Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lord of the Rings Trivia Quiz!

Today's Lord of the Rings post is going to be a trivia quiz. I am going to be turning on Comment moderation temporarily so that you can not see other bloggers answers. I usually hate having it on but it is only temporary. I will be posting the answers tomorrow or the next day.
Also thanks JT/King Valun at The Window on the South for creating questions 1-6.

1) True or false: Aragorn is king of the Shire
2) What are the ages of each of the nine Walkers?
3) What is the emblem of the Numenorean kings, which Aragorn unfurls at the battle of the Pellenor?
4) Why is Aragorn able to command the dead men?

5) What is the translation of the statement Aragorn makes in Elvish at his coronation?
6) One of the hobbits is both an adult and a teenager. Why?

7) What was Aragorn’s Elvish name?
8) Who voiced the character Treebeard?
9) How many Awards did The Return of the King at the Academy Awards?
10) What is Merry’s full name?

Here is some you can copy and paste on your comment to easily type your answers.


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  1. 1: false
    2: more than two thousand five hundred years
    3: idk :/
    4: he's a sildor's heir
    5: idk, but rlly wanna know
    6: idk
    7: idk
    8: idk
    9: idk
    10: Maria Doc

    Okay... I know I don't know alot since I'm not rlly a fan or LOTR, it's my bro ;) But even the book is too high a level for any twelve year old girls, and never rlly watched the whole movie- just some clips. and... NO LEGOLAS?! hehe. sorry.

  2. 1) False False False!!!!

    2) -Frodo-33 years old
    -I think Sam was sixty-two but I'm not positive on that one
    -all I know is that he is eight years older than pippin
    -Pippin was the youngest of the hobbits
    -Aragorn is eighty-seven at the beginning of the book/movie
    -Legolas doesn't really have an age since he is an elf
    -Gimli was the son of Gloin, but I'm not sure how old he was
    -Gandalf the Grey/White doesn't really have an age

    3) He showed the royal standard Arwen had made for him

    4)The dead men owed a debt to Gondor for their betrayal

    5) I will have to think about that one...

    6) In our time span, the hobbit would be an adult, but since hobbits have longer life spans, he would still be a teenager


    8) John Rhys-Davies

    9)11 Awards

    10)Did you mean merry because then it would be meriadoc brandybuck

    That was fun! Awesome questions! I had to think about them for awhile before I got the answer. XD

  3. 1: false
    4:Aragorn is able to command the dead because he is a descendant of the Isildur and the dead swore loyalty to his house.
    6:Because the Hobbits teenagers go up to the age of thirty.
    9: 11 academy awards.
    10: Meriadoc Brandybuck

  4. Fun questions! Very challenging.

    1: False
    2: Frodo - 50, Aragorn - 86 (turns 87), Legolas - 2986, Gandalf - ageless. (don't know the others)
    3: 7 stars, 7 stones, and one white tree (I think that's wrong...)
    4: The dead owed a debt to Isildur, who placed a curse on them. As Isildur's heir, Aragorn inherited the power to lift the curse and as the dead's debt to him. The dead wished to be set free so they followed Aragorn's commands.
    5: "Out of the Great Sea to Middle-Earth I am come, and here I shall dwell, with all of my heirs, until the ending of the world."
    6: Pippin - he is over 18 (so not a teen) but under the age that hobbits come of age (33) so hobbits would consider him a teenager.
    7: Estel or Elessar
    8: John Rhys-Davies
    9: 13
    10: Meriadoc Brandybuck

  5. i so wish i knew these. i tried looking them up but got lost. retry is so in order. lol. star wars maybe or games? force unleashed? lol. good luck to whoever is the smartest. :)

  6. Oh my. I know none of those. LOL! I hope to see Lord of the Rings sometime.

  7. 7. Estel (early years) Elassar Telcontar (Elfstone Strider, as king)

    8. John Rhys-Davies (performed Gimli)

    9. 11

    10. Meriadoc Brandybuck

    Just to have a little fun...;D

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