Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Year Ahead.

Happy New Year!

This post is about what is to come this year for our blog. Some of the post that we are going to do may not come for many months but they will most likely come some time this year.

Top 50 All Time Favorite Movie and a Ultimate Movie Montage video to go with it.
5 Movies to watch if you like (insert name of movie)
2012 Movie Preview
JandJ Productions 2011 Academy Award
More Movie Reviews
Avenger updates
The Hobbit Updates
Top 100 Heroes 
Top 100 Villains
Top 10 Movie Trilogies
Top 25 Comic Book Movies
Top 25 Action Movies
Top (however many) Sci-Fi Movies
(insert name of movie) vs. (insert name of movie)
Famdom Friday(we might make it)
Top 100 Movies (after we watch more movies)
Best Movies by the Decade
Top 25 All Time Favorite TV Series
Top 25 Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episodes
Top 10 Actors
Top 10 Actresses
Top 50 Star Wars Characters

If you have any ideas for posts for us to make this year please comment and tell us and does any of these sound interesting to you?


  1. ALL of these sound interesting and fun! Seriously.
    I think you should do a Avengers post about who you think is the best of the team and then who's next in bestness and so on. <if that makes sense. :)

  2. Ooh, Kayla has a good idea! A top ten or twenty superheroes! Lol!

    I love your list; there are some very cool ideas there! I will so look forward to Avenger updates and anything Star Wars. :P Also the actors and actresses list looks good too! Well, they all do, but those are the one's I'm especially looking forward too!


  3. Woot! Sounds great guys, I can't wait to read these! (especially Avengers posts. ;D)

  4. @Kayla: Thanks for the idea but do you mean rank them by who is my favorite or who the most powerful?

    @Jamie: Thanks, that is a great idea. We will definitely make a Top 25 Comic Book Heroes List.

    @JediKnightGirl: Thanks. :)

  5. I mean by who is your favorite. :)

  6. Oh my heavens. I am so excited about:

    Star Wars in 3D (just because I wasn't old enough to see any in theater)
    The Dark Knight Rises
    The Hunger Games (after I read the books)
    The Hobbit

    Squee! I think there's another...


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