Monday, January 16, 2012

5 Movies to Watch if You Like: Captain America: The First Avenger.

This post is about 5 movies that you should watch if you Captain America: The First Avegner. It is the first in a series of post that we are planing on doing. If there is a movie that you want us to make a post like this about please comment and tell us. Our next one is going to about Star Wars.

Indiana Jones Trilogy

We actually Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade more than Captain America: The First Avenger. They has always been one of our favorite movies as long as we can remember. The Indiana Jones trilogy is one of the greatest film series of all time and it is set durning the late 1930s and early 1940s.
Click on the links below to read our reviews.
Note: The reviews for the Indiana Jones movies were some of our earlier reviews so they are not near as detailed as our more recent reviews. 

Spider-Man Trilogy
Spider-Man is made by Marvel just like Captain America is. The story of Spider-Man and are similar that both are under dogs who gain great power but Spider-Man first has to learn that "With great power comes great responsibility" I don't know how anyone could dislike the first two Spider-Man movies. I recommend them to anyone even if you didn't like Captain America. You just have to like movies with great story and action. Also the X-Men movies are just as good as the Spider-Man movies but they are not very similar to Captain America like Spider-Man so watch the X-Men movies also.

Other Avenger Related Movies.
If you have been keeping up with our blog you know that we made an Avengers Guide. If you haven't seen it here are the links.

The Rocketeer
The Rocketeer was directed by Joe Johnston, who is the director of Captain America: The First Avenger. The feel and the setting of The Rocketeer is very similar to that of Captain America: The First Avenger except The Rocketeer looks more comic book style than realistic like Captain America. And The Rocketeer is one of the few good live action Disney movies.

 Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four is not near as good as Captain America or Spider-Man or X-Men. But if you want to see more Chris Evens watch Fantastic Four it is not bad but it is not one of the better comic book movies.

Have you seen any of these movies? Did you like them? Please comment and let us know.
If you have any ideas for another post like this please comment. And the next  "5 Movies to Watch if You Like" post will be Star Wars.


  1. Indiana Jones is definitely my favorite out of these choices! I actually just watched Raiders of the Lost Ark again yesterday. ;D

    You didn't mention Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which I applaud you on. That movie was so horrible and didn't even feel like and Indy film.

  2. I've seen Thor, Iron Man I, and Captain America. Loved all of them.
    Thor is my favorite avenger, but I like the Captain America movie better!

  3. @Savanna: Cool. I agree, the ending ruined it for me.

    @Kayla: Thanks commenting. :)


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