Saturday, February 9, 2013

Blog Awards and Posting Schedule.

Before I continue with the many blog awards I have received from various bloggers, here is a short look of what is to come on this blog.
Sunday: Name That Soundtrack
Monday:  Terminator 2: Judgement Day
Tuesday: Inception Analysis (Level 1)
Wednesday: Top 25 Fictional Couples Part 1 
Thursday: Top 25 Fictional Couples Part 2 (Valentine's Day special, because you asked for it)
Friday: Clone Wars Episode Review
Saturday: A Good Day to Die Hard Review Round-Up
Monday: Star Wars: Dark Force Rising: Book Review
Tuesday: Funny Pictures (probably)
Wednesday: Die Hard 2: Die Harder Review

After that I am not sure as to what will posted. However, this schedule is subject to change if there are any breaking news that needs to discussed.

Now, on to the awards!

First a big thanks Jamie at Through Two Blue Eyes for awarding me with this award/tag, for being a inspiring blogger, with the "Very Inspiring Blogger" award. Also thanks Alexandra Lanc at Words of the Worlds for also awarding me for the award at a later time. Here are the rules.

Display the award logo on your blog.
Link back to the person who nominated you.
State 7 things about yourself.
Nominate 15 bloggers for this award and link to them.
Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements

1: I rarely take things very seriously and I make jokes or movie references whenever possible, even to an annoying degree.
2: I am a tech geek and I will be working towards an Information Technologies Collage degree soon.
3: I enjoy helping and commenting on smaller/new blogs because we all started there at some point.
4: I have never met someone in real life that is anywhere as much of a Star Wars or film fan as I am.
5: I have had an interest in history for as long as I can remember.
6: I have a difficult time writing things about myself.
7: Everyone who knows me say that I am smarter than I think I am and I underestimation myself.

It is difficult to decide who I should give this award to since many bloggers do not make these kind of post but here are my nominations. 
Shena Tokala
The Sith Photographer
Solace Utara
Vincent the awesome
Padmé Arya Éowyn Istalrí Skywalker

If you choose not to post this award, I will not be offended in the slightest, the choice is yours and yours alone.

Here is the next award, awarded to me first by Jamie at Through Two Blue Eyes, then by Solace Utara, Shena Tokala, and Covert Knight.

The Shine On Award Rules:

1. Link back to the blogger who nominated you. Which I did, see above.
2. Post the badge on your blog. 
3. Answer the questions posed to you. 
4. Nominate five bloggers who shine a little light in your day and be sure to notify them.
5. Issue some questions you’d like them to answer.

Here are Jamie's questions.

What’s your favorite comedy movie or tv show that you’ve seen?
Favorite comedy movie is Kelly's Heroes, Ghostbusters and Some Like It Hot.
Favorite TV show would be Doctor Who, The Clone Wars and Seinfeld. 

The Avengers or the X-Men and why?
Until Marvel started the Avengers initiative, it was the X-Men but The Avengers obviously. X-Men and Spider-Man were the first great comic books films and it wasn't until Iron Man and The Dark Knight a few years later that there were any equals. On a related note, X-Men: Days of Future Past is right behind The Avengers 2 as most anticipated up-coming comic book film.

What is one of your favorite carnival rides?
I haven't been to a carnival in a very long time, so I cannot answer that question.

Who do you like more in films, the heroes or the villains? Why?
Since Darth Vader and Han Solo are my two favorite fictional characters, I do not have a preference. If a character is well written and acted, I like that character. However, the hero is usually the most relate-able and likable character due to the a story's portrayal and more character development. 

Is there something that comes with the territory of blogging that you struggle with–is it hard for you to write your posts, schedule them, come up with the post ideas, ect?
As with all writers, I do have the problem of writers block sometimes, however inspiration strikes at the strangest of times. Another thing, is that it is not easy to post every day year around but your comments is what makes it worth it every day. Sometimes I do have the problem of too many posts, and not enough days in which to post them, which has caused some posts to be delayed.

Favorite ice cream.
Peach, strawberry, and chocolate, all of which need to be homemade of course. Also the Dairy Queen Blizzards, those are great when they don't make me sick.   

If you could meet your blogging friends, who would you like to meet and where and how would you like to meet them?
Jamie, Kayla, Shena Tokala, Edessa, and Buruk. Not sure if anyone else would actually want to meet me in person. As for where and how, I have no idea. Maybe a Star Wars Weekend or something like that, since that is the only somewhat realistic thing to ever happen. But it is still highly unlikely.

Solace Utara's questions.

-Who's your role model?
Jeusu, my father, mother, and grandparents.

-Why do you blog?
I blog to entertain and inform readers, at least I hope that is what I am doing.

-How do you view Twilight?
Sorry Solace, Twilight is the only franchise that I hate, even though I hopefully will never watch it. However, I do enjoy the parodies on Twilight making fun of it.

-Describe your style of writing.
Not exactly sure. I was a very inexperienced writer when I first started the blog and I still make common grammar errors all the time.

-When do you get a stroke of inspiration most?
Anywhere at anytime, just not usually while trying to write something, which can be a problem.

-What do you do with your stroke of inspiration?
At one point I tried writing down my review notes in a notebook but that did not work out. I just try to remember them and type them into the computer when I can.

Shena Tokala's questions.

- If I (Shena) was going to co-star with your favorite actor, what would you want our character's connection to be: In a film with Ewan McGregor as his student of some kind.

