Saturday, January 7, 2012

2012 Movie Preview: Part 1 January-May.

This post is about the movies that coming out in 2012 that seem interesting. We are going to give our thoughts about the movies and what we think the movie needs to do to succeed. We are not going to talk about every movie that is coming out next year but the ones that we think we are going to watch. The movie are going to in the order that they are coming out in theaters,

There are not any movies that look interesting in January.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance 
Feb 17
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance is the sequel to the first Ghost Rider movie. The first Ghost Rider movie was not a very good comic book movie. With the exception of Nick Cage the acting wasn't very good and overall disappointment but when the first movie was made there weren't that many good comic book movie except Spider-Man and X-Men. Since Marvel wasn't had a really bad comic book movie recently we are expecting it to be above average comic book movie but not a masterpiece like Captain America, Thor, or X-Men: First Class.

Succeeds if: The movie is darker and has a lot of action.
Fails if: The dialogue cheesy like the first movie.

The Hunger Games
March 23

The Hunger Games is based on a book that we know very little about. But thanks to Hannah at My Life: It Is What It Is and Rebecca at Just me...  who have read the books and told me about what the The Hunger Games is about. I think it will be a good movie. I really liked Jennifer Lawrence in her role in X-Men: First Class so I think she will do well in the role of Katniss Evenrdeen.

Succeeds if: The movie is accessible to newcomers to the series, pleases fans, and

Fails if: It is not true to the source material and the fans hate it, and if the futuristic stylized look discourages the general public.

There isn't anything that looks interesting.


The Avengers
May 4
The Avengers is easily the most anticipation movie of the summer. If you have been following the our blog you that we super excited to see The Avengers. We have already made a "Avengers Guide" about what you need to know before the movie comes out. If you haven't read it here are the links to check them out.
The Avengers Guide Part 1: The Movies.
The Avengers Guide Part 2: The Heroes.
The Avengers Guide Part 3: The Villains
The Avengers Guide Part 4: The Comic Book
The Avengers Guide Part 5: The Origins.
The Avengers Guide Part 6: Secrets and After The Credits.
The Avengers Guide Part 7: Information and Pictures.
The Avengers Guide Part 8: The Cast.
The Avengers Guide Part 9: 5 Avengers We Want in the Sequel.
The Avengers Guide Part 10: 5 Villains We Want in the Sequel.
The Avengers Guide Part 11: After The Avengers.

Succeeds if: It is everything that we think it is going and that it is the best comic book of all time.

Fails if: The screen time is not  divided equally among the main characters.

Men in Black III
We watch the Men in Black movies for the first time this year and liked them. They weren't our favorite but they were still funny. We hope that new Men in Black movies are going to good.

Succeeds if: It can be a hilarious and has action.

Fails if: The plot is dumb and it is not that funny.

Which of these movies are you most excited about next? Are there any movies that you can't wait to see that we didn't have on the list? Don't forget to check back here tomorrow for Part 2.


  1. waiting for the avengers. getting all excited now. keep being awesome :)

    Men in Black looks cool to me. It's neat that the Officer from Captain America is in it. :)

  3. I'm so excited but nervous for the Anvengers. I really hope it's everything I think it will be!

    At the same time, as long as there is no terrible language and they don't screw up The Cap, I will be very happy! LOL


  4. @Aalya Rain: Thanks. :)

    @Kayla: Yes, first and second Men in Black were really funny. I also like Tommy Lee Jones, he is one of my favorite actors. :)

    @Jamie: I wouldn't think there would be any bad language since none of the other Avengers movies had it in them. I agree they better not screw up Cap. :)


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