! :D I really like a lot of these films :D.
    I've seen - X-Men, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and How to Train Your Dragon.

  3. I like A Game of Shadows, X Men and Batman: Under the Red Hood.

    Under the Red Hood is probably one of the best Batman animated movies.


  4. I've seen all of these, great call on Batman: Under the Red Hood, I can't tell you how much I love Timm's DC DTV movies.

  5. @Stillwater: Completely agree, A Game of Shadows was so much better than the first, and I enjoyed it for many of the reasons as you.

    @Shena Tokala: Thank you! :D

    @Buddy2Blogger: I agree, after Mask of the Phantasm it is my favorite.

    @Daniel: Thanks. Timm makes so many great TV series and films, too bad he left DC animation recently, not sure if they will have the same quality as before.


  6. Of these I've seen Rio Bravo, The Man who Shot Liberty Valance, Robin Hood (I really need to rewatch that one soon!) How to Train Your Dragon, X-Men, and Game of Shadows. While I like all these movies, my favorite is probably How to Train Your Dragon. That sounds weird, but I really did love that movie a lot.

    I really really need to review Downy's Sherlock Holmes movies but I've put it off because I won't have that much good to say about them and I know they are favorites of a lot of people.

    I also need to rewatch Rio Bravo, that was such a good movie. I had a crush on Dude for probably three months after my first viewing. lol


  7. @Jamie: It is not weird, HTTYD is an amazing film!

    Yes you do, even though you dislike it, I really want to hear your thoughts about it.

    Dude is a very cool dude. lol


  8. what I hate about sherlock holmes is he reveals the secrets only at last eventhough he would've discovered it earlier,so I'm happy about your ranking.and thanks for Batman-I've to see it.

  9. Love the John Wayne, I still think The searchers is his best, but Rio Bravo with Dean Martin is also great.

    As for your intro, maybe a few words about the group, why they fell to the lower quarterly?

  10. @David Washington: Good point, that could have been handled better in that aspect.

    @Steve: The Searchers is a close second to True Grit as my favorite of his films, although he is almost always excellent.

    Fantastic idea, thanks.



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