Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thor 2: The Dark World Set Pictures.

Here are some pictures from the filming of Thor 2: The Dark World. So far it looks very impressive. The Dark World will take place more in Asgard than and more specifically, the relm of the Dark Elves. The second picture is probably a stunt man wearing the Dark Elf make-up, who will be the main villians in the next movie. It looks like there is going to be epic between the Thor and Lady Sif Vs The Dark Elves. I am predicting Thor 2: The Dark World to be the second best movie of 2013 after The Hobbit sequel. What do you think of the pictures? I am pumped for it and I cannot wait.
Chris Hemswort
 Taking a break: An actor wearing a prosthetic mask sits down for a rest and some water during filming
Back looking buff: Chris highlighted his muscular physique in the silver armour and red cape
Wielding his hammer: The movie sequel is due for release in November 2013, and looks to be as action-packed as the first film
All-star cast: Chris was joined by a host of extras as he got to work shooting the film
Co-stars: Chris shot the scenes alongside Jaimie Alexander, who plays Sif, the goddess of Asgard, in the movie
Watch out! It looks as though Thor will have his fair share of monsters to battle in the new film
There's two of them! Chris Hemsworth was joined on set by a stunt double as he got to work on the Thor sequel today (Tuesday)
Powerful: Thor lifts his foot before smashing it down on the ground and causing havoc
Powerful: Thor lifts his foot before smashing it down on the ground and causing havoc
Atmospheric: The actors were surrounded by a plume of dirt as Thor's power took hold
Warrior: Actress Jaimie Alexander was spotted brandishing a large sword as she rode on horseback through the battle
Explosive: The battle scenes for the second movie in the Thor franchise look set to be just as dramatic as the first
Behind-the-scenes: A group of warriors recover from the battle
Preparing for battle: The cast and crew get ready for an epic scene in Bourne Woods, Surrey
Fire: A hut burns as the fictional battle as warriors flee the scene
Upcoming: Thor 2: The Dark World is scheduled for release in November 2013
Brave: Jaimie Alexander will reprise her role as Asgardian warrior Sif in the superhero movie
Behind the scenes: A special effects crew were on hand to propel fake mist onto the set
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  1. Planning on seeing it next year fro my birthday!! :D

  2. ohmigosh I'm so excited for this sequel, even a little more than for Iron Man 3!

    All these pictures remind me when set shots for the Avengers were leaking out and everyone was freaking out with excitement! It's so exciting starting all over with the sequels!


  3. AAHHH! Can't wait for it to be released!

  4. This is cool, but I'm like "the main battle scene?' is that all they've got?" And I saw the one with Thor and the thor clone staring at each other and I thought "Aggh! Spoiler!"

  5. Sorry but i had second thoughts: It's probably just his stunt double. Is it just me or is the evil army in the last pic wearing loki's helmet?

  6. That looks so awesome!!!! :D :D I can't wait to see this film, it's going to be so cool :D. I really like the actress playing Lady Sif(she was Jessi XX in Kyle XY) and I of course like Chris Hemsworth as Thor :D. I'll definitely be seeing it in theaters.

  7. Looks like it's gonna be pretty epic. Some of the costumes and sets kinda remind me of LOTR, in a cool way. ;)

  8. @Vellvin: Cool, can't wait for the movie! :D

    @Jamie: Same here, the comic book that Iron Man is going to be based is good, wouldn't work well in the movie. Yes it is, just can't wait! :)

    @Helen: Agreed. :) Have you seen Thor yet?

    @JT/King Valun: I probably should have added something below the picture but the website I found them at said that was his stunt double. The closest thing to a Thor was a robot, would be a robot or Loki taking his form.
    Yes I noticed it also, its probably Loki's army, and I don't king is the big battle because would most likely include the Dark Elf King, which I do not see in the pictures.

    @Shena Tokala: Cool, I have never heard of that show. :) Definitely going to see it too.

    @Jake P: My thoughts exactly. :)


  9. I haven't even seen Thor yet, but these pics are so cool, I think I'll have to see it!

  10. @Padme Arya: You must watch Thor and The Avengers movie, you would probably enjoy them.



    I am really excited for Thor II. He had BETTER, find Jane like he promised!!!

    The pictures of Sif make me so excited!!! XD I liker her in Thor I and it's always nice to have characters you already know return.

    Awesome pictures!

  12. @Kayla: Thanks for all of the awesome comments Kayla! It means a lot to me. ;)
    I think he will since he was tranported back to earth in The Avengers. I liked her too, definitely agree. :)



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