- If you could travel with any of the Doctors, which one would you choose?
Providing that I will not end up stuck in an alternate dimension or a time-vortex, Matt Smith because Fez and Bow Ties are cool.

- Would you rather live in a science fiction world or a fantasy world?
Science Fiction, because there will be even more advancements in tech and if it is set in Earth's future, I can see all Star Wars and Avengers sequels.

- If you could be an Avenger, which would you choose to be?
Tony Stark, no question. Sure Thor has awesome power and Captain America is noble, but come on how can you beat being a genius and billionaire.

- Who are your top 10 Jedi characters?
1: Luke Skywalker
2: Obi-Wan
3: Revan
4: Yoda
5: Leia (she counts because she is awesome in the EU)
6: Bastlia Shan
7: Mara Jade
8: Starkiller
9: Jedi Exile
10: Jolee Bindo

- What are some stories you wish you could have made up?
Star Wars (I would have never ruined the OT with the Special Editions), Lord of the Rings, Marvel, Indiana Jones, Inception, and The Matrix. Not that I would ever have the creativity to make any of these.

- If you were going to be in a film, what kind of weapon would you want your character to have?
A Lightsaber or a blaster, or a big hammer like Thor.

- Of your favorite fictional characters, who would you want for your best friend?
Han Solo for sure, he's always great in a pinch and Samwise Gamgee, because he is the best, most loyal friend a guy could ever have. Also Tony Stark, because he is awesome!

- What are your top two fandoms and why are they your favorite?
Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. I grew up loving both and they are still my favorites today. It is difficult to say why, but they just are.

-How do you view school?
Collage is a pain, but high school is OK I guess. Never enjoyed school in the slightest.

-What kind of TV shows do you like to watch? Mystery-murder? Forensic flicks? Romantic dramas? Cartoons? Action-adventure? Comedy? Reality show? Why do you like it?
Most definitely Science-Fiction, not sure why but sometime is sci-fi I am instantly interested. Also mystery shows like Sherlock and Elementary.

-(If you're a Star Wars fan) What is your opinion regarding the Expanded Universe?
The EU is amazing (mostly)! It is the best way to continue the story outside of the six films and Clone Wars series. The Thrawn Trilogy is definitely my favorite since it is about my three favorite characters: Han, Luke and Leia.

-What kind of person is an ideal teacher to you?
Myself or a video. I am a self taught person and have never had a real teacher (online Collage courses).

-If you're allowed to go somewhere with someone or a group of people, be it fictional or real, who would those people/that someone be? How'd you spend time with them/he/she?
Fictional: I would go eat some Shawarma with The Avengers and then travel in space with Han, Luke and Leia.
Real Life: The people listed above and any other bloggers who would actually want to meet me in person. Not sure what we would do though.

-If tomorrow's your last day, what'd you do?

-Do you believe in ghosts and/or any kind of magic/miracle? Why/why not?
Ghosts: Yes, there are spirits that have passed on that can still occasionally make contact with the living
Miracles: Definitely, life itself is a miracle from God.

-Technology or magic? Why?
Technology: Because it is reliable tangible.

Here are my questions:
1: What is the best movie that you have seen in the last week (or month)?
2: Do you usually read reviews of films that you have already seen or one you plan to see?
3: Favorite Avengers film (not including The Avengers)?
4: Have you seen the X-Men films? What is your opinion?
5: Have you seen Inception? What is your opinion?
6: Do you have cable, satellite, antenna or other TV?
7: Do you have a DVR or TiVo?

Since there are few bloggers who have not already received this award, it will be difficult to nominate someone but here are a few. Also for Jamie, Shena Tokala, Solace Utara, and Convert Knight who gave me this award, if you want to answer my questions, please do so.

The Sith Photographer
Padmé Arya Éowyn Istalrí Skywalker

If you want to contact us or have any questions please send an e-mail to


  1. Grrrr, Jamie beat me to the punch (and I just now noticed; wow), but that's alright. I awarded you the blog award, too, but don't worry, you don't have to write another post. :)

    Here's the link:

    Good luck with your degree! It seems like it would suit you. The only person I've met who loves films as much as I do in real life is my brother, but it's nice to meet fellow bloggers who are such film buffs.

    Best Wishes,


  2. Thank you for the award! :D
    Great answers!! :D
    I think going to Star Wars Weekends or one of the Star Wars Celebrations with other online friends would be awesome! :D I'd like to meet you sometime too :D

    Thanks, I'd love to play a student of Ewan McGregor's character! I could say Obi-Wan was my teacher :).

    And going to Shawarma with The Avengers would be so cool! XD :D.

  3. Yay, I enjoyed this post! I'd love to answer your questions; I'll do that sometime soon!


  4. Thank you for awarding me! :) I love this post and your answers! :)

  5. @Alexandra Lanc: Thank you for the award!

    Thanks! My brother too, is the only other person who likes films almost as much as I do. :)

    @Shena Tokala: Looking forward to your answers! :D Unfortunately, the chances of me actually going to one, is highly unlikely anytime soon. :/

    I thought you would like that idea! :)


    @Jamie: Can't wait for your answers!

    @Solace Utara: Looking forward to your answers!


  6. I loved this post! It's great to learn more about you. :D I find it funny that someone said "If you're a Star Wars fan" to you! I always enjoy reading your posts! You're my favorite blogger.
    Or and thank you!


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