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Top 25 Best Picture Nominated Films Part 1: 25-13

With the Academy Awards in a few days, I have created a list of my favorite Academy Award Best Picture Nominations. While I rarely agree with the Academy's picks, there are a plethora of films to make a good list. All of the films on this list are highly recommended and among the best movies I have seen. After each film on the list, I give my brief opinion of it and have a link to my review of the movie.  I have not seen many of the films that were nominated, therefore some of your favorites may not make this list. Also I am not sure if no one commented or I screwed something up, but there were no comments on the Academy Award Trivia post yesterday. 

At Number 25: The Sting
The Paul Newman and Robert Redford classic, The Sting. While The Sting is a crime film, it keeps a great sense of humor and fun, and throws in some unexpected plot twists. I am actually surprised that this did win the Oscar for Best Picture, not because it was not deserving, but that the Academy usually does not give it to fun and entertaining films.

At Number 24: True Grit
True Grit, the remake of my favorite John Wayne movie and the Coen brothers do a fantastic job in their re-imaging of the classic story. Although I still prefer the original because I watched it first, this version is no less entertaining and even grittier.

At Number 23: Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
One of Russel Crowe's many Oscar nominated films and one of the most overlooked. Master and Commander had the right balance of high-seas adventure and character depth.

At Number 22: Dances with Wolves
Although Dances With Wolves won the Oscar for Best Picture, many like to overlook this classic tale. James Cameron's Avatar basically stole the plot from Dances with Wolves, except added flashy special effects and removed the great story and heart. 

At Number 21: Field of Dreams
Another Kevin Costner classic, Field of Dreams is a baseball fan's dream film. As a die-heart baseball fan, particularly baseball history, I love all the references to old-time players and the inspiring story.

At Number 20: Jaws
While Jaws looses it suspense upon multiple viewings, is a must see. For someone watching for the first time, it is nail-bitingly suspenseful, with John Williams' iconic score to set the perfect tone. 

At Number 19: Ben-Hur
Ben-Hur really started my interest in classic epics and despite its nearly four hour length, held my attention throughout. There were many fantastic Christian themes and messages, which is rare for a good film to capture. Ben-Hur Review.

At Number 18: Inglourious B------
Please excuse the profanity on the poster.
The first and only Quentin Tarantino film I have seen, but it certainly left a lasting impression. It was hilarious, yet brutal at the same time. Never before did I believe several minutes of pure dialogue exchange (much of it in subtitles) could be so intense and suspenseful. 

At Number 17: E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial
Another Steven Spielberg classic, E.T. is the perfect family movie. There is something in it for everyone of all ages, plus John Williams' score is amazing. 

At Number 16: The Bridge on the River Kwai
Alec Guinness gives an amazing Oscar winning performance in this Best Picture winning film.  The Bridge on the River Kwai delves into the prisoners' psyche, with its thought provoking script. It was more than deserving of its Best Picture win.

At Number 15: Lawrence of Arabia
Yet another historical epic, clocking in at almost four hours! However, it set the prescient for modern cinematography with its sweeping landscape shots. 

At Number 14: Patton
While George C. Scott may be disliked by the Academy's votes, it did not stop him from winning an Oscar for his performance and the film winning the Oscar for Best Picture.

At Number 13: The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
Humphrey Bogart gives a fantastic performance in The Treasure of the Sierra Madre as the crazed Freed Dobbs. While many usually think of Bogart in Casablanca, The Treasure of Sierra Madre is my favorite of his films dramas with a surprisingly dark story for the time.

Have you seen any of these films? Do you agree with any of my choices so far? Please comment below.

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  1. Good picks! :)

    I loved The Sting, Field of Dreams, Jaws, and of course E.T. I agree that the Academy usually doesn't do very well at picking the "best" films, but sometimes I do agree with them. This should be an interesting awards year.



  2. Aren't these all older movies? *confuzzled*

    I don't know what movie is in what, but if either of these two movies are in for those awards, I'm hoping for The Hobbit and Les Mis. Kind of strange because I haven't watched either of them yet. xD

  3. @Alexandra Lanc: Thanks! :)

    Good to see someone else who likes those films too. Yes it should, Lincoln will probably come away with the win for Best Picture.

    @Alyianna: These are the my favorite movies that have been nominated for Best Picture throughout the years. Friday I will be looking at this year's nominations. I too, hope that The Hobbit will win something, it was great! :)


  4. All of the ones of those that I've seen are great. I loved this list. You have such great taste in movies!

  5. @Sith Photographer: Thank you! Glad you like my choices.



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