Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 Movie Preview: Part 1 June-December.


G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation
We liked the original G.I. Joe TV series  but the first G.I. Joe movie was really really bad but from the trailer and the actors in the movie this one looks like it is going to good.

Succeeds if: If it is not cheesy like the first and the costumes and action are good.

Fails if: If it makes the same mistakes as the first one.

The Amazing Spider-Man
We loved the original Spider-Man movies and they are movies that everyone should see. This Spider-Man movie is a reboot of the franchise. After The Hobbit and The Avenger we are most excited about The Amazing Spider-Man.

Succeeds if: If it is even better than the original Spider-Man movies and is truely "Amazing".

Fails if: If it is not near as good as the original Spider-Man movies.

The Dark Knight Rises
This trailer makes it look like The Dark Knight Rises is actually going to have some decent action unlike The Dark Knight and the way to dark and clunky Batman Begins. We are not expecting munch from The Dark Knight Rises so if the plot is better than the others and the action is actually decent. Hopefully Chris Nolan was learned how to make a good action scenes from making Inception.

Succeeds if: The action is decent and Batman's voice does not sound like garbage disposal mixed with guttural sounds.

Fails if: There are three way the The Dark Knight Rises can fail:
1:The action scenes are dark and clunky like the other Batman movies,
2: The movie is so over hyped that people hate it because it is not as good as The Dark Knight,
3: The it is so over hyped that people love it even if it suck really bad.

 The Bourne Legacy
We have recently become fans of The Bourne movies this year. We really liked them all but The Bourne Ultimatum. We hope the Bourne Legacy can be as good as the other Bourne movie since Matt Damon is the star of the movie.

Succeeds if: If the movie is just as good or better than the other Bourne movies.

Fails if: If it completely rehash of the other Bounre movies and is not original.

The Expendables 2
The first Expendables movie didn't have munch plot but it did have the some of the best action in any movie. The first was a dream movie for anyone who was a fan of 80s action movies like us. Now The Expendables 2 has just about every great action movie actors from the 80s and then some.

Succeeds if: If it delivers on the awesome action we expect.

Fails if: There isn't munch action and there is so munch profanity that it makes it un-watch able.

James Bond Skyfall
Skyfall is the next installment of the James Bond franchise. We are James Bond fans and we have seen all of the movies. We were disappointed with the last two James Bond movies because there were not any gadgets used in the movies like the original James Bond movies. But is some good news Ben Whisaw is going to play the role of "Q" is the up coming movie. If you have seen any old James Bond movie you would know that "Q" makes gadgets for Bond since he is going to be in the movie we hope that Bond will use gadget.
Succeeds if: There is more use of gadgets and the action is good.
Fails if: It if just like the other Daniel Craig Bond movies.
The Hobbit

The Hobbit! The Hobbit is going to be the best movie of the year in 2012. We doubt that there is going to a better movie next unless The Hobbit is a complete failure, which is very unlikely.

Succeeds if: It is just as or almost as good as The Lord of the Rings.

Fails if: The chance of The Hobbit failing is slim to non,

Which of these movies are you most excited about next? Are there any movies that you can't wait to see that we didn't have on the list? That is it for the 2012 movie preview.


  1. getting ready for gi joe and advengers. i say bring it on. :)

  2. Oooh, GI Joe looks rather interesting!! I'll have to look into it more!!


  3. Oooh, GI Joe looks rather interesting!! I'll have to look into it more!!


  4. @Alyianna: THE HOBBIT!!! indeed. :D

    @Aalya Rain: Avengers FTW!

    @Jamie: The first GI Joe movie was cheesy and screwed up some of my favorite characters. But this sequel looks good.



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