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The Avengers Guide Part 3: The Villains

The Avengers Guide Part 3: The Villains

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Not all of the information in the following post is 100% accurate since the movie is still being filmed.

The Villains

The main villain in The Avengers movie is Loki. If you have seen the Thor movie you know everything you need to know about him so I will not spoil anything if you haven't seen the Thor movie go watch it now.

The Skrull
The Skrull is the other villain in The Avengers movie. There has not been any picture of what they will look like in the movie. The Skrull are a alien race that the ability to shapeshift to look like any person.

 Appearance and abilities
The following is copied from
Skrulls are green-skinned reptilian humanoids with large pointed ears, red or green eyes, and corrugated chins. Skrulls are known for genetic and molecular instability, and genetic diversity, due to Celestial experimentation creating the Skrull "Deviants" (now the only surviving Skrulls). The Skrulls are known for their physical malleability and ability to shapeshift to any size, shape, or color at will, taking on the appearance but not the characteristics of other beings and objects within a volume range of .75 to 1.5 times the Skrull's original volume. Skrulls are able to assume virtually any form, be it organic (e.g. cows) or inorganic (e.g. lamp). As a result, the Skrulls excel at spying and infiltration. Skrulls are also able to use their shapeshifting abilities to form weapons (e.g. blades and clubs) with parts of their bodies, making them dangerous hand-to-hand combatants. The Skrulls later developed the ability to render themselves undetectable when using their shapeshifting abilities, even from telepaths and those with superior senses.

This picture is from The Avengers set. That looks like a wrecked Skrull space ship and the guy in the grey motion capture suit is most likely a Skrull and will be replaced with a Computer Generated character.

Here are some Skrull pictures.

If you have any questions please ask.


  1. Other option: That's Ruffalo being the Hulk. Somebody's just made like Hawkeye and shot him?

  2. Sooo, there is no Red Skull?

    (And I'm assuming your vote on my blog is for both Han and Steve?)

  3. Oh my, the Skrulls sound fascinating as shape-shifters! That will be awesome to see!

    AND LOKI WILL BE EPIC! HE'S ONE OF THE BEST VILLAINS EVER! (You can tell I really like his character a lot!)


  4. @JT/King Valun: You might be right but that is definitely a Skrull space ship in the picture.

    @Kayle: Most likely the Red Skrull will not be in the Avengers movie but he might make it in Captain America's next movie.

    @Jamie: I also like Loki a lot he is my favorite villian other than Darth Vader and Magneto(X-Men movies).

  5. Hey I didn't know how else to tell you so here is Jedi Chicks Tumblr...

  6. I had no idea about the Skrulls till now. Any death of the Avengers will likely be "faked" by them if they shape-shift into any of the heroes.

    I LOVE Loki! He's half the reason I fell in love with the Avengers. I really hope he's redeemed in this movie. I've never seen him as truly evil, not after all that happened to him at no fault of his own.

  7. @Kayla: Thnaks for the link. :)

    @JediknightGirl: Your right, that will most likely happen.


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