Friday, January 20, 2012

Star Wars 30 Question Meme: Day Two.

6: Favorite ship
Millenium Falcon duh! Best spaceship ever! And it has the best two pilots Han and Chewie.

7: Favorite Sith

There is a lot to say about Reven but it is hard to munch without spoiling Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic video games. So we won't say munch other than play Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic!!!!!!!

8: Favorite OT Movie
The Empire Strikes Back! Not only is the best original trilogy movie but is the best best movie ever!

9: Favorite PT movie

10: Favorite Star Wars Photo
We really can't think of any other than some of the posters so here are some awesome pictures every ones favorite sith Darth Vader!

Check back here tomorrow for day three.


  1. we're so much like twins. love empire strikes back. so sad with revan. he never got to meet his son. he turned to the good because of bastilla and then boom he's gone. :)

  2. Whooo, rockin' pictures of Darth Vadar!!

    Now I want to play that video game . . .


  3. Whooo, rockin' pictures of Darth Vadar!!

    Now I want to play that video game . . .


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  5. @Aalya Rain: Cool. :) I know. I wish there was a movie based on the game. The story is better than most of the prequels in my option.

    @Jamie: Thanks, I highly recommend it.

    @Film Reviews: Do you mind telling me what you are talking about?


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