Thursday, January 12, 2012

What is Going to be the Next Post? You Decide.

We have seen some movies recently and we need to review them but this time you decide what is the next post is going to from the list below. Please pick two of the posts below and vote on which you want to see next. We will post of the these at some point but you get to decide what the next one is going to be. Here are the choices. Not in any order.

3: 10 to Yuma (2007)
Top 10 Star Wars Parodies.
Rango Review.
The Fugitive Review
Forrest Gump Review
The Rock (1996)  Review
Unforgiven Review.
North by Northwest Review.
Super 8 Review.
5 Movies to Watch if You Like: Captain America: The First Avenger.
5 Movies to Watch if You Like: Star Wars.

We have a post planed for Saturday and Sunday but after that your votes will decide what the next post is going to be.


  1. Oh! Oh! Do North By Northwest! I've seen that one! Also, Super 8, 10 to Yuma and Captain Americai!!



  2. the mummy series, the covenant, scorpion king series. love history movies and sci-fi's. just suggestions. :)

  3. you have gotten an award by me. congrads. :)

  4. I love North by Northwest! That is a good Cary Grant (except for the romance)that's my first pick but my second would be the 5 movies for captain america.


One rule: No strong profanity. If you want to link to one of your posts, please do; I am always interested in other reviews and such.

